Why Is BeReal Not Working? How To Fix?

Why Is BeReal Not Working

Are you also one of those BeReal users who are not happy with the current BeReal performance and are unsatisfied with it? We are imagining what you would be thinking right now, why is BeReal not working? Leave that to us!

We will be discussing the same with y’all today, how and why is BeReal not working, and what are its fixes. But how fixes will work when you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the root cause and the problem! Logical right? No issues, we will explore that too! Usually this error is taking place while trying to take your pictures. 

A huge number of users on BeReal are operating the application all at the same time is the main reason why is BeReal not working, to find other minor ones and their fixes you have to tune in with the article.

Other than why is BeReal not working, if you are having any other problems with the BeReal application, then you can let us know in the end while then have a calm read!

Why Is BeReal Not Working – What’s The Reason?

Why Is BeReal Not Working

Is the BeReal app not working properly every time you try to operate it? Can’t upload your pics on your BeReal timeline? Well, this issue has become common to most of the BeReal users who have adjusted themselves according to it. Do you also want to become used to it or would like to explore why is BeReal not working and try to fix it? Great, come along then! Let’s see why is BeReal not working and what can you do about it.

Well, as told earlier the main and the only reason for why is BeReal not working is the mass action or activity of users on the BeReal application at once at the same time. On BeReal every user of the application has to access the app at the same time according to the BeReal mechanism of working. As a result of which, why is BeReal not working! After all, which app or website will work properly when a gigantic number of users will access the software at the same time.

BeReal has won the hearts of most proportion of the population because of the dedication of the application towards the authenticity it shows in working without face tunes or filters, like Snapchat. For once in their entire day at a random timing, the application delivers a notification to all of its users (region specific) asking them it’s time to BeReal, which means they will get two minutes to upload their daily BeReal picture on their timeline. Users are appreciating the authenticity and realness of the application.

But gaining such a large audience in this small time disbalanced BeReal’s management. This application now has become unable  to manage this much traffic all at once, which brings the crash and you to your home screen back again.

How To Fix Why Is BeReal Not Working?

Not being able to post on your Timeline? Landing to another page forcefully? Unable to launch the homescreen? All of these are happening because of the heavy load and traffic on BeReal. Let’s figure out how you can fix why is BeReal not working. 

Method 01. Restart The BeReal Application

Restart The BeReal Application

The most common method to solve this problem is to Restart the BeReal application from the start. One should implement this a couple of times prior to making use of it. If the application still hangs, swipe upwards on your homescreen and swipe upwards the BeReal window to delete it, then get out of the application and repeat the process a couple of times. And then launch the BeReal when you receive the BeReal two minutes notification, just exit the application and access it again.

Method 02. Log-In And Log-Out Your BeReal Account

Log-In And Log-Out Your BeReal Account

The alternate method that you can use to fix why is BeReal not working if logging in and out of the application. You can do this by heading to your BeReal profile page and then tapping on the three-dots option in the top right corner of the screen. After that scroll downwards and tap on the log out button. You have now successfully logged out of your account. Next you can Log in again and see if the issue still exists. 

Method 03. Clear Cache Of BeReal Application

Clear Cache Of BeReal Application

Another and last option with which you are left is to clear the BeReal application’s cache. On an iPhone device, you can clear cache directly by uninstalling the entire application from your device, restarting your iOS, then heading to the App Store and installing it again. Through this you can clear the cache of your BeReal app successfully.

In order to clear cache in Android devices, open the App’s Settings and clear cache from there. You can also uninstall-reinstall and update the application.

Method 04. Switch Your Internet Connection

Switch Your Internet Connection

Here comes another common issue, poor internet connection. In order to upload BeReal or to view other user’s feed posts, one needs to have a smooth, reliable and strong internet connection through cellular data or WiFi. You can keep a check on your internet speed status from the top of your screen.

In case you are accessing a public-weak WiFi connection then it is the only reason that your app is not functioning properly. You can switch your connection to fix why is BeReal not working. To achieve this you can disable the WiFi from the Control Center or the Shortcut Panel. After doing this, open the BeReal app once again to see if the issue has been resolved or not!

Method 05. Restart Your Phone

Restart Your Phone

If none of the above methods worked for you till now, then you should try this last and life saving method for every glitch. This method has the power to flush out any software glitches that are the cause of why is BeReal not working. You can switch off Androids by long pressing the Power button for a couple of seconds, or you can Power off by swiping the home screen downwards to view the shortcut panela and click on the Power button.

Wrapping Up

As we all know BeReal is a recently launched social media application, where you have to upload a raw, without filter picture of your current situation, even if you want to cheat you can’t, because the platform has no filters. You have upload the photo just after you receive the ”it’s time to BeReal” notification, this concept of staying real, creative and authentic has impressed number of audience, which unfortunately is not bringing the platform good news! Sometimes this popularity, hype and engagement on the platform brings the application a number of errors and glitches!

With the help of these methods and enough knowledge of the BeReal problem,you can easily fix why is BeReal not working and become a pro in posting your BeReals on your timeline. These tricks will help you with accessing the application to its full capacity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Fix A BeReal Glitch?

  1. Update the application.
  2. Close the application and re-open it.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Clear the application cache and data.

Q. Why Is My BeReal Broken?

There must be something wrong with your internet connection. You can try restarting your device, clearing the cache of the BeReal app.

Q. How To Reset BeReal?

Settings>Battery>Unmonitored App>Add apps>BeReal>Done>Restart your device.

Q. Why Is My BeReal Not Uploading?

If you are getting a notification saying “upload failed, click to retry” then there is an issue with your network or the app might be having server issues.

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