Wizard101 Discord | How To Join? 

Wizard101 Discord

Who does not like the life of a Wizard? What if you are a promising Wizard and the responsibility of saving the world is on your soldier? Well, join the Wizard101 Discord server now, and find out for yourself! 

As you have seen the unearthly life of Dr. Strange or the world of Harry Potter, you must be curious about how you can fit in such a Wizard world. Well, fit in, you have to play Wizard101 and become a part of the Wizard101 Discord server.

To join the Wizard101 Discord server, the first thing you have to do is log into your Discord account. Open in any browser or your Discord app on your mobile phone to log in to the Discord account and then click on the invitation link for the Wizard101 server. Accept the invite and Bingo! You are part of a large wizard family! 

Wizard101 launched by KingsIsle Entertainment in 2008 is one of the best multiplayer games that is loved by gamers. Till today thousands of gamers are exploring Wizard101. If you want to secure your position as a rising wizard, join the Wizard101 Discord server now! 

What Is Wizard101 Discord Server?

Wizard101 Discord server is the official Discord server created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Launched in 2008, Wizard101 is still captivating gamers and influencing other roleplaying gamers to join. If you are also playing Wizard101, then you should have joined the Wizard101 Discord server. This will help you to find more gamers playing the game and share strategy with you. Currently, this popular gaming server has 51,684 active members and counting more! 

Is There Wizard101 Discord Server?

Yes, the Wizard101 Discord server is now available online. 

If you are looking forward to joining the biggest wizard world of all time, join the Wizard101 server now! Showcase your wizard power on this server and impress fellow wizards! Show them who is the master! 

Wizard101 Discord Server Link

To join the Wizard101 server, you have to click on the official Wizard101 Discord server link, which is sometimes difficult to find online. This is mostly because of the spam links and fan-made servers scattered online. So, we have fetched the official server link just for you! Let’s click on the Wizard101 Discord server link below and join the server now! 

Wizard101 Discord Server Official Link – Click To Join

How To Join Wizard101 Discord Server Link?

To join Wizard101 Discord server, Open >> Log in >> Click on the server link >> Accept Invite >> Done. 

Let’s join this wiz community with just a few clicks! If you are eager to find out, how to join this popular gaming server, let us share a quick guideline with you:

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Log into your Discord account.

Step 3: Click on the Wizard101 Discord server link shared above in this article. 

Step 4: Next, click on ‘Accept Invite’.

Done! Enjoy throwing spells and saving your wizard world from the evils! 

Wizard101 Discord Features

The Wizard101 Discord server is as impressive as the game itself. Here, let us highlight some of the features of the Wizard101 server that make it cool:

1. Join the Wizard101 server and meet with the pro-role-playing gamers and learn strategies from them.

2. Stream games live with friends on this server.

3. Get double rewards by taking part in some of the channel activities.

4. Stack free giveaway gifts and enjoy the game. 

5. Get all updates on the new Aussie-themed Wallaru update. 

6. Get early access to the Wallaru update. 

Wizard101 Discord Server Rules

Unlike many gaming servers, such as Fortnite or Baldurs Gate 3, the Wizard101 Discord server does not come up with a robust rule book for the members. However, there are some generic Discord rules that you have to follow while being part of the Wizard101 server:

1. Maintain your account security and do not share any personal information. 

2. Use channels for their dedicated purpose only.

3. Do not abuse others. Show common sense and respect. 

4. Self-promoting and spamming are not allowed.

5. Anyone Hacking/Cheating, if caught will be removed from the server.

6. Advertising third-party services are not allowed. 

7. Enjoy the free giveaways but do not make demands of them. 


Children are over dramatic with the wizard power. Young adults are too! Building a career as a prominent wizard and fighting against the dark forces – sounds fun! So, if you enjoy throwing spells on your foes, let’s wait no more and join the Wizard101 force. Share your experience on the Wizard101 Discord server too! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is Wizard101 Free Now?

Yes, Wizard101 is a free RPG game. 

Q2. What Is The Most Powerful Class In Wizard 101?

Here is the name of the powerful classes in Wizard101 along with strength: Storm (478), Fire (368), Myth (365), Ice (359), Death (333), Life (323), and Balance (292).

Q3. Is Wizard101 Safe For Kids?

Yes, any kid more than 10 years old can join and play Wizard101. 

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