Why Does My Phone Overheat On Facetime | 6 Easy Solutions To Follow

Don’t we all like to Facetime our families and friends after a long day at work or school? Yes, we all love it. If we are away from our families and friends the only way to stay connected with them is through Facetime. But, these lengthy video chats may cause your phone to overheat. So, the most common question that many ask is why does my phone overheat on Facetime? Do you too face this issue?

Most of the time when you are on Facetime, your phone gets heated up very much. Well, Facetime is a very exciting experience but it does come second after the very famous and everyone’s favorite American hot dogs!!

The question is why does my phone overheat on Facetime? Well, it could be that your phone is running many applications at once in the background, which includes a speaker, camera, voice control, Wi-Fi connections, etc. Holding an overheated iPhone, no doubt is not at all a good idea that is almost running out of battery. Isn’t it?

But, you need not worry because we have bought you some fixes. These solutions are definitely going to work. You too can try them and see whether they work for you too or not.

Reasons Why Your Phone Heats Up When On Facetime?

Why Does My Phone Overheat On Facetime?

Your phone temperature adopts the temperature that is present in the external environment. If your phone gets too hot then it will cause problems like battery drainage. This might even end up crashing your phone. When you exceed a set temperature limit then your primary phone processing system will not work. Besides the external environment, there are many other reasons that your phone gets heated when you are on Facetime.

This could be because of the high footage transfer when you are on a video call with your friends or family. So, even if you charge your phone, it will still consume your battery. The camera and the communication applications will also use more battery. But, if you have a poor internet connection and have many applications running in the background then the situation can get even worse. Even any kind of liquid contact can heat up your phone which is mostly the case for the obsolete phone models.

So, these were a few reasons why does my phone overheats on Facetime.

How To Fix Mobile Phone Overheating On Facetime?

Now that you know what causes your phone to heat up when you are on Facetime. It’s time to take a look at some of the fixes by which you can avoid your phone from heating up.

1. Turn Down Your Phone Brightness

Turn Down Your Phone Brightness

Could be that your phone’s display brightness is very high. When your phone’s brightness is high, then it will cause your battery to drain and your phone will also heat up. It is not necessary that you have to be on Facetime, even when you are not on Facetime then also your phone may heat up. You just have to lower your display brightness and you are done.

2. Close All The Unused Apps

If you ask why does my phone overheat on Facetime, then the overheating can also be because you have many apps that are running in the background. Fixing this issue is literally like a piece of cake for anyone.

You just have to close all the apps that are running in the background that you are not using. In this way, your phone will not get heated and there will be less drainage of the battery.

3. Factory Reset

Why Does My Phone Overheat On Facetime?

Your iPhone overheating can really be a headache because of the stubborn software errors and glitches. You need to clear it with the factory reset option and your issue will be fixed. But, this will erase your personal data. So, make sure that you back up your files before you factory reset your phone.

4. Enter DFU Mode

If you face software issues that the recovery mode cannot solve then you can enter DFU mode. But, entering DFU mode can be risky if you have jailbroken your system earlier. Moreover, you should not disconnect whilst in the middle of DFU restoration since you will get stuck on the boot loop.

5. Update Your Phone Regularly

Why Does My Phone Overheat On Facetime?

If you see that your phone is continuously getting overheated when you are on Facetime or when you are on other video calling apps, then it could be because some important update is still pending. You will regularly get system updates on your device from the manufacturers and these updates have fixes for the errors like overheating. If your system is up to date then you can check the video calling apps and then see if there are any other updates that are available for download.

6. Switch To Wi-Fi From Mobile Data

Switch To Wi-Fi From Mobile Data

Now pay attention when you see that your phone gets overheated. Was it connected to Wi-Fi or was it using mobile data when your phone heats up?

Though it is possible that you can experience overheating in both situations but it is often seen that when you Facetime using mobile data it causes the overheating. So, it is better that you switch to Wi-Fi when on video calls and see check the difference.

These solutions must have answered your question why does my phone overheat on Facetime.

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Wrapping Up:

That’s all for why does my Phone Overheat on Facetime.

Hopefully, these fixes were helpful to you. Now that you know the solutions to the problem why does my phone overheat on Facetime, if anybody asks you for help then you can easily help them out.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Facetiming Overnight Bad For Your iPhone?

When you Facetime overnight then it will cause your iPhone to overheat because you will be using the geographically intensive app for a very long time. This will cause your battery to get drain faster. But you can say that this is not bad for your phone. You can charge your phone when you are on video call but it will not help you to fix overheating issues.

Q. Why Does Charging Heat Up Your Phone?

Well, it is normal for any phone to get heated up when connected to charging. But you need to pay more attention if it becomes too hot. You can change the charging cable or you can even consult a technician if the issue continues.

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