What Is Cost Of Running OpenAI ChatGPT? Facts About Chat GPT Cost To Run 2023!

What Is Cost Of Running OpenAI ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot supported by OpenAI which has specialty in generating human-like conversation. When we say human-like, you should have got an idea that it’s something different from the rest. Let’s see what are the chat gpt cost to run behind being different and being special! Let’s explore what is cost of running OpenAI ChatGPT in this article with us.

ChatGPT is popular for giving human-like responses and that too for free! Yes, you heard that right, for free! But if it’s available for free then what is cost of running OpenAI ChatGPT? Well, that’s the secret that we will be unveiling in this blog post. Doesn’t matter is free to use for you all, ChatGPT is spending a huge amount to make it accessible for you all. Want to know what that chat gpt cost to run is? Here it is…

What is cost of running OpenAI ChatGPT? The cost of running ChatGPT is around $3 Million per month! Yes, OpenAI is paying $100,000 every day to run ChatGPT.  Unbelievable right? But read more to learn why this huge amount of money is being spent every month and if it’s worth the chat gpt cost to run!

If you are thinking that the service is free to use and the reason behind this is the low expenses on systems and technology then we have something you should read! Something that will blow your mind off! Know what is cost of running OpenAI ChatGPT and if it’s worth spending this much chat gpt running cost or not! 

What Is Cost Of Running OpenAI ChatGPT?

Bursting the secret bubble and telling you that OpenAI is seriously spending a huge amount of money to make ChatGPT work and function for its audience. We have a few leaked information about OpenAI ChatGPT’s daily or monthly expenses that you are unaware of including its development and ongoing AI services. Let’s know about the chat gpt cost to run

According to a report, ChatGPT is organized on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud which allows OpenAI to host everything virtually and prevents it from buying an offline server room. Currently, Microsoft is charging almost $3 every hour for each A100 GPU and every word being delivered from ChatGPT is worth $0.0003. Almost every response from ChatGPT includes at least 39 words, therefore each response from ChatGPT costs minimum 1 cent to the brand. Right now, it’s estimated that OpenAI is spending around $100K every day or $3 million every month on running expenses. 

The charges of using OpenAI ChatGPT have been in the headlines on social media for a while with amounts reaching around $3 million a day! The very famed chatbot has become a trendy topic on the internet all because of its features and ability to instantly answer questions and problems of a wide variety of subjects and to write essays, debug and generate codes and write lyrics and poems. 

We hope now you know what is cost of running OpenAI ChatGPT. Now, read the next section to know whether the ChatGPT expenses are worth chat gpt running cost $3 million or not!

Is Spending So Much On ChatGPT Worth It?

Recently a tweet was delivered by Shaun Els on Twitter, where he described how eye watering these charges are to keep the service running. After which many of the ChatGPT users and random commentators showed their opinions where one said “I think it’s worth it to spend this much as the ChatGPT served – 10M queries every day”. 

Many are estimating different amounts and are passing comments on the basis of that. For instance, Tom Goldstein said that the chat gpt daily cost is $100K every day or around $3M every month. And many others quoted approximately $1.5M to $8M every month. 

Which is somehow worth it if the facilities and features of the ChatGPT are kept in mind! Like asking ChatGPT to write a code, debug a code, run a program, its translation feature, function like a Linux channel, create innovative ideas, solve questions, write essays, do homeworks and assignments, extract important data and much more!

Apart from all these features, the increasing number of users on ChatGPT is also one of the biggest challenges for OpenAI. The more users, the more tasks and answers to be given! And you already know what is cost of running OpenAI ChatGPT and every response delivered from the ChatGPT!

Is ChatGPT Expensive?

What Is Cost Of Running OpenAI ChatGPT

The running cost of ChatGPT is now everywhere and suddenly everyone is interested in knowing more about it! ChatGPT running charges are the only thing all over social media. As we already made you aware of what is cost of running OpenAI ChatGPT, now everyone is sneaking their nose in and trying to figure out how much will chat gpt cost is it worth it? Is it expensive? While many are busy putting their assumption price tags on the ChatGPT service. 

The official OpenAI team who’s accessing ChatGPT has added spark to the fiery conversation by accepting the ChatGPT running costs without any specifications.

In the first week of December, 2022, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that they need to monetize the ChatGPT services anyhow as the computing charges is real pain! So yea, ChatGPT is definitely expensive for the OpenAI team but not for the users, as they are making it available for free to everyone who wants to use it.

Wrapping Up

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is overall a successful launch even more successful than the Amazon’s ‘Alexa’. As of now, ChatGPT’s current model is the Beta version of it which is free to use for everyone. Although, according to Altman they are looking forward to monetize the model with an affordable price of single-figure for each chat. He also said that the services charges are touching the sky and monetizing it has become crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Is ChatGPT?

OpenAI is paying almost $3 million each month for the cost of running chat gpt. Which means $100,000 every day to provide it’s users the free service.

Q. Is ChatGPT Free?

ChatGPT is entirely free to use for it’s users to get their assignments done, essays written, codes generated, languages translated and a lot more!

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Use GPT-3?

The cost of training GPT-3 is more than 4.6 million dollars chat gpt cost per day with its high dimensions accessing a Tesla V100 cloud source.

Q. Do You Have To Pay To Use ChatGPT?

For now the OpenAI’s ChatGPT services are available for free to use for everyone. But soon the ChatGPT team is going to monetize their services as the cost to run the technology is eye watering.

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