What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat? Use The Latest Slangs In Your Conversations!!

What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat?

There is hardly anyone on Earth who is not using social media apps. If you are using social media, then you must stay updated with the cool slang trends! Every day new captions, tags, and slang are circulating in users’ conversations. One such trending slang is HMU. What does this HMU mean on Snapchat? Those who are unaware need to know its meaning before using it in their messages.

Snapchat is among the most popular social media apps and is used by many youngsters these days. It’s mostly used for communicating and sharing snaps. Users have been using long sentences and words to communicate with others for a long time. But time has changed now, and Snapchat is all about sharing cool snaps and using acronyms in your conversations instead of using long words or sentences.

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HMU means “Hit Me Up” on Snapchat.

A number of slangs and short terms are used on social media apps, and if you don’t use such platforms on daily basis, it can be a bit difficult for you to decode their meanings! You can communicate with your friends using slang.

What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat?

HMU has a straightforward meaning on social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. HMU mean on Snapchat Hit Me Up. It can be a way to communicate interest or encouragement. Well, if someone sends an HMU on Snapchat, it means that they are asking you to get in touch with them by calling them or sending a message to them. HMU mean on Snapchat varies depending on the relationship or situation.

To commence contact with the other person, HMU can be used by Snapchat users. To begin a conversation, you can just send a message saying “HMU”. It can also be used as HMUL or HMUS. Just like what HMU mean on Snapchat, HMUL also means Hit Me Up Later, and HMUS means Hit Me Up Sometime. 

Origins Of HMU

The HMU phrase or Hit Me Up has come out of nowhere! It first appeared in 2009 in Urban Dictionary and gained huge popularity by 2010. The popularity started increasing, and so were the searches for the term HMU in 2010. Since then, the phrase became popular on social media apps.

Well, it became the biggest trend of the year, as per the 2010 Memology report of Facebook. Social media platforms like Snapchat also made the term popular, and today most of the social media users are using slang and phrases in their conversations.

As per Facebook, HMU was not so popular in early 2009. Just a few posts were there that included this acronym. However, by 2010, the growth accelerated, and there were around 80000 mentions of the phrase. That is when users started searching for what HMU mean in conversations and what HMU mean on Snapchat. 

How Is HMU Used On Snapchat?

The term HMU is used on Snapchat while conversing with someone. You can use this slang in both your personal and professional conversations. Using HMU can be a great way of initiating any conversation. Here are the different situations where you can use HMU.

  1. Ask someone to message you (If you want to chat with someone or get in touch with someone).
  2. Flirt (can be used on dating applications such as Bumble or Tinder to encourage a date or conversation).
  3. Ask For Money (If you want to get some money or need help).
  4. Open invitation (Used to offer something or drop a common message for users).
  5. Provide contact information (Use your phone number or email address to get in touch usually for business purposes).

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use HMU In Snapchat

Let’s find out the different situations where HMU can be used on Snapchat. 

1. Ask Someone To Message You

Example 1: HMU…there’s something really important I want to share! 

Example 2: HMU when you are free! Let’s catch up for a movie!

2. Flirting

Example 1: HMU if you love animals!

Example 2: Let’s go out for a movie…HMU if you are interested!

3. Ask For Money

Example 1: HMU I really need some cash!!

Example 2: Lost my wallet…HMU if you can help!

4. Open Invitation

Example 1: Just came to your town yesterday, HMU if you’re interested in hang out!

Example 2: I have some old books, HMU if you need them!

5. Provide Contact Information

Example 1: If you need more information, HMU at [email protected].

Example 2: HMU at 880*** for more details on this project.

Is It Okay To Use HMU On Snapchat?

As discussed what HMU mean on Snapchat, Hit Me Up is an abbreviation that simply means that you want to begin a good conversation with other users. There is nothing wrong with using HMU on Snapchat. You can use HMU on Snapchat in chats and also in a Snapchat story if you are getting bored. If someone is interested, they can drop a message. 

Wrapping Up

To stay updated with the fast-evolving world these days, you need to know the latest acronyms and abbreviations. Well, many popular slangs are used by people on social media, and it is not necessary that everyone is familiar with this slang! Now that you know what HMU mean on Snapchat, the next time you get a message saying HMU, answer that confidently! Call them or text them back if you are interested in starting a conversation with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does HMU Mean From A Girl?

A. HMU means Hit Me Up. It is used to initiate a conversation. So, if you get an HMU from a girl, it means that she wants to start a conversation with you or get in touch with you.

Q2. Is HMU A Flirt?

A. HMU can be a flirty phrase at times. HMU stands for Hit Me Up and it can be used if you want to start a conversation with someone. You can use it on dating apps for encouraging a conversation.

Q3. What Does SND Mean On Snapchat?

A. SND is an acronym used on Snapchat for Search and Destroy for gaming.

Q4. What Does DTM Mean In Snapchat?

A. DTM is a slang term used on Snapchat to say Do too much or doing too much.

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