What Can You Do With The Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses?

Are Meta Ray-Ban AI Glasses Worth Buying

Capture the best moments of your life and share them for the world to see with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Don the iconic style equipped with cutting-edge technology, designed especially for people who live in the moment. Let us explore what you can do with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses.

Meta Connect has officially announced the next-generation Meta Ray Ban Smart Glasses collection, created in partnership with Essilor Luxottica. With improved core features and enhanced capabilities, these first-of-its-kind smart glasses are now available for $299 USD, to be pre-ordered from October 17th, in 15 different countries across the globe. 

You can do hands-free calls, capture moments, and live stream on Instagram with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Further, you can enjoy improved audio with 2x louder bass, an ultra-wide 12MP camera, an enhanced charging case, 150+ custom frame and lens, and integrated Meta AI.

Stay with us to learn more about what functions will the Ray-Ban smart glasses have and what you can do with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Join us to be one of the first to add the Meta Ray Ban Glasses to your collection. 

What Can You Do With The Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses?

See yourself as the world sees you with the Meta Ray Ban Smart Glasses. You can now capture special moments or just record your everyday mundane life, which can be replayed as high-quality video, with an immersive sound experience. 

You can get your hands on these exclusive Meta Ray Ban Glasses on October 17, which can be purchased officially from, and Ray-Ban Stores, and are also available on Amazon, Best Buy, LensCrafters, etc. It is exclusively available in 15 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia.

The Meta Ray Ban Glasses come in stylish Wayfarer design and the all-new Headliner style. The price of the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses ranges from $299 for standard lenses and $329 or more for polarized lenses. You can get Transition lenses for $379 and Prescription lenses that are customizable and vary in price accordingly. Further, you can mix and match the lens and frame combo via the Ray Ban remix platform to fit your needs.

The burning question remains, what can you do with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses? Let us dive deeper into the unique features of these smart glasses and see the highlights.

1. Share Your Point Of View

The Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses have enhanced picture quality with the new ultra-wide 12 MP camera. All users can now take photos and 60-second videos of 1080p. This enables you to share breathtaking views of your special moments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, that are as epic as reality. 

2. Immersive Audio Recording

Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses offer extended 2x bass with 50% louder speakers with higher volume controls. It has improved directional audio which reduces audio leakages and enhances the audio quality of calls and music, even in windy conditions or noisy environments. You will be able to record immersive audio with the five in-built microphones, that help you to capture sounds just like you experience them. 

3. Hands-free Live Streaming

Content creators and social media influencers can now live stream with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. You can now live stream directly to Facebook or Instagram for 30 minutes with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Further, you can use the preview to see the comments of your live stream. Or you can just tap and hold the side of the glass to hear them out loud and converse with your community.

4. Voice Recognition

All users can now share photos that they take with the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses via voice commands, and choose where they want to send them (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.). You can also start a live stream with just one voice command.

5. Custom Frame

The Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses come with the classic Wayfarer design in standard and large sizes, with the all-new Headliner style. This collection of 150+ Smart Glasses is available in a wide range of colors including a transparent case that displays the camera and the microphones in full glory. Further, you can combine the frames and lenses on the Raby-Ban remix platform to create your own personalized frames. 

6. Comfort and Control

The creators of the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses have reduced weight and slimmed it down, making them much more lighter and comfortable to wear. The smart glasses have an improved touchpad with enhanced earcons for interaction. They respond a lot faster and are easier to control with a tap or slide of your finger. Furthermore, the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses are now water-resistant and a lot more durable.

7. Bystander Privacy

Privacy was the main concern of Ray-Ban Stories, the earlier version of the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Users and bystanders alike can rest assured that their privacy is not at risk while using the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. The Capture LED notifies all bystanders with a white blinking light, that you are recording a video or going live.

8. Extended Battery Life

All Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses are powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Platform, which offers high-quality photos and video processing.  Moreover, the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses have been redesigned with a sleek charging case that can hold up to eight additional charges for at least 36 hours of use. 

9. Integrated Meta AI

The creators of the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses have integrated Meta AI, an advanced conversational assistant into the smart glasses. This further optimizes it for the best hands-free experience. All you have to say is “Hey Meta” to engage with your very own AI assistant. You can get access to new information, view control features, and pique your creativity using Meta AI. However, this feature will be available only in the US with the beta launch. 

Wrap Up

Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses is the first of its kind, that offers multimodal updates with unique features. The hands-free AI experience offered by Meta Ray Ban Smart Glasses, liberates all users from the confines of their smartphones. Now that you know in detail what functions will the Ray-Ban smart glasses have, go ahead and place your order for the Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses to your tech-savvy collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What Do Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Do?

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses can take a photo or a video, showcasing your very own point of view. You can also start live video streams, answer calls, listen to music, post directly on social media, and many more.

Q2 What Features Do Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Have?

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses feature a 12 MP ultra-wide camera with improved video quality of 1080p. It has five built-in microphones that enable users to record with better audio quality.

Q3 What Can Smart Glasses Be Used For?

Smart glasses can be used to take hands-free pictures and videos of special moments, that can be shared directly to the user’s social network.

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