World’s First Slime Robot | Another Big Tech Invention!

World’s First Slime Robot

Technology is evolving rapidly. Someday we hear that the humans can now download their memories in a chip. The other day, we hear that the Slime we play with will be used in Medical Science. Yes, we aren’t joking. Scientists in China have developed the Slime Robot. This will help the doctors in removing the unwanted or mistakenly swallowed particles from the patient’s body.

It is said that a time will come when Robots will replace humans. Some call it a bane of the technology while others call it a boon. Well, if you ask us we will simply say that Robots can never replace humans but they can surely make the work easier. Just as this Slime Robot will do in the future. If you think that it will only be used by the doctors then you are wrong my friends. What are the other uses of Slime Robot? Let us find out in the post below.

The world’s first slime robot has been invented and it is going to prove to be of great use to the world. The main use of this slime robot’s invention is for medical purposes. Well, it is just the beginning and the technology will gradually be applied to other fields as well. 

We know you must be having several questions running inside your head right now. So, lets not waste any more time talking and start with the post that will clear all your doubts about the topic.

Slime Robot: Constituents, Workings, And Uses

A slime robot is basically magnetic slime that has the ability to navigate through the narrowest passages. Not just this, this magnetic slime or slime robot can also grasp objects. This technology has been developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong researchers. 

The tiny magnetic particles of this slime robot have the capability to mold themselves accordingly and can be even cut into pieces. The slime robot can be controlled with the help of external magnets. 

What Is A Slime Robot Made Up Of?

The slime robot is made by blending together polyvinyl alcohol, a polymer, borax, and neodymium magnet particles. All these altogether form a non-Newtonian fluid. This fluid is able to behave as a liquid or solid substance that completely depends on the force applied to it. 

Moreover, the magnetic particles that are said to be harmful to the body will be covered with a layer of Silicon. Silicon as we all know gels well with the body.

What Does A Slime Robot Look Like?

If you see the slime robot, you will definitely be disgusted. A slime robot doesn’t look any better than a piece of feces. It is a sluggish robot that you will be horrified if you saw it moving as you will wonder if it is a weird living creature.

 Although this magnetic turd is as worse in appearance as it could be, it is going to be a lot useful for us. 

Slime Robot Workings

As we already told you, the Slime Robot comprises polymer, borax, and neodymium magnet particles. While the first two constituents of the robot give it the slime-like touch the magnetic particles which are added are the ones that let you control the slime.

We know this might be confusing, so let us explain the Slime robot Workings in the most simple language possible. We know that a magnetic object or a metal can be moved with the help of a magnetic field. Yeah, it’s the same principle that this Slime Robot is using. for example, a particle is stuck inside your nerves. Doctors will insert the slime depending on the size of the capillary.

The best part about this Magnetic Robot is, that even if you cut it into parts it will still work the same. This is because the slime is controlled via a magnetic field outside the body. So, it doesn’t matter if it breaks down into small parts. You can still control them individually.

You must be wondering why the scientists have chosen the slime for the purpose. Well, let us tell you that there are two advantages to it. The first is if you have accidentally swallowed the metal then the magnetic particles will attract and hold it, and you can take the slime out. The second is the property of the slime to stick to everything. Even if the object is not magnetic, the slime will still be able to drag it outside.

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What Are The Uses Of A Slime Robot?

The main purpose that can be seen behind the making of a slime robot is that it will be used in medical practices. Most importantly when a person mistakenly swallows something that shouldn’t be swallowed, in such cases, this slime robot will be deployed to that human body in order to grasp and retrieve that engulfed substance from inside the body. 

As the slime robot can rotate and convert its shape from O to C and vice versa, it will be easy for it to grasp a particle into itself and move it along. It can stretch itself in multiple directions and encircle a particle from all directions to grasp it. 

However, if you think that this Robot made up of slime finds its usage only in medical science then you are wrong. You can use this Slime Robot to fix the broken electric circuits as well.

Let us sum up the uses of the Slime Robot in a few points below.

  1. It finds its inevitable use in the field of medical science. Now, you don’t need to operate upon a patient just to take out the object or particle that he might have swallowed by mistake.
  2. It can also be used to fix the circuits that are difficult to reach. Using this slime robot, you don’t need to open the full machine.
  3. This slime can also find great use in the cleaning industry.

Is Using Slime Robot Safe?

We know you must be thinking about that is the slime is going to enter our bodies-safe or not. Let us tell you that the inventors have claimed it to be safe.

The magnetic particles of the slime robot have been coated with a layer of silicon which makes it quite safe to be entered inside the human body

Once it is completely tested that the magnetic particles of the slime robot which are harmful to the body, will not be able to escape the slime, then it will become the safest tool to be used in the human body.

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Wrap Up

Do you also find the invention of the world’s first slime robot interesting? Then why are you keeping it to yourself? Share it now with your friends and let them know about this great robot that is soon going to occupy an important place in our lives. 

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