What Is Discord PTB? All That You Need To Know!

discord PTB

Being a Discord user, you can sneak into the new testing features of the Discord app by downloading the PTB version of Discord. But you must know what is Discord PTB before you sign up for it.

Discord is a chat and VoIP service that allows gamers to connect online. It is a great way to stay in touch with friends and fellow gamers and is free to use. Discord also introduced the Beta testing version, Discord PTB.

Discord PTB is the Beta version of the Discord app and the second and last stage of Discord testing. Unlike the Canary version, it checks the new test features before finally adding them to the Stable Discord Application. Also, the PTB version of Discord is unstable.

Do you want to enjoy the new Discord features before they are updated to the original Discord app? If yes, read the complete article to know what is Discord PTB. We will also discuss its features, safety, and from where to download the PTB version of Discord.

What Is Discord PTB?

Almost all gaming and other applications have a Beta test version, and Discord PTB is one such beta-testing version of the Discord app. PTB (Public Test Build) version is available to anyone who wants to try out the latest features and updates before they are released to the original Discord Client version. The PTB version is updated regularly, and each new update brings a new set of features and changes. 

This PTB version of Discord is available for browsers, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is known as the Testflight for iOS and Beta for Android. This PTB version typically has more issues than Stable version of Discord, but they should not interfere with your regular usage. The PTB version is upgraded with new features later than the Discord Canary.

The developers will test the new features with real users in a real-time environment before adding these features to the normal Discord app.

If you want to try out the latest and greatest Discord offers, then PTB is the way to go. To get started, download the PTB version of Discord app from the Discord website. 

Discord PTB Features

Discord Client is packed with features to help you stay connected with your fellow gamers. With voice and video messaging, you can easily keep in touch with your friends no matter where you are. 

With the screen-sharing feature, you can share your screen with your friends so they can see your game.

But that’s not all! The new testing features and the above-listed Discord features are included in the Discord PTB features.

Is Discord PTB Safe?

Before downloading the Beta version, you might be concerned about your device and wonder whether Discord is safe. You need not worry; Discord PTB is safe for use.

As discussed in the above section on what is Discord PTB, you will only face some bugs while using this Beta version. These bugs will not harm your files and system.

How To Download Discord PTB ?

To download the Discord PTB, go to Discord Support > Community Programs > Testers > Discord Testing Clients > Discord PTB download link.

If you want to try the PTB version of Discord, you can download the app from the download links available on the official Discord website.

Follow the below-given steps to download the PTB version of Discord for different platforms:

Step 01: Open the Discord Support.

Step 02: Click on the Community Programs tab.

Discord PTB

Step 03: Now, from the Testers column, click on the Discord Testing Clients option.

Discord PTB

Step 04: Click on the relevant Discord PTB download link.

Discord PTB

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will be prompted to create a new account or log in with an existing account. Once logged in, you can access all the latest testing features and updates currently in development.

Discord PTB Vs Discord Canary

All of the new testing features are first added to these testing versions. Once these features pass the test in the real-time environment, they will be added to the Stable Discord version. If the test features fail during the testing, they will not be released in the Stable Discord version. The developers of the Discord app handle this process.

Discord PTB is the Beta version, and Discord Canary is the Alpha version of the Discord app. The PTB and the Canary versions of Discord are the unstable versions of the normal Discord (Stable Discord) app. But, the Canary version is more unstable that the PTB version of Discord.

The Canary version or the Alpha version is the initial testing step and has more bugs than the PTB version. The errors or bugs are first resolved in Canary version. The new test features are first checked in the Discord Canary version. If these features are found secure, they are passed to the next level, the Discord PTB version. 

By the end, you have learned about PTB version of Discord, its features, and the steps for the Discord PTB downloading link. You are also now familiar with the different testing stages of the Discord App.

Wrapping Up

Discord is a great way to stay in touch with game friends. It is a secure, private, free chat app that allows you to chat with people worldwide. Discord PTB is a Beta testing version of the Discord app that allows users to test new features before they are released to the original Discord app.

If you want to enjoy Discord’s new PTB version features, we hope this article has helped you know what Discord PTB is and locate the Discord PTB download links. You might have also learned the difference between the PTB and Canary versions of Discord. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Discord PTB Or Canary better?

Discord PTB is better than Discord Canary. The newly launched testing features are first added to the alpha version (Discord Canary), and after approval from this version, they are added to the PTB or Beta version.

Q. Can You Run Discord And Discord PTB At The Same Time?

Yes, you can run Discord and Discord PTB simultaneously, as these are different applications.

Q. How Do You Get PTB On Discord?

To get PTB on Discord, first open Discord Support and then go to Discord Testing Clients. At last, you must scroll down to find the download link of the Discord PTB for different devices.

Q. Is PTB Discord Available On Mobile?

Yes, PTB Discord is available for both Android and iOS mobiles. For Android, it is named the Beta version, and for iOS, it is named as Testflight version.

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