What Does NPC Mean On TikTok? 

What does NPC mean on TikTok

We are all familiar with TikTok and its abbreviations, aren’t we? However, there is a list of abbreviations we have no clue about. Keeping that in mind, we are here to discuss what does NPC mean on Tiktok? If you are interested in knowing more about what does NPC stands for keep reading the blog. 

Tiktok is one such social media platform that offers you a wide variety of features. We all aren’t new to the world of acronyms and abbreviations, to recall they have been existing for a pretty long time. One such trending acronym is NPC. NPC sounds like a computer-related term to most people. However, reports say that it has a very precise meaning. And since learning TikTok lingo is crucial for understanding the ins and outs of the app’s content, it’s best to explore the actual meaning of NPC. Keep reading to get your answer.

Are you wondering what does NPC Mean on TikTok? Well, then NPC on TikTok means non-playable character, which is a pretty common gaming term. People mostly use this acronym during gaming or discussions related to games. 

This article will provide you with all the information on what does NPC mean on Tiktok, how to use NPC on TikTok and what else could NPC mean on TikTok? We hope this article is helpful to you and caters to everything you are looking for. 

What Does NPC Mean On TikTok? 

NPC on TikTok means a Non-playable character. 

You must be familiar with the acronyms that many people have been using on TikTok, such as FNF and GRWM. Aside from that, you will also find the short-form like NPC recently. But what does NPC mean on TikTok? Many TikTok users are wondering about it since its appearance. Additionally, these acronyms are a common practice for creators to communicate quickly. So, if you don’t want to be out-of-dated, you can find the answer through our article

You will love how creators utilize slang and acronyms to communicate on various social media applications. While some acronyms can leave some people stumped on their meanings, NPC is pretty easy to figure out if you belong to the gaming community. NPC simply means non-playable character, which is a pretty common gaming term.

The power of TikTok is truly unmatched. As of this writing, the hashtag #NPC has already garnered 1.2 billion views and counting on the platform.

What Else Could NPC Mean On Snapchat?

There are various abbreviations to NPC depending on its usage. Below are some of the listed possibilities of the abbreviations. 

  • No Person Called 
  • Nothing Personal Caught 
  • No Perfect Call
  • New Primary Copy 
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • No Parental Consent
  • National Press Club
  • New Player Character 
  • Not Publicly Capable 
  • Non-profit Computing 

How To Use NPC On TikTok? 

There are various ways of using these TikTok abbreviations and acronyms. Below we will tell you how to use NPC on TikTok. 

  • That is a NPC!
  • Did you check the NPC?
  • There’s NPC!
  • There is NPC!
  • Can you hand me NPC? 

Wrapping Up

This was a complete article on what does NPC mean on TikTok. NPC simply means, Non-playable character. We hope this article was helpful to you. Furthermore, if you have any related queries or doubts feel free to drop your comments in the comment section below. We assure to revert as soon as we can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Make A Good NPC?

Ans. So here are ten of my best tips for creating NPCs!
Never Forget The Character’s Purpose. …
Never Start With The Numbers. …
Appearance Is Important. …
Always Have A Handle. …
Look For Ways To Be Distinctive. …
Don’t Be Abnormal If You Don’t Have To. …
Subvert Cliches More Often Than You Represent Them. …
Better Than A PC?

Q. What Does NPC Mean In Minecraft?

Ans. Non-Player Character

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