Best Web-Based Desktop Client For Mastodon?

Best Web-Based Desktop Client For Mastodon

Mastodon desktop clients are for managing your number of activities without accessing a fresh or new tab in your web browser. To know what is the best web-based desktop client for Mastodon you have to stick to this article.

There are many desktop clients for Mastodon which will provide you with cherry to the pie kind of additional features like custom standard post developer and interface settings, but the one that we are going to recommend you in this article on the best web-based desktop client for Mastodon will make you obsessed with them. 

Here are the three best web-based desktop client for Mastodon that we are going to discuss in detail today: Tootle, Whalebird and Hyperspace. In the next sections we will be discussing the ideal ones for your operating system.

Mastodon is a web based app or software which restricts its access outside a browser. To fill the void and make it compatible to use it on any page in a desktop app, window or outside a browser, we have a few of the best web-based desktop client for Mastodon.

List Of The Best Web-Based Desktop Client For Mastodon?

Mastodon – A desktop application themed on a mobile version of the Electron Framework and Mastodon page. Mastodon basically works as Mastodon’s mobile tab and offers multiple desktop app features like desktop notifications, multi-account support, keybindings and a lot more!

Mastodon can be customized in terms of UI, for example if you want to create a new UI for your own use, you can just poke the project, apply the UI of your choice and conduct it where you like and can take part in Mastodon networks from it! 

Here is the list of best web-based desktop client for Mastodon that just works wonders for Mastodon.

01. Whalebird For Mastodon

Best Web-Based Desktop Client For Mastodon?

Whalebird functions on Windows, Linux, MacOS. Whalebird is almost similar to Slack. One can instantly switch between various accounts through the sidebar at the left of the screen. However, you cannot view multiple workspaces at a time. Whalebird is one of the most stable Mastodon apps which makes it appear at the first of the list. 

According to Whalebird every activity goes smoothly without getting bothered by bugs. On Whalebird, one can design and create custom timelines to keep record of their favorite hashtags.

Whalebird Features:

  1. Interface similar to Slack

Accounts can be switched by this client and update timelines using streaming.

  1. Multiple shortcuts

This one has multiple shortcuts which makes controlling this app with these shortcuts much easier. And one can hop on to another timeline by entering Ctrl+K.

  1. Multiple color themes

One can select the dark theme like Mastodon web and other themes of different colors. One can personalize the themes according to them. And in case your screen is narrow, you can combine the side menu to fix that.

  1. Hashtag and lists

Whalebird can help you explore hashtags and display hashtag’s timelines. Through which one can create a list and display the list’s timelines.

  1. Filter

This one allows you to filter your timeline by mentioning some of the regular expressions to filter the timeline.

  1. Proxy support

One can access proxy servers like Modern Web Browsers. Whalebird can load OS proxy configuration or one can apply specific proxy to Whalebird.

02. Tokodon For Mastodon

Tokodon is a Mastodon client having a little different user interface to operate Mastodon. Tokodon is connected with KDE applications and designed majorly using C++. Tokodon offers you an amazing and decent user interface with a standard home page view. In addition, you can operate local accounts to your Mastodon operation and give easy use to all the different Mastodon categories.

One can install Tokodon from Flatpak in any Linux distribution. Set your system up using Flatpak.

03. Tootle For Mastodon

Best Web-Based Desktop Client For Mastodon

Tootle functions on Linux only. However Tootle is just a simple GNOME application available via Flathub. Tootle developers have decided to rollout for touchscreen facilities but the widget is not yet updated.

Tootle Features:

  1. Supports multiple account

Tootle supports multiple accounts at the same instance and in different instances. Shuffling between accounts on Tootle is a smooth process. 

  1. Supports edit

Save drafts and complete mention accounts automatically.

  1. Social features

One can see their following and follower accounts along with managing and following account relationships.

  1. Timeline filter

Matches expression regularly and displays only toots with attachments. It filters warned or NSFW contents along with replies and boosts.

  1. Search

One can search accounts and hashtags.

  1. Color scheme

Personalize UI from predefined schemes and can change font size and icon size.

04. Sengi

Sengi is the most adaptable Mastodon client till now including a vast variety of features. Sengi I’d for all the Linux desktops. Sengi has features like account view, notifications and follow features. In addition, it offers a Tweetdeck based live interface with the timeline.

You can consider Sengi as a perfect client for heavy Mastodon users who have to access multiple accounts and timelines. Make sure you remember that it’s built with web technology and resulted as a desktop app. Sengi can be accessed over Linux, MacOS and Windows as well. In addition, one is even allowed to set up a Twitter bridge too. 

One can install and access Sengi is a pretty straightforward process because the developers offer all types of practicable including AppImage and native deb. One can either access the .deb or .appimage file from their downloading page.

05. Hyperspace For Mastodon

Best Web-Based Desktop Client For Mastodon

Hyperspace functions on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Mobile and Web Server Hosting. Hyperspace is the best Fediverse and Mastodon client till now. Hyperspace is just like Whalebird with displaying a single timeline at once and the feature to import more than one account. But the thing that differed is the next level personalization available from the config.json file to Settings Menu.

Hyperspace application assures the ability to develop the timelines display, branding, login access, default instance for other users in the same system. Such features may bring advantages to an organization with multiple shared workplaces. 

Hyperspace Features:

  1. A decent and streamlined layout that suits your Mac.
  2. Allows account shuffles to access the mostly used accounts.
  3. Personalization support, from colorful themes to masonry layout and next level scrolling.
  4. Strong toot designer with uploads, polls, medias and emojis.
  5. Recommended views and activities which give you insights of the community from where you belong.

06. TheDesk For Mastodon

The last best web-based desktop client for Mastodon is TheDesk for Linux and the rest of the OSes. TheDesk has a maximum number of features as compared to others in the list. It functions similar to Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for heavy social media access and observance. One can modify TheDesk in order to follow a specific user or hashtags with multiple options to create a number of timeline views.

But, there’s a catch! TheDesk might not be a balanced client for Mastodon as it sometimes gets attacked by bugs which makes it rank at the last of the list. Moreover, it’s a web-based client represented as a desktop application. 

Installing TheDesk is pretty easy with appimage, deb, snap and exe files.

Wrapping Up

Mastodon – A social media platform which has the capacity to replace Twitter. However, Mastodon is a self organized microblogging stage which lets their users control their data and includes a user experience which is not at all driven by market-manipulation algorithms.

In this article we have discussed the best web-based desktop client for Mastodon where we have detailed out the benefits of the app along with their features.

In case there is any doubt or suggestions, ping us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Have Multiple Mastodon Accounts?

Every Mastodon instance has its own unique URL, so you can have as many as Mastodon accounts you want!

Q. How Do I Find Someone On A Mastodon?

You need their full usernames with the servers to find them on Mastodon. Once ID are found, search them as @[email protected]

Q. How Do Mastodon Servers Work?

The servers are linked as nodes in a network and every server can administer its own rules, account privileges and whether to share messages to and from other servers. 

Q. How Many Users Does Mastodon Have?

Over 2.5 million users have registered on Mastodon.

Q. Can You Switch Mastodon Servers?

Fortunately, yes. But you should ideally pick one server which looks good on you instead of one that’s in your local area or whose description sounds appealing.

Q. Can You DM On Mastodon?

On Mastodon, DM means just posts that have direct visibility selected. 

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