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What Does NGS Mean On Snapchat

Social media can be a total drag for many users these days, especially the ones who are always sticked to their phones. But platforms like Snapchat can be fun and informative at the same time because you get to know new things and slang if you keep using them for chatting. One of the latest slang we have come across is NGS. What does NGS mean on Snapchat? If you aren’t aware of this, then let’s dive deeper to learn its meaning!

NGS is relatively a new acronyms used on Snapchat. NGS has been quite popular as IDGAF slang, but now people are looking for a change in the slang and hence NGS has been introduced by Gen Z. With different interpretations, NGS mean on Snapchat is quite popular among younsters. Some believe NGS is National Grading System while others say it is for Not Good Sh*t. But that is not what NGS mean on Snapchat.

NGS means “Not Giving a Sh*t” on Snapchat.

NGS is a versatile slang used on Snapchat wherein NGS mean on Snapchat can be different in different situations. So, it is quite difficult to understand what interpretation is being used by the sender for NGS.

What Does NGS Mean On Snapchat?

NGS means Not Giving a Sh*t on Snapchat. This slang is much popular among many Snapchat users. In spite of being an offensive term, several Snapchatters make use of this slang a lot many times. It is used as an expression of disapproval or indifference for anything you are not much excited about. However, this is not the only thing that NGS mean on Snapchat. Here are the other interpretations of the NGS slang.

  • NGS for Not Giving a Sh*t
  • NGS for No G@y Sh*t
  • NGS for Not Good Sh*t
  • NGS for National Grading System
  • NGS for Nice Guy Syndrome
  • NGS for Non- Gender Specific
  • NGS for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
  • NGS for Ninja Gaiden Sigma
  • NGS for No Goods
  • NGS for Next Generation Sequencing

Origin Of NGS  

NGS is relatively a new term added to Snapchat lingo. With unclear origins, NGS is believed to be around since the rise of social media in the early 2000s. Likely, the acronym was used over social media but did not get much popularity until it was added to Snapchat Lingo. With different contexts, NGS mean on Snapchat can be different when you are using it in your conversations. So, let’s dig into the use of NGS over Snapchat.

How Is NGS Used On Snapchat?

There can be different ways of using NGS in your Snapchat conversations. Mostly, NGS mean on Snapchat is used for expressing indifference, but it is even used to express a strong opinion. So, let’s explore ways of using NGS.

1. To Express Indifference

Mostly NGS mean on Snapchat is Not Giving a Sh*t. It is used to express indifference and show that you don’t care much about whatever is happening. 

2. To Be Humorous

NGS can also be used in a humorous way as Not Good Sh*t when you find something funny. If you find something that is not good enough and is instead funny, then NGS can be the right slang to use.

3. To Express A Strong Opinion

You can even express a strong opinion by using NGS mostly in a social or political context. You can use it to show your strong disapproval or disagreement to a particular political decision or policy introduced by anyone.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use NGS On Snapchat 

With the help of a few examples, you will find it easy to understand what NGS mean on Snapchat and how to use it in your conversations.

Example 1: When NGS is used for Not Giving a Sh*t

  • User 1: Hey, have you decided what you wearing at the Prom night?
  • User 2: Ah, no! I am NGS bcz I am not going to the Prom!

Example 2: When NGS is used for Not Good Sh*t

  • User 1: Hey, how’s my new hairstyle?
  • User 2: TBH, it’s NGS, LOL!!
  • Here, TBH is used for To Be Honest and LOL is used for Laughing Out Loud.

Example 3: When NGS is used for Nice Guy Syndrome

  • User 1: Hey, why were you ignoring Sam?
  • User 2: I don’t like him at all. He has NGS!

Is It Okay To Use NGS On Snapchat? 

No, it is not okay to use NGS on Snapchat if you are using this slang for Not Giving a Sh*t. This slang is also used for No G@y Sh*t. Since it is an offensive and harmful term, so is better to avoid using it in your conversations. This can be an expression of bullying the LGBTQ+ community and can harm their sentiments and can even make them feel ashamed. However, if you wish to use it for any other interpretation, then you can use NGS in your conversations.

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Gen Z is not going to let Snapchat Lingo sink in anyway since they are introducing new acronyms every day. Check out the latest acronyms that can be tried on Snapchat!

  • GNGood Night
  • DNDDo Not Disturb
  • MBNMust Be Nice
  • WYLLWhat You Looking Like
  • WTVWhatever
  • HRU – How Are You
  • BML – Bling My Line
  • BP – Beautiful People
  • BTS – Behind The Scenes
  • CYA – See Ya
  • DTB –  Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches
  • FSE – Funniest Sh*t Ever 
  • FWI – Facebooking While Intoxicated
  • OML – Oh My Lord

Wrapping Up

As they say, words have power, they can hurt, heal, and even change the world. Words are powerful as harsh words can hurt someone’s feelings and soft words can take the best out of someone.. The same is the case for NGS mean on Snapchat as it can be respectful and harmful for many users if not used properly. So, it is recommended that you use this double-edged sword slang carefully!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does NGS Stand For?

A. NGS stands for Not Giving a Sh*t or Not Good Sh*t.

Q2. When Should I Use The NGS?

A. You can use NGS when you are trying to say National Grading System or Not Good Sh*t.

Q3. What Does NGS Mean On The Internet?  

A. NGS on the internet means Not Giving a Sh*t or Not Good Sh*t.

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