What services do virtual assistants offer in 2021?

The pandemic has triggered a rise in remote work, and therefore the virtual assistant business has become one of the most popular ones. Working with a virtual assistant enables business managers to focus on their companies’ core competencies and save resources. 

If you considered the option of hiring a virtual assistant, you might wonder, What do they do? Don’t be surprised that these experts can handle various tasks, from marketing to email management and bookkeeping. This article is dedicated to uncovering the services a personal assistant provides in 2021 to help you determine if you’d use working with one

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What does a virtual assistant do?

From handling invoices to managing finances and planning events, virtual assistants can handle numerous tasks. 

Administrative tasks 

The role of the business owner is to ensure business continuity, and therefore they have many tasks to handle. 

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a way to take your venture to the next level, you need to focus on creating new services and products, strategic thinking, and core operations. Therefore, you have no time to handle mundane tasks. But you can hire a VA to complete them. They can

– Help you recruit new personnel

– Conduct basic research to evaluate the performance of corporate tools

– Create, edit, or proofread presentations and documents

– Fill out forms that require company information

– Manage files, documents, and projects with the help of cloud-based tools

– Take notes during important meetings and provide you with the important information

Communication management

The business CEO or managers can’t handle multiple tasks like scheduling appointments, answering emails and phones, and ensuring their departments function flawlessly. When one individual has to handle all these jobs, it can disturb the overall organization’s management and cause mismanagement in the long run. However, when they collaborate with a virtual assistant with great organizational skills, they don’t waste their time with everyday tasks but focus on the business’s core operations. 

A professional virtual assistant like those working from Virtalent can complete tasks like

– Email management – highlight important emails that require the managers’ attention, organize the inbox to prevent clutter, respond, forward, and delete emails, and screen emails according to previous directions. 

– Calendar management – confirm meetings, send reminders, coordinate and schedule appointments, and inform about schedule changes. 

– Other communication – transcribe voicemails, update contact detail information, organize data in the CRM software

Bookkeeping and accounting

You must hire a virtual assistant specialized in bookkeeping for this task because the related tasks require a special set of skills. The right specialist can take the repetitive accounting load off your employees’ shoulders and allow them to focus on other tasks that require their attention. Most bookkeeping virtual assistants also have accounting skills, and therefore, they can also help you with these tasks. 

What can they do?

– Create and send invoices

– Maintain ledgers and balance sheets

– Manage employee reimbursements

– Calculate taxes

– Inform you about tax management changes

– Remind clients of their payments via calls or emails

– Remind you to make essential payments       

Content writing

Quality content is essential when you have a website to provide information about your business or use the platform to sell services and products. Content writing is one of the best digital marketing strategies you can use in these times to engage prospects and establish your company as an authority in the market. Blog posts can boost search engine optimization and drive traffic to your web page. But to take advantage of content writing, you need to hire a virtual assistant that has experience in creating high-quality content for companies in your sector. They should be able to research information, put it together in a blog that’s easy to read and understand by your audience and find engaging and beautiful images. 

Besides writing blogs, the VA can also create content for other purposes.

– Print media as brochures and flyers you use to provide information about your business and products

– Descriptions for the products or services you sell on your eCommerce page. 

– Press releases, newsletters, and business cards

– Emails for your marketing campaigns and other automated emails you send to your subscribers. 

Social media management

Social media platforms have evolved into essential tools in corporate marketing campaigns because they allow companies to address their public via daily platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are crucial to a marketing campaign because they enable you to share information about your business and engage your public. Besides offering a platform to connect with people interested in your brand, they also increase your market reach. If you post high-quality content, you can engage with a larger audience. Of course, it’s crucial to reply to comments, answer questions, and create relevant content. 

Even if social media is crucial for marketing, it can be time-consuming, especially when you have no knowledge in the domain and don’t know what content to produce.  

But you can hire a virtual assistant to handle all social media tasks and ensure that your marketing campaign reaches its goals. They can take jobs like

– Create compelling social media strategies to promote products and engage clients

– Compile reports and analyze statistics relevant to your industry

– Create engaging content for each social media platform

– Schedule posts to ensure that you post regularly and engage your followers

– Grow your company’s social media presence through communicating with your followers. 

So, should you hire a virtual assistant?

As you could see, a VA can complete numerous tasks. But there are also other reasons why collaborating with them is a good decision for your business. 

– It’s cost-efficient to outsource the above tasks because the fee they ask is lower than if you’d have an in-house employee who has full-time worker benefits

– They’re experts in the domain they provide their services

– They can free up your time to allow you to focus on core operations

– They enable your company to operate 24/7.

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