What Does LMR Mean On Snapchat? Know The Meaning!

What Does LMR Mean On Snapchat

Have you come across the term LMR and wondered what does that mean? Well, in this post, we will see what does LMR mean on Snapchat.

Snapchat is where a lot of teenagers spend their maximum time snapping and texting their fellow Snapchatters and it has become a trend to use such acronyms while texting. Usage of these acronyms gives a one-word feel about what exactly you want to convey to your friends instead of dragging the words. 

What does LMR mean on Snapchat is one of the most frequently asked questions and it means, “Like My Recent” which is a way of requesting other users for a like or comment. 

The best scenario to use LMR is when you want more reactions and reach to your story than usual. Simply mention “LMR” within your story and people will automatically stop by and react to it. This guide gives you even more detailed information on what does LMR mean on Snapchat and what is its definition.

What Does LMR Mean On Snapchat?

“Like My Recent” is the abbreviation of what does LMR mean on Snapchat. It means requesting your fellow Snapchatters to like or react to your stories and posts. 

Social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Twitch, Discord, Facebook use different slang terms and acronyms like LOL, ROFL, BRB, OOTD, TGIF, TBH, TBT. Apart from these shortened terms, there are a few of them which can be difficult to understand at first. Basically, acronyms are used as a way of conveying the message in a single word without going into detail. LMR is one such term that confuses many users about what does LMR mean on Snapchat. Though there are general meanings associated with this topic. The most relevant meaning in terms of Snapchat is “Like My Recent”.

A ‘recent’ photo usually refers to the newest photo that someone has uploaded on a Snapchat story. In order to make your friends and followers go and “like” the recent post or story, you might utilize the phrase LMR in their stories on Instagram and Snapchat, with a screenshot of it. Though, LMR is not only used in stories. Someone may send you a message using the term to either just you, or a group chat, in order to ask you more directly to engage with their latest social media post. This exact definition is used for what does LMR mean on Instagram.

Example: Can You LMR story?

Here, in the above-mentioned example, LMR is used as a request to “like” the story that the sender has just posted. It is mainly used to advertise your most recent social media posts and this is what LMR mean on Snap. LMR can also be used as hashtags (#LMR). Typically, you would ask your closest friends to “like” your most recent Instagram or Facebook post or video. Although there are no option for liking a picture on Snapchat, LMR means that individuals can comment or respond to your stories or comments. Businesses can use this tag to advertise their profiles and attract more attention.

As everything has its own drawback, using this abbreviation excessively could also have a bad effect on your profile. But, always remember, if you continue to do this frequently, you might have the risk of getting a bad name among the fellow Snapchatters as if you are forcing them to like your story. Hence, the major goal of posting stories on Snapchat is to increase the audience for the content.

To increase the visibility of their postings, influencers and businesspeople often refer to LMR. If your buddy sends you an LMR text, you may simply respond to it by looking at their profile for recent posts and leaving a comment. You may occasionally be too busy to check the post, so simply react to the story. 

Other Meanings For LMR

By now you must have understood the exact meaning of LMR on Snapchat. However, there are other such general abbreviations that exists and they are used in different sectors. Here, we have listed a few meanings of what does LMR stand for in texting. 

  • Last Minute Revision
  • Last Minute Reaction
  • Last Minute Response
  • Last Month’s Rent
  • Limited Market Release

Wrapping Up

Acronyms have become a fashion statement among social media users in recent days. It is not a crime to not know about the meaning of such shortened words as new words are popping up every now and then. We hope now you must have got a clear understanding of what does LMR mean on Snapchat. Visit our website at Deasilex to get information on more such articles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Does STA Mean On Snap?

Ans. A user who types STA intends to “send to everyone.” When you wish to send a Snapchat message, photo, or video to several users at once, you do this.

Q2. What Does WYLL Mean On Snapchat?

Ans. Often, WYLL on Snapchat stands for “What You Look Like.” If you don’t know someone personally, you might use this to inquire about their appearance.

Q3. What Does MK Mean In Snapchat?

Ans. You can pretty much use “mk” interchangeably with “ok” because it is really simply another way to say that. But remember that “mk” can sound snarky, so be sure to include some clear context to prevent any unintentional text fights.

Q4. What Does UWU Mean On Snap?

Ans. The emoticon “Uwu” features a lovely face. It can be used to convey a variety of cozy, joyful, or affectionate sensations. The owo emoticon, which can more specifically convey surprise and excitement, is closely related.

Q5. What Should I Avoid On Snapchat?

Ans. Photos showing gratuitous or graphic acts of violence, especially cruelty to animals, are prohibited. We forbid the glorification of self-harm, including the encouragement of eating disorders, sui###e, or self-ha**.

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