What Does KYS Mean On Snapchat? Is It A Cool Slang To Use?

What Does KYS Mean On Snapchat |Here Is The Detail

Snapchat is a perfect platform to use the latest acronyms and slang. Every day new slang is introduced on social media apps, and not knowing what they mean will make you feel a bit frustrated. Well, KYS is among the latest ones used on the Snapchat app! As many acronyms and slang are used on Snapchat, users have been looking for what does KYS mean on Snapchat as it is used by many Snapchat users while chatting

What could be more fun than sharing snaps and chatting on Snapchat? Well, when it comes to chatting, to look cool, you often use slang and acronyms instead of writing the entire sentence. To keep up with the latest trends, it’s a must for many social media users to know the cool trends and acronyms so that they can use them in their daily conversations and don’t have a major FOMO! 

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KYS means “Kill Your Self” On Snapchat.

KYS is not only used on Snapchat, but many users have also been using it on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. When directly pronounced, KYS may sound like kiss but does not mean that!

What Does KYS Mean On Snapchat?

The popular internet acronym KYS stands for Kill Your Self. It is mostly used as a sort of harassment or taunt if someone has done something wrong or pathetic. KYS mean on Snapchat might appear that you are trying to say Kiss when you read it all together, but it is not that and instead is used for insulting someone. 

KYS mean on Snapchat is somehow similar to the meaning of die. It is a sort of social insult. The slang is mostly used by teenagers and youngsters when they feel that a situation is getting out of their hands. It can be a form of violence or cyberbullying. So, if you receive a message with KYS, you can even report it to the Snapchat authority. 

Origins Of KYS

Urban Dictionary, an online dictionary for slang phrases and words, mentioned the acronym KYS in 2003. It was in the 2000s when KYS was introduced and used on the internet to mean that you have committed something quite humiliating. So, instead of living with shame, you just go and kill your self. Well, it was not much popular earlier, but has now been used by GenZ in many of their conversations.

With the growth of social media apps, the growth of the acronym KYS also hiked. Many users have started writing KYS in texting when they have a lengthy conversation and cannot come to a conclusion. Kill Your Self is spreading on various social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, and that’s why users want to know what KYS mean on Snapchat and other social platforms. 

How Is KYS Used On Snapchat?

There is not a specific group or gender that uses KYS on Snapchat. It can be used by anyone and the acronym is gender neutral. KYS can be used by any person when having a protracted dispute. Let’s see what are the different situations where KYS is used on Snapchat.

  1. Cyberbullying (To insult someone or tease people)
  2. Humor (Used as a joke)
  3. Frustration (For committing a mistake) 
  4. Stop bothering situation
  5. Describe disappointments. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use KYS In Snapchat 

To make more clarity about how you can use KYS, let’s check out a few examples.

Example 1: You’ve done a blunder, go KYS!!

Example 2: Are you having a feeling to KYS…don’t worry, everything’s under control!

Example 3: KYS before your parents find out what you’ve done!

Example 4: Oh My God, why didn’t you KYS before doing this!!

Example 5: You’ve spoiled everything, KYS before I do!!

Example 6: You must be ashamed of yourself…why don’t you KYS!!

The acronym KYS is used for disappointments, frustrations, and even for fun. However, it does not always mean that you actually want the other person to commit suicide. Instead, it is just a way to take out frustration. 

Is It Okay To Use KYS On Snapchat?

The slang KYS or Kill Your Self is mostly used by teenagers or youngsters. So, users can misinterpret and feel like you are asking them to commit suicide or insulting them. It can be interpreted as a form of cyberbullying or hate speech. So, it is better that you only use KYS when you are trying to say it out of humor.

If you are sure that the other person won’t take it seriously, you can use it. However, if there is no surety, using such slangs or acronyms that can harm the feelings of others or affect them emotionally, then we shall try to avoid them. If you are not sure that the other user will understand your context, then don’t write such slangs in your conversations!

Wrapping Up

The world revolves around social media, and if you want to stay updated, using acronyms and slangs in your conversations is something necessary these days. Just like KYS, there are a number of slangs used on Snapchat. Well, KYS mean on Snapchat can be different in different situations. So, before using slangs in your conversations or answering them, be sure that you are aware of their meaning, as it can contribute to unnecessarily hurting someone’s emotions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does KYS Mean In Text?

A. KYS means Kill Your Self in text. KYS mean on Snapchat and other social media apps is also the same.

Q2. What Does KYS Mean In A Good Way?

A. KYS in a good way means to Keep Yourself Safe. However, KYS mean on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps does not mean the same. It means Kill Your Self on social media apps.

Q3. What Does KYS Mean Kiss?

A. KYS mean in kiss is Kiss Your Sister. However, KYS actually does not mean Kiss. It may sound like kiss when you directly pronounce it. However, KYS stands for Kill Your Self on social media and not for kiss.

Q4. What Does KMS And KYS Mean?

A. KMS means Kill My Self and Kill Your Self is what KYS mean on Snapchat and other social apps. 

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