Why Signing Up To A DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Bootcamp Is A Great Idea

If you want to get to grips with DaVinci software to take your video editing chops to the next level, then signing up for a boot camp could be the solution you’re looking for.

Keep reading to find out why these boot camps are so effective, the skills you can expect to come out the other side with, and the next steps.

What Is DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is a video editing solution that combines editing, visual effects, color correction, and motion graphic tools along with an audio post-production suite in one application. It’s a powerful piece of kit that’s user-friendly too and is, therefore, suitable for both beginners to video editing and seasoned professionals.

DaVinci Resolve 17 is the latest version of this software.

What’s The Difference Between The Free And Studio Versions?

There are two versions of the DaVinci Resolve software – Free and Studio.

The Studio version costs $295 and incorporates a range of extra tools and features on top of the editing package provided by the Free software. For example, the Studio version is capable of playing back on more formats and has advanced noise reduction and lens correction tools plus scripting and automation, workflow integration plug-ins, and 3D audio.

The charge for Studio gives the user a lifetime license, access to future upgrades, and two cross-platform installs.  

What Will I Learn On The Bootcamp?

A boot camp is a great way to master all the elements of the software fast. At a DaVinci boot camp, you will be taken step-by-step through the entire editing process; some of the things you’ll gain proficiency in include:

  • Editing videos, adding effects, and posting to a website
  • Importing media and using metadata
  • Adding transitions, and panning and scanning images
  • Primary and secondary color corrections
  • Using PowerWindows, tracking objects, and incorporating ResolveFX
  • Audio editing and mixing
  • Recording voiceover into the timeline
  • Delivering projects in a range of different formats
  • Sharing completed work to Youtube and Vimeo
  • Plus lots more!

What Are The Benefits Of Enrolling On A Bootcamp?

As well as getting expert tuition that’ll help you learn everything you need to know to use DaVinci Resolve to edit your videos, many courses offer accreditation, too. A certificate of achievement in video editing is a great asset to your resume or portfolio.

Where accreditation is offered, it takes the form of an hour-long, fifty-question exam. The link to the exam is provided at the final session of the course, and students can complete it at a convenient time.

A boot camp can be a great solution for those wanting to learn fast – perhaps ready for an interview, a new job, or to work on a forthcoming project. These types of courses are intensive but effective and can give you the skills you need quickly.

How Do I Prepare For Boot Camp?

All you need to do is make sure you have the latest version of DaVinci Resolve – version 17 – downloaded onto your device, ready for the start of the first training session. Head to the Blackmagic Design website to access the free version of the software, and simply follow the installation instructions that relate to your device.

Are There Courses For Other Types Of Editing Software?

Yes – there is a range of courses and boot camps to teach students everything they need to know to use other video editing software packages.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular editing solution that is used by industry experts as well as beginners in the medium. Typical courses will teach you how to use the basic elements of the tool as well as how to add motion footage, use color grading, design professional-looking title sequences, and enhance dynamism with a range of tools. By the end of a course, you’ll be able to produce and fully edit a short documentary from start to finish.

Final Cut Pro X is another video editing suite that offers advanced techniques and a user-friendly, intuitive interface. There are many training courses and boot camps available to teach you how to use this software; expect to learn how to import video from tape as well as getting to grips with adding media from a camera or SD card. Students will also be given instruction on panning audio clips using keyframes and compound clips.

What’s Next?

Learning skills in video editing can open up lots of career doors for you or help you scale a few rungs in your existing profession. Video editors work in gaming, film, television, and advertising, as well as in social media and other online platforms.

Once you’ve completed your video editing boot camp, you may want to consider applying for a video editor internship; in this role, you’ll typically have the opportunity to support video production, help with the management of digital assets, assist with studio lighting, and undertake filming both in the studio and on location.

An internship can be a great way of not only developing your skills but in making industry connections; many interns go on to take up permanent roles in the company in which they intern, so this option could be an important step in your video editing career.

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