What Will You Choose Offshore Or Nearshore Web Development ?

What Will You Choose Offshore Or Nearshore Web Development ?

As a rule, talented developers are always in short supply. They are difficult to train, and even more difficult to find. Hiring staff in your area of business is becoming more difficult day after day. However, it is not so easy to find remote teams to collaborate with. There are many pros and cons of remote web development. It is worth remembering that companies that use outsourcing get tips in the form of high productivity, flexibility of the workflow and efficiency of the work process. 

Before hiring an outsourcing company, you need to make an important decision that will affect the cycle of work of the entire further development of the web application. This decision is to decide the method of outsourcing the software. There are two of them: nearshore and offshore. After determining the method, the question arises of how we can hire a nearshore web development team. Using outsourcing, you save time and part of your resources, as it is the fastest way to solve business problems. Its essence is that you attract external resources to implement and develop the functions of your own applications. Companies that use this opportunity reduce their costs, win the time, and improve application performance. Knowing the information about qualified and talented developers from around the world or the near country, the owners of large, medium and small IT businesses decide to follow this path to increase the power and productivity of the company. The first serious thing they should do is to choose a web development company carefully.

The Main Benefits And Essence About Offshore And Nearshore Outsourcing Models

So, let`s cope with the main issues about the one and the other popular method of web development. After the information below, every vendor will choose their own variant. Let’s begin: 

  • Offshore web development is the most popular and recognized method. This web development model implies that you hire a company from a completely different part of the world, far from your office. As an example, a company from Eastern or Western Europe hires developers from America and vice versa. Offshore outsourcing expands your opportunities for hiring and reducing company resources and money. However, among the minuses are different time zones and a difference in mentalities, which significantly affects the workflow, although with proper planning this can be avoided. So, in conclusion it can save your money, add experience and skills through new knowledge and save time. But at the same time, there are differences between mentality and lack of communication.
  • Nearshore software development is a way of issuing the decision with the help of the nearest countries that share the same time zone. For instance, the American company hires a web development company from such countries as: Mexico, Columbia, Latin America. Their main benefit is dealing with an equal time schedule. Nearshore development allows the company to monitor its employees and have quick access to communication with developers. The countries with which the customer works have a similar culture and language, which significantly facilitates communication and builds a productive workflow. Given the proximity of the location, this type of working relationship involves personal meetings to discuss problems or controversial situations. You do not spend a lot of time on this, since the meeting process can be fit into the terms of one working day. The method of nearshore development is also effective for those who are concerned about the confidentiality of their data and the security of doing business. In the course of describing the work process, cultural and linguistic compatibility helps to more accurately understand all the principles and avoid misunderstandings.

The Main Question Of How To Distinguish Which Method Is The Best ?

In order to determine which development model is right for your business, you need to create a specification of your goals and objectives that developers must perform. 

Also, you should understand what skills you have and which you should achieve through outsourcing. A great influence on the choice of method is the availability and quality of knowledge of your full-time employees and the amount of information and personnel reserve that you want to receive in the future. The head of the company and his team consider the complexity of their project and only after that, they can decide whether a long distance will become an obstacle to development. Depending on the type of development and workflow in the project, you will understand whether you need a similar mentality and language capabilities or whether you can miss this moment without harming the project. Well, the last thing worth mentioning, but not the last in importance, is the reputation of the developers and the country from which you plan to hire them. After all of that information we still have a very important notice about how vendors can hire a nearshore web development team.

How Can We Help You To Outsource The Nearshore Web Development Team?

The last tip but not the least. To hire a truly worthy company, company of Digiteum recommend following the following steps, which will determine for you the main needs and goals of your project:

  1. What definite skills do you need to outsource with your project ?
  2. How many people will you need for your software process ?
  3. What is the level of complexity ?
  4. Will the differences in language, culture and territory distance be a problem?
  5. What type of work process would suit your aims?
  6. What are your requirements for hiring foreign developers?


The particular importance of the process of the nearshore software team work is emphasized by the fact that hiring developers has become very popular recently, because of its benefits in different parts of the world. In today’s digital world, it’s hard to imagine a workflow without the benefits of outsourcing. This allows you to expand your talent pool, improve the quality of work and improve service. With the advent of globalization, business companies have significantly increased the level of competitiveness by hiring various kinds of personnel from different parts of the world. There was a huge opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge, not limited to the resources of one country. No matter which way of outsourcing web development you choose, you will be able to learn and try to work with many experienced professionals. 

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