What Happened To Alexis Sweet Husband On TikTok?

What Happened To Alexis Sweet Husband On TikTok

Wondering how Forrest Sweet passed away? Even though it’s been 2 years, this person’s untimely passing continues to make news. It’s enigmatic! In case you are confused, we are referring to Forrest Sweet, Alexis Sweet’s TikTok spouse. In this article, we will discuss the drama behind what happened to Alexis Sweet husband on TikTok

Alexis Sweet is a popular TikTok user with a lot of views and follows. After she began posting information on the passing of her husband Forrest, she has, in fact, obtained more. While some supported her on TikTok, some claimed the incident was a scam! So, what really happened to Alexis Sweet husband?

According to reports, Forrest Sweet was driving his Ford. He reportedly hit a tree after losing control and colliding with it. Sounds like a common accident. However, drugs and alcohol influence could be there! Also, he was not wearing a seatbelt!

As it has been two years, we can only presume that the case involving his tragic death is now closed. Yet, the mystery of Alexis Sweet husband Forrest Sweet death still continues with her every TikTok post! If you are looking for what happened to Alexis Sweet husband on TikTok, here are your answers. 

Forrest Sweet Death Case – What Happened To Alexis Sweet Husband?

Forrest Sweet and Alexis Sky exchanged vows at Bellaire’s Shanty Creek Resort on June 8, 2018, where they had met. She had no idea that after a few years of marriage, she would lose her lover. Yes, at this young age – we are all shocked. Not just for his wife, Alexis, but also for her other family members, it is pitiful. Yet we don’t really know anything about them! They had three sweet children. What could be worse? 

Who Is Forrest Sweet? 

Forrest, a Marquette native, wed Alexis “Allie” Michie on June 8, 2018, at Bellaire’s Shanty Creek Resort. The love of Alexis’ life passed away just a few years after they got married. He graduated from Cheboygan High School in 2012 as a high school student. Afterward, he had been employed in the construction industry for a few years.

The Accident Of Alexis Sweet Husband

Returning to the killing of Alexis Sweet husband Forrest Sweet, the incident happened in 2021, in Michigan’s Cheboygan. According to reports, Forrest Sweet was driving his Ford. He reportedly hit a tree after losing control. Was he intoxicated at this point? Maybe yes!  Forrest’s loss of control appeared to be caused by either drinking or narcotics. Further investigation revealed that he was not wearing a seatbelt.

The terrible news of Alexis Sweet’s husband’s passing was posted on TikTok. Since then, it has gained widespread attention, emphasizing how crucial it is to drive safely and always buckle up. His mother-in-law launched a GoFundMe page immediately after his passing and sought money—specifically, $20,000—for her daughter’s family. Alexis was unemployed at the time.

The Rumour – Accident Or Murder?

What could possibly be more unexpected? Alexis Sweet, the wife of Forrest Sweet, argued that it was not an accident. Then? Forrest Sweet was murdered!  What? Yes! She said that it was either caused by a gunshot or a severe concussion. Alexis also discovered her husband’s corpse in their garage. As no clear cause of death was disclosed to the public, the case turned out to be more puzzling. People started assuming things. Also, it was said that, before his passing, Alexis was preparing to legally separate from him. 

Forest Sweet Autopsy Results

How did the autopsy turn out? The autopsy report did, however, provide some light on Forrest Sweet’s passing. Well, there were no indications of alcohol or drug use. What about losing control of his vehicle? It further exposed Forrest Sweet’s cardiac issue. Yet it had nothing to do with his passing. His car accident caused it. The allegations Alexis made turned out to be false. Yet the investigation is still open. As claimed by Alexis, someone broke into their house the same night the accident took place. Who was the individual seen leaving their home on the CCTV camera but not by the police? There is a lot we need to know! 

Wrapping Up

Forrest Sweet’s death is still a mystery, and it’s still not known what happened to him. Initial reports indicate a tragic accident brought on by a loss of control, but some rumors indicate foul play. Whatever the cause, Alexis Sweet husband death serves as a reminder of the need for safe driving and seatbelt use at all times. As we come across more such cases on social media, let us be vigilant and try to uncover the truth behind them. Follow Deasilex for more TikTok Trends! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Happened To Forrest Sweet Cheboygan Michigan?

On February 4, 2021, Forrest Sweet was killed in an automobile accident in northern Michigan. His death was caused by blunt force trauma, which is consistent with an automobile collision, according to the autopsy report.

Q2. What Was Forest Sweet Cause Of Death?

Sweet crashed into a tree while operating his Ford pickup vehicle after losing control. It was found that he had passed away right then. His death was caused by blunt force trauma, due to a car accident, confirmed by the autopsy report.

Q3. Where Are The Current TikTok Trends?

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Q4. What Is Trending On TikTok 2024?

Three macro trend forces that we may predict —actionable entertainment, creating space for joy, and community-based ideals—will change TikTok in 2024 based on worldwide research findings.

Q5. Is TikTok Still Trendy?

Although COVID-19 undoubtedly contributed to TikTok’s recent surge in popularity, TikTok’s user base is still expected to grow over the course of the next several years, at the very least. You should follow this channel if you just consider the expected gain in ad income over the following three years.

Q6. Who Owns TikTok?

TikTok, a Chinese technology company ByteDance Ltd. entirely owns the app and hires its leaders, with more than 150 million US users. ByteDance is a privately held Chinese company with its headquarters in Beijing but its registration in the Cayman Islands.

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