What Is Discord Canary? Alpha Testing Version!

discord canary

Being a Discord user, are you wondering how the new features of Discord are released? To do so, Discord uses the two-step testing versions, including the Canary version. But what is Discord Canary?

Discord is a voice and text chat app for gamers that lets you easily find, join, and chat with friends. Discord also has its test versions, and Discord Canary is one of them. The test versions are unstable and have many bugs and errors.

Discord Canary is the Alpha version and the first stage of the Discord app. Unlike Discord PTB, this version also tests the new features. But, it is the initial testing version and the features passing this version are added to the Beta version.  

However, Canary is more likely to have bugs and be unstable. If you are uncomfortable with that, you can stick to the regular Discord app. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about what is Discord Canary and how to download it.

What Is Discord Canary?

Discord Canary is a new version of Discord that allows users to test new features before they are released to the public. Testing is a great way for users to give feedback on new features and help shape the future of Discord. Since this is an alpha version of Discord, you may encounter many bugs or other issues. 

The Canary version is a meaningful test of our latest code changes before they are released to the wider world. By releasing code changes to the Canary version of Discord, the developers can identify any potential issues before they impact the live version of Discord and remove that error.

If you are interested in trying out new features and giving feedback by reporting any issues encountered, then Discord Canary is a great way to get a sneak peek at the future of Discord. Remember, though, that since it’s a testing version, it may be unstable at times.

Discord Canary Features

Discord Canary is the Alpha testing version that releases the new features earlier. Developers of the Discord app update the newly built Discord functions or features to the Canary version to get feedback from the Discord testers. 

The basic features of the Stable Discord are also available in addition to the new testing features in the Canary version of Discord. 

Is Discord Canary Safe?

If you have decided to download the Canary version of Discord, you might worry about its safety. Discord Canary is safe as the developers of the Stable Discord developed it. 

But Canary is the most unstable version of Discord as it is the first level of testing new features. This version has tons of bugs that need improvements.

How To Download Discord Canary?

To download the Discord Canary, go to Discord Support > Community Programs > Testers > Discord Testing Clients > Discord Canary download link.

Are you looking to enjoy the new features in the first testing stage? You can download the Discord Alpha version from the official links available on the Discord website.

The Canary version of Discord is available for desktops and browsers. But, for Android, it is named Alpha. Here is the steps guide for Discord Canary download links for different platforms:

Step 01: Open the Discord Support.

Step 02: Click on the Community Programs tab.

Discord Canary

Step 03: Now, from the Testers column, click on the Discord Testing Clients option.

Discord Canary

Step 04: Click on the relevant Discord Canary download link.

Discord Canary

Note: The Alpha version of Discord is unavailable for iOS users. For them, only the Beta version is available.

You can sign up as a Discord Alpha Tester if you want to help test new features and help Canary reach its full potential. As an alpha tester, you can test new features and give feedback to the Discord team.

Finally, you now know what is Discord Canary and its features and importance. Being a Discord tester, you must go to Discord Canary download links and start with the testing. Why are you waiting? Start using the Canary test version of Discord!

Wrapping Up

Discord Canary is the Alpha testing version of the Discord app. Canary includes new features and changes that are not released to the general public, and the app is updated more frequently than the regular Discord app. If you want to help test new features before they are released to the public, then you should download the Canary version of Discord.

This article would have helped you to learn what is Discord Canary, its safety, and its features. The steps guide for downloading the Canary version of Discord would have been helpful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Difference Between Canary And Discord?

Discord Canary is the Alpha testing version of the Discord app and is the unstable version. Discord is the stable version of the app, and the features are added after being tested in the Canary and PTB versions. The new Discord features/functions are first tested in the Alpha version, and then the passed features are sent to the Beta version. After passing both test versions, the functions are finally added to the Stable Discord.

Q. What Is The Canary Version Of Discord?

The Canary version of Discord is the first stage of testing the new Discord features. For browsers and desktops, it is called Discord Canary, and for Android, it is called the Alpha version.

Q. What Is The Purpose Of Using Canary?

The purpose of Canary is to lower the risk of moving the bugs to the Stable Discord. With the use of the Canary or Alpha version, the bugs are not transferred to the stable version. Discord Canary allows the company to experiment with new features. The Canary development is available from a few users, so the production cost reduces. 

Q. Is Discord Canary From Discord?

Yes, Discord Canary is the alpha test version of the Discord app. The development team of Discord develops this version to test the new features to fix the errors or bugs before being added to the Stable Discord.

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