What Is Megan Knees In TikTok? A Perfect Challenge For Born Dancers!!

What Is Megan Knees In TikTok

Along with many viral trends, TikTok is also popular for its dance challenges. If you are a regular TikTok user, then you must have heard of Megan Knees in TikTok. Well, well, well, you have guessed it correctly! Megan Knees is a TikTok challenge inspired by the popular rapper Megan Thee Stallion!

With many viral trends such as Skinwalker TikTok, Tratters on TikTok, Hot or not composite images trend, daylight trend on TikTok, and many more, the TikTok app has been ruling the internet. People have gone crazy and want to get involved in such trends. Well, if you are a dance lover, then the Megan Knees challenge can be the right trend to try out!

For those thinking about what is Megan knees in TikTok, it is just a dance challenge. It calls on TikTokers to bust their moves and perform sensual squatting. This Knees like Megan trend was started in 2021 and gained popularity at that time. However, it has again given a knock on TikTok! This time, it is gaining even more popularity than before!

If you also want to see if you have Megan Knees, then you need to try out this challenge! But before that, you need to gather more information related to this TikTok knee challenge.   

What Is Megan Knees In TikTok?

A new dance trend emerged on TikTok called Megan Knees. This TikTok knee challenge involves users finishing a specific dance routine in which they will have to slowly squat to the floor. Well, the challenge isn’t that tough as you just need to perform the steps, record a video, and upload that video on your TikTok account with the hashtag Knees like Megan (#kneeslikemegan). This is Megan Knees meaning in TikTok and this hashtag has got over 3.4 billion views and counting!

This Megan Knees original challenge is most popular among women and involves buttock and hip movements. Well, even if you don’t have much experience in dancing, you can still try out Megan Knees in TikTok as the choreography is pretty easy to get your body on! Though you will need to have a strong physique to try it out, you can learn these movements easily!   

Why Is It Called Megan Knees?

The Megan Knees in TikTok is called by this name because the challenge requires you to move your knees, hips, and buttocks with coordination while going up and down with the beats of the song just like Megan Thee Stallion does while being on the stage. Well, that’s how this trendy challenge has been named after the rapper. This Megan Knees in TikTok is all about showing your physical strength in the form of body movements.

Megan Knees Challenge Song

As the challenge of Megan Knees in TikTok has gone viral, you might want to try it out. But how can you try it without knowing the song? Well, the song is Knees like Megan by Mouse On Tha Track. It is a song by a female rapper from Los Angeles, Baton Rogue. So, check out if you have Megan Knees by trying this challenge of Megan Knees in TikTok with this song!


The Megan Knees challenge on TikTok has been there since 2021 but recently it has again been popular. Many TikTok users have started trying it out and it is not that tough to work on! Check out if you have Knees like Megan by simply moving your hips, knees, and buttocks and going up and down while trying these moves! The beats of the song Knees like Megan are just perfect to give it try! 

A number of videos have been uploaded on TikTok of users taking up this challenge with the hashtag Knees like Megan (#kneeslikemegan) and checking if they have enough physical strength or not! Hurry up before it’s too late to try this cool challenge on TikTok! Also, share this post and also ask your friends to try this challenge and see if they have Knees Like Megan and upload the videos of Megan Knees in TikTok or not!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Knee Trend On TikTok?

A. Megan Knees in TikTok is a challenge that has gone viral on the app. With some body movements and a song, users try to show their physical strength while moving up and down.

Q2. How Do I Get My Knees Like Megan?

A. You can also try out the Megan Knees challenge on TikTok by moving your hips, buttocks, and knees and coordinating them while moving your body up and down. Just record a video and share it on TikTok with the hashtag Knees like Megan and get your #kneeslikemegan.

Q3. What Is Megan Thee Stallion Knees Challenge?

A. Megan Thee Stallion knees is a challenge where users move their body up and down while coordinating their hips and knees. With the song, Mouse On Tha Track, you can try it out!

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