Why CREST Approved Companies Are The Talk Of The day

Why CREST approved Companies are the talk of the day

With the rise in technology, there has been an increase in cybercrime. This, therefore, calls for companies that have received approval to monitor and identify security gaps in the network and arrest cyber criminals before they can exploit the system. Therefore, it is important to source for a company that is CREST approved in Hongkong to accurately assess your network and IT infrastructure to ensure they are well protected against cyber threats. They are equipped and have their policies, procedures, and processes to perform a thorough assessment to provide accurate results.

What is CREST?

Companies that perform penetration testing obtain their certification from CREST. It is, therefore, a security testing certification body. CREST ensures that it formulates stringent and comprehensive testing procedures that make its members the most effective in conducting penetration testing. The companies must undergo an examination that includes technical expertise and general skills such as reports and customer management before they can get approval. The high testing requirements ensure that the companies are offering quality penetration tests.

Why use CREST-Approved Companies

CREST-Approved companies have the capabilities to identify the vulnerabilities in your systems and information security. They perform penetration testing, which helps identify the security gaps available in the network and fix them before cybercriminals can have access. They help businesses keep up to date with the latest security threats. Using these approved companies helps increase the trust of some world’s big brands. They also offer professional and cost-effective penetration testing.

Benefits of Using CREST for Penetration testing

Some of the benefits of using CREST approved companies include;

· CREST is a leading certification body which means that you are committed to excellence and professionalism

· Due to its stringent testing requirement, it means that only the most experience will get approval, thereby offering the best service

· A CREST-approved company will offer highly skilled human resources who understand your business and its security needs

· CREST ensure the use of a standardized methodology and framework for penetration testing

Benefits of CREST membership

The following are some benefits of being a CREST member:

· Greater credibility

· Enhanced customer confidence due to the international certification

· Faster engagement with the customer procurement process

Overview of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a way in which businesses protect their computer devices, networks, and IT data from malicious attacks. Some of the cyber threats include;

· Malware

· SQL injection

· Phishing

· Man-in-the-middle attack

· Denial-of-service attack

Some of the measures to curb cyber attacks

There are different ways to protect your organization from falling victim to cybercrimes. These steps include:

· Training employees on cybersecurity

· Update all your devices to the latest version and scan any available threat

· Always keep back-ups of all your essential files to avoid data loss in case of cyber threat.

· Secure your website and ensure it is maintained regularly to check for any breach or security lapse

· Secure your business information to avoid its loss or corruption

The security of your business matters, and this calls for experts to ensure they give you the best services. Companies that are CREST approved in Hongkong ensure that they conduct the best penetration testing in your business based on the recommended standards that give quality results based on your security needs.

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