What Does AF Mean On Snapchat?

What Does AF Mean On Snapchat

Bumping on Snapchat slang is getting super uneasy! Have you reconciled Snapchat posts using AF? AF is slang commonly used on Instagram and Snapchat. Exploring what does AF mean on Snapchat is itself crazy AF!  

AF is a popular acronym used by almost all generations on Snapchat. But not all Snapchat acronyms are as innocent as we may think about. There are many slang phrases that are presented wrapped in a small acronym on Snapchat, including AF. Yes, we are exploring what does AF mean on Snapchat. ONB!

AF mean on Snapchat – As Fu*k. When many people take the phrase offensively (mostly the baby boomers), there are many (Gen-Z and Gen-Y) who actually use it for fun or to depict something too much!

You are not going mad at us (hopefully!), are you? We are not crazy AF! But there are many people who just stumbled upon the AF acronym and searched for the meaning on their browsers! The Urban dictionary has the meaning enlisted, but we can explain you better as fu*k!

What Does AF Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, AF is found on almost every post and chats just after the adjective of the sentence. Usually, the AF stands for  As Fu*k on Snapchat, but not always in a bad sense. In fact, AF placed after any adjective actually intensifies or exaggerates the meaning of the adjective. 

If you found a post on Snapchat and it says – “went to the party, it was crazy AF!” the user is not swearing. In contrast, AF actually refers that the party was too good, and he enjoyed it throughout the time. 

Sounds a little confusing? Let’s dig deeper! 

Origins Of AF 

When we started to explore what does AF mean on Snapchat, we found that AF is a popular acronym used on almost every social media site for a long time. Unlike many Snapchat acronyms, AF is not created by Gen-Z. However, the context of using AF on texts and posts have been changed over time. 

Previously AF referred to the popular slang phrase As F*ck and meant the same. Now, using AF on any sentence after any adjective or expression simply denotes the extremity of the feeling. 

How Is AF Used On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, you can use AF after any objective just to intensify the meaning or your feel. It is a swear word, but not always taken in a bad sense. In a strange way, AF has become more polite on Snapchat! People are using AF even for complementing each other! 

To some Snapchat users (typically Gen-Z), AF is not NSFW, although it should be. Many Snapchat users admitted that AF is a better word to express intense feelings, and it is not as bad as WTF! So, anyone using AF cannot be highlighted in Red on Snapchat. 

On the other hand, AF also stands for Air Force and Automatic Focus. It is also found that many users are also using AF for After Fantasy. However, these meanings are too hard to guess or recognize in a text or Instagram post. 

Let us explore what does AF mean on Snapchat using some examples! 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use AF On Snapchat 

Nothing could explain you better than a sentence consisting of the AF word. Here are some different circumstances where AF could be used: 

  1. I am bored AF!
  2. The weather is hot AF!
  3. This dress is awesome AF!
  4. Love burgers AF!
  5. She is so crazy AF! 

Is It Okay To Use AF  On Snapchat?

The answer is Yes and No!

Confused? Well, technically, it is okay to use AF on Snapchat. However, you have to understand that this acronym stands for the slang phrase “As F*ck ”, which should not be used in every context. Unfortunately, we have generalized the use of AF on social media too much, and even children are learning and using the AF word at the same time. 

While discovering what does AF mean on Snapchat, we came to know that children using Instagram are also very familiar with the acronym AF and use it on their posts. This is not recommendable. 

People using Instagram need to be more cautious while creating new acronyms for swearing words and using them on social media. Besides, when you are having a formal chat with your sponsors or affiliates, they might not like you using AF acronyms on chats or posts. Be careful! 

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

Now that we have discussed what AF mean on Snapchat, here are some more acronyms that might interest you:

  • SMH – Shaking My Head
  • AFK – Away From Keyboard 
  • HMU – Hit Me Up (Contact me)
  • XD – Means laughing (sideway emoticon!)
  • LLS – Laughing Like S**t


What does AF mean on Snapchat, left us bewildered! Who could have thought that swearing could be turned into a positive adjective? People over the time on social media are just awesome AF! However, remember that we need to be more humble while selecting words and using them on social media as children have more internet access today than we could have imagined. Always be creative with acronyms on Snapchat; just leave the slang phrases aside! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Does AF Stand For?

AF stands for As F*ck on Snapchat as well as on other social media. This is a very common phrase, mostly used by adults. However, thanks to social media, children are also using AF acronyms widely! Having said that, we need to be more reasonable and careful! 

Q: When Should I Use AF?

AF could be used in different contexts. You can use AF as swearing on Snapchat. On the other hand, AF can be placed after an adjective to simply exaggerate the meaning. For example: “He is funny AF.” 

Q: What Does AF Mean On Internet?

On the internet, AF stands for As F*ck. People mostly used the term to express anger. However, now, AF stands in a more positive way. Today, on social media, AF is used to express intense feelings or just exaggerate any feeling. 

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