What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?

What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?

Lit, Lowkey, Extra, OMG, and Slay have become a part of our daily conversations, and new terms like HMU, ACC, and GTS keep popping up frequently, making us wonder what does terms like GTS mean on Snapchat. While Gen Z and millennials have no issues in keeping up with the Snap Slang, it takes the rest of the world a moment to catch up.

The world of technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and people work under time constraints. They do not have enough time to engage in personal conversations while at work and have devised the perfect way for them to text their friends with the Snap Slang. Snapchatters use short forms and acronyms for almost every expression they use on the app. 

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GTS means “Good Time Snapping” on Snapchat.

So what exactly does GTS mean on Snapchat? GTS could be quite confusing to grasp as it could be used to indicate that you are having a Good Time or to end a conversation by asking the user to Go To Sleep. 

What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?

Did you get a DM on Snapchat from a friend saying “AMOS? Lets GTS. HMU”? Are you wondering what the message means? You are not alone. While anyone of the GenZ would have understood it at a glance, the rest of the world is still working hard to keep up with the Snap Slang.

The message from your friend can be deciphered as “Add Me On Snapchat? Let us have Good Times. Hit Me Up.”  In this context, GTS refers to Good Times. Your friend requests you to add their Snapchat username to your friends list on Snapchat so that you can contact them and have Good Times together.

GTS could also be used in another context when you wish to end the conversation by telling them to Go To Sleep, implying termination of the conversation.

Origins Of GTS 

What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?

The Urban Dictionary states that GTS means “Go To Sleep”. It states that it is a sweet-natured night tidying that can be used as a farewell in text messaging. It has now replaced age-old farewells like goodbye, adios, ciao, and cheerio. Gen Z prefers to end their conversations at night with GTS.

Snapchatters on the other hand, believe that GTS mean on Snapchat to refer to Good Times. It is mainly used to refer to a good old memory or plan to hang out and chill and have ‘Good Times’. It mainly depends on the user and the context in which it is used.

How Is GTS  Used On Snapchat?

What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?
good times

Snapchatters who are well versed in using the Snap Slang understand what GTS mean on Snapchat and can make use of it in a relevant context. GTS could be used in the following scenarios.

1. Good Times In The Sense Of Chilling

Are you DMing your long-time BFF on Snapchat? While you are chatting and reminiscing the good old days of you hanging out together, you can use GTS to refer to the Good Times you had chilled out without any worry. When used in a conversation between long-time friends, GTS mean on Snapchat, while reminiscing about all the Good Times spent together.

2. Good Times In The Sense Of Enjoying The Interaction

Are you DMing one of your followers who you have not personally interacted with? Anyone can follow you on Snapchat. Unlike many other social media platforms that require your approval to add them to your friend list, Snapchat allows all interested users to follow you without any restrictions. This will enable you to meet new users who could be total strangers to you. 

The sole purpose of social networks is to widen your social circle, and this is the best way for you to meet new people. Many users who meet on Snapchat end up forming bonds and developing their relationships. When you meet such new people on Snapchat, they could text you GTS to imply that they are having a Good Time interacting and getting to know you.

3. Go To Sleep

Tired of saying Good night or ciao? You can now say GTS and be a part of the trendy Gen Z who use Snap Slang. GTS mean on Snapchat, as a reference to Go To Sleep when the user says it while bidding your farewell. It can be used as an alternative to saying Good night.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use GTS On Snapchat 

To help you to understand easily what GTS mean on Snapchat we present to you a few examples and context in which it can be used.

Example 1: While Reminisce 

User 1 – Do you remember Halloween last year?

User 2 – Those were the GTS.

Example 2: Enjoying Conversation

User 1 – GTS getting to know you.

User 2 – Yeah, me too.

Example 3: Bid Farewell

User 1 – Wow, it’s almost dawn.

User 2 – Better GTS now.

Is It Okay To Use GTS On Snapchat?

GST is not an entirely new term but an upgraded way of using some of the trending terminologies. It is essential that you first understand clearly what GTS means on Snapchat to use it in the correct context. And, it is OK to use GTS on Snapchat while conversing with your friends on the app. As long as you know what GTS mean on Snapchat, you can use it casually while interacting with your friends on the platform.

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

GTS is one of the new acronyms added to the Snap Slang. Let us now see some of the other popular Snapchat abbreviations that you should know of.

  • AMOS – Add Me On Snapchat
  • ARD – Alright
  • ATM – At The Moment
  • AWL – Always with Love
  • BF – Best Friend
  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • BTS – Be There Soon
  • DM – Direct Message
  • DTB – Dont Text Back
  • DWU – Dont Wait Up
  • ESB – Everyone Snap Back
  • FCE – FAvorite Couple Ever
  • FFF – Follow For Follow
  • FR – For Real
  • HMU – Hit Me Up
  • IG – I Guess

Wrapping Up

Snap Slang is the new trend now. It is currently a hot topic, used by all youngsters today, and is extremely popular among all social media platforms, not limited to just Snapchat. To be a part of the evolving networks, it is essential to understand the current trend and actively be a part of it. We hope that you can now understand what GTS mean on Snapchat and use it in the right context with your young friends and be a part of the vibrant Gen Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Is GTS An Insult?

No, it is not. GTS mean on Snapchat ‘Good Times’ to reminisce about good times spent in your past or call over your friends to chill out to have good times together. It is not an insult or a swear word.

Q2 When Should I Use GTS?

GTS can be used as a farewell term as an alternative to Good Night. GTS mean on Snapchat, to tell your friend to Go To Sleep, which the users can refer to indicate the termination of a long conversation due to time constraints. 

Q3 What Does GTS Mean Besides Go To Sleep?

You can use GTS to refer to Good Times you had in your past. It can also be used to make plans with your friends to spend time together and have good times. 

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