What To Do If Someone Has Blocked Your Number- How To Contact Them


We are in the era where mobile phones rule the world. We do almost everything on our phones. Mobile phones are the best way to stay in touch with your friends and lovers. The simple way to move on after a breakup nowadays is simply to block the number of the person you are fed up with.

Ever got blocked by someone or in doubt of getting blocked. Worry not here we are with the solution that will help you know whether you are blocked or not. We at Deasilex have researched a lot on the matter and finally found a few ways using which you will Know someone has blocked your number and can also contact the person who has blocked your number.

There are various methods to Know someone has blocked your number or not. This can be done by calling the person and checking for the responses we get from the other side of the line. 

We have also disclosed various tricks that can we can use to contact the person who has blocked your number.

Ways To Find Out If You Are Blocked

There are various ways through which we can find out whether we are blocked by someone or not. These ways are listed below in the article, read them and find out if you are blocked.

Getting No Response 

The first indication of your number getting blocked would be not getting replies to the text messages you are sending. This happens because if someone has blocked you and you are sending messages. The network will show that your messages are delivered but the receiver on the other side will never receive them. That would be a reason you will never get a reply to the text messages. But not receiving the text messages back cannot make sure that you are blocked. Maybe the person you are sending messages to is ignoring you.

Redirected to Voice Mail

Call the person you doubt about having blocked you. If you hear the full caller tune and after the caller tune ends you are directed to the voice mail then it is normal. The person might be busy.

But if you are directed to the voice mailbox after the one or a half call then something fishy can be smelt here. But this may be a network issue so it would be better to call them again for confirmation. This alone will not let you if Someone Has Blocked Your Number

Don’t Jump To The Conclusions Early

If you are being directed to the voice mail quickly. Don’t assume that you have been blocked. We know there is no specific way to find out o specific way to find out if you are blocked by someone as you won’t receive any specific notification about getting blocked. Redirection to voice mails after one or two calls also means that the phone on the other side is dead or switched off. It’s better to be sure before jumping to any conclusions.


You must be confirmed before jumping to the assumption that your number has been blocked by the other party. To do so try to call the person you have a doubt about from your other number or from your friends phone. If the call ends in the same way that is after one call then it is for sure that their phone is dead but if the phone rings and the other person picks up the call then my friend you are blocked.

Note: The person you are doubting on must not have the other number you are calling with.

Alternatives To Contact The Person Who Has Blocked Your Number

If you are now confirmed that you are been blocked by your lover or ex. Don’t feel sad, Deasilex cares for your feelings. We are here with the alternatives that would let you contact the person who has blocked your number.

Use *67

Using *67 at the beginning of the number that has blocked you will take you to the ringing bells of the blocked phone. The other person will see your call with the private number written instead of your name or number. Well, this is one way to contact the person who has blocked your number. 

Use Your Phone’s Setting

Well many of us are unaware of this feature of mobile phones. You can hide your caller id in the caller id from the network id of your phone. To enable the feature to follow the steps given below

For iOS

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Search for the “Phone”. Tap on it.
  3. Now search for “Show My Caller Id”
  4. Toggle it Off 

For Android

  1. Go to the settings on your Phone
  2. Search for “Call Settings”
  3. Move to “Additional Settings” Then
  4. Tap on Caller ID
  5. And at last Tap on “Hide Number”

Use The Social Media

Getting your number blocked shouldn’t stop you. Try to reach her on social media. Just blocking the number won’t block you from social media. Message her on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. But let her cool down first otherwise she will block you from there as well.


We hope the guide was enough and now you will be able to make out who has blocked your number. We at deasilex care for your feelings and researched a lot on how to contact the person but be assure don’t misbehave as it may lead you to trouble.

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