Hive VS Mastodon | All You Need To Know 2022!

Hive VS Mastodon

Since Elon Musk gained control of Twitter, there have been more and more problems that have alienated users. Donald Trump was able to return after the implementation of the Twitter “Blue subscription”, which was later redacted. The greatest Twitter replacement has been sought after online due to the Twitter’s numerous issues. We compare the two and examine Hive VS Mastodon, let’s find out which one is better and why! 

And despite the fact that users are fleeing Twitter like rats from a sinking ship, users are still searching for an alternative due to the app’s core values. Although many names have been proposed, Hive Social as well as Mastodon have proven to be the most well-liked. Although both has advantages, we believe Hive Social to be superior to Mastodon. Why? Let’s discuss Hive VS Mastodon.

Hive VS Mastodon. Mastodon enables users to post, follow individuals and groups, as well as like and repost other people’s content, similar to Twitter. However, Mastodon is not a single platform, despite supporting many of the same social media functions as Twitter. On this other hand, Hive is centralized, yet comes with lots of new features (unlike Mastodon copying Twitter). Most importantly, Hive is more secure than Mastodon! 

Let’s dig in deep and get to know more about Hive VS Mastodon.

Hive VS Mastodon – What Are The Differences? 

Before we get into which of the Hive and Mastodon social apps you should use, let’s first discuss what Mastodon and Hive social are about. Additionally, this will make it lot easier for you to comprehend their similarities and variances. And you can select the option that works best for you. Let’s begin, then!

Hive VS Mastodon – Introduction

What Is Mastodon?

Designed to compete with Twitter, Mastodon is a “free, open-source, decentralized social media network.” This platform, which is also a microblogging website like Twitter, has the possibility to become a suitable substitute for that service. However, unlike the other social media accounts you have used up until now, Mastodon is not a single website. It is made up of users from many Servers because it is a decentralized system with a culturally diverse community you can join and follow rather than a network node where everyone is a member of the same Server.

What Is Hive Social? 

Hive is a social media platform that just seeks to make things better for its users, not completely odd. Three well-known social networking sites, Twitter, Instagram, and My Space, are combined in this app. Although text-only posts are also possible, the UI is more akin to Instagram than Twitter. To make it simple to use, users are given a chronological feed. It’s interesting that they offer self-expression tools like profile music, banners, postings with images, gifs, and text, among other things. Additionally, soon you’ll be able to use pronouns, badges, Zodiac signs, and a whole app color theme.

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Hive VS. Mastodon – Differences

Following are the differences: Hive VS. Mastodon

Message Comparison

Having messaging capabilities is a requirement for any social networking site. On Mastodon, however, messaging is not a unique function that you may use, unlike on most social media sites. You must first access the account of the person you want to directly message, then select Direct message @username, input your message, and press the publish button. There isn’t really a separate direct messages column.

You will receive a new messaging column in Hive, similar to Instagram and Twitter. However, there is a twist: If someone doesn’t follow you, you can message them. Let’s say that once you follow someone, they choose not to follow you back. The individual can text you in these circumstances, but you are unable to message them. Isn’t this a serious matter?

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Platform Comparison

Regarding Server and Interest, if you already have a Mastodon account, you should be aware that you must first select a server from the list of available servers before creating an account on that server. A server is a group of people who share common interests and has a set moderation policy that each member is required to follow. Additionally, choose one to join can be a little difficult for new users.

While in Hive, you may just touch on the interests of your preference to get started without worrying about which server to join. This is so that you can follow others who share your interests once they first give you feeds of information that interests you.

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Hive VS Mastodon – Similarities

Uploading adult content is not prohibited on either platform. Simply putting a warning before posting any such stuff is all that has to be done.

If you are sharing any such stuff on Hive, you have the choice of using the NSFW flag. Additionally, in Mastodon, you must tap the CW icon and give a brief description of the warning.

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Hive VS Mastodon – Popularity

In terms of popularity, neither platform is sliding in behind the other. Both of them are thought of as strong Twitter substitutes. The majority of people are seeking for Twitter alternatives as a result of the recent problems at Twitter, Inc. and the growing uncertainty around the company ‘s sustainability. Hive and Mastodon are at the top of the list of prospective Twitter substitutes. Mastodon was a hot topic up until a week ago, however many are now looking into Hive as well as Musk just responded to a tweet that questioned the existence of Hive.

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Hive VS Mastodon – Which One is Safer?

Mastodon is an open-source network that potentially present some significant security concerns. Additionally, unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar platforms, it is not end-to-end protected. Additionally, a lot of plugins enable you to perform a variety of dangerous operations.

Therefore, it is advised to use strong passwords and choose 2FA on Mastodon if you use it, which will secure your account from unauthorised access. Additionally, use caution when sending Direct Messages (DMs) as they are not encrypted and the recipient has the ability to at any point make your conversation public by referencing someone. 

Hive, on the other hand, is a secure app. It encourages constructive consciousness of the social concerns on the app, and there are clear rules that each user must abide by. Therefore, when it comes to Hive Vs Mastodon, Hive is a safer software to use.

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this article enlightened you with Hive VS Mastodon theories. As I have compared here Hive VS Mastodon, my conclusion is Hive is better than Mastodon both in terms of security and features. What is your perception? Let me know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Mastodon and Hive! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Mastodon Used For?

Similar to Twitter, Mastodon enables users to post, follow individuals and groups, as well as like and repost other people’s content. Mastodon is not a single platform, despite supporting many of the same social media functions as Twitter. Instead, it’s a network of connected, independently run servers.

Q2. Is Mastodon Like Twitter?

Mastodon and Twitter both function as microblogging platforms, which makes them quite comparable. Short posts can be published, and they are added to a feed that allows you to read similar people’s posts. Additionally, you can “star”, “boost”, share, and follow other users’ posts.

Q3. Why Is Mastodon So Good?

Mastodon’s dynamic formula continues to be electrifying and energizing; as usual, they provide something unique and have given new life to a genre that is frequently intolerant of change, much like Metallica as well as other artists did more than ten years ago. Mastodon has developed into a titan of the metal scene.

Q4. How Does Hive Social Media Work?

Users of Hive can exchange text postings as well as images, videos, GIFs, and other content. On Hive, users may follow individual users, and through integration with Apple Music and Spotify, they can even add audio to their individual profiles. One must register for an account in order to utilize Hive.

Q5. How Many Users Does Hive Social Have?

2 million users

Following consistent development earlier in the month on Mastodon, another competitor to Twitter, Business Insider reports that Hive now has more than 2 million users and is ranked in the top 20 on the U.S. App Store. 

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