WTF1 Twitch | Are You Fan of F1 Racing?

WTF1 Twitch | Are You Fan of F1 Racing?

Last WTF1 Twitch went really well! It’s yesterday and the video on twitch is still streaming like a hot cake. This is one of the recent broadcasts from WTF1 on Hungarian Grand Pix I am talking about with more than 44k views and counting. 

In this latest WTF1 Twitch Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham talked on Hungarian Grand Pix (RACE) crossed 44K views, which is more than their last Twitch stream – on Hungarian Grand Pix (QUALIFYING) with 29K views only [30th July 2022]. 

The brand, which is renowned for its ability to engage viewers, has won over the attention of newer, younger F1 fans. WTF1 Twitch has had considerable growth in its traditional strongholds of Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter since joining The Race Media group, and thanks to investments in additional resources, it is replicating its success on other platforms. 

How WTF1 Twitch is Encouraging the Younger F1 Fans?

In 2022, TikTok will have 37 million views, a 236 percent increase.
3.5 million listeners of podcasts in 2022—a 137 percent increase

The preferred media brand for the “Drive to Survive” generation is benefiting from F1’s expansion and investment in content production, with audiences expanding more quickly than those of any of its rivals.

It is now the F1 media brand on TikTok with the greatest rate of growth, having amassed an astounding 37 million video views to date in 2022, a 236 percent rise from 2021.

More than 1 million listens are anticipated in June, bringing the year’s total plays to approximately 5 million, as a result of increased podcasting output, which has resulted in a further spectacular rise.

As 2022 comes to a halfway point, website user and page view statistics are already approaching 2021 totals, and by early August – well before Formula 1 resumes from its summer break – the numbers for the YouTube channel’s views and total hours viewed will also surpass 2021 totals.

Through a new partnership with Twitch, WTF1 Twitch is expanding its live streaming offerings. As they respond to breaking news with live midweek episodes, hosts Tom Bellingham, Cambridge Kisby, Katy Fairman, and Matt Gallagher invite viewers to join them in conversation. 

They also invite viewers to join them for live F1 watch along with the free practice, qualifying, and the race. On the huge gaming streaming network, approximately 18 hours of live video have already been streamed.

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What are They Saying About WTF1 Twitch?

The WTF1 Clubhouse at the British Grand Prix is the next stop. Here, 700 members of the WTF1 Team will congregate to enjoy the race and a variety of on-site activities, such as a DJ, F1 quiz, live Q&As, fun games, and delectable food and drink.

Tom Bellingham, Founder of WTF1 said, “More than ever, we are an essential part of our fan’s enjoyment of the sport, who consume our content 24/7. Be it podcasts throughout the week, enjoying the live sessions with us over on Twitch, or our opinions and hot takes over on TikTok, these new platforms have helped us reach new audiences while continuing to serve the millions of engaged fans who have been following us for years. I’m incredibly proud to see WTF1 continuing to grow in popularity while remaining as a community by fans for the fans.”

The Race Media’s COO and creator, Andrew van de Burgt, expressed his admiration for the WTF1 team’s perseverance and innovation. It is a fantastic credit to the team that a brand that has been around for 11 years yet manages to stay current, relevant, and cutting edge. 

They help them in continuing to expand and interact with both new and devoted followers because they believe in them and their goals.

The relationship with WTF1 Twitch and the growth on TikTok are obvious examples of their commitment to increasing the depth and breadth of their digital media presence and to keep creating engaging and inspirational content.

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Wrapping Up

WTF1 Twitch is one of the best platforms to stay tuned with the F1 race. Recently WTF1 Twitch broadcasted Hungarian Grand Pix, which is a huge hit with more than 44k views. Both, Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham are great hosts and continuously encourage younger people to join them. Also, you can follow WTF1 Twitch on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But, what makes it so special and contributes to its popularity is – publishing videos on TikTok! TikTok is one of the best platforms to increase your, sometimes even better than YouTube. Wish to know more about WTF1? Drop your question in the comment box. 


Q1: What is the Twitch used for?

Twitch is a video-streaming website that provides an entertaining, friendly method to watch people play video games. Streamers, or gamers that broadcast their matches on Twitch using the app or online at, play their favourite games while offering in-game commentary.

Q2. Does Twitch cost money?

No, using Twitch for streaming or watching content is free. Only if you decide to subscribe to a channel or make a donation to a streamer will you have to pay any money while creating an account or watching your favourite streamer. Everything else about it is free.

Q3. How is Twitch different from YouTube?

The types of content that consumers connect with Twitch and YouTube are their key points of differentiation. While YouTube is recognised for pre-recorded and edited videos, Twitch is known for live streaming.

Q4. Who owns the race and WTF1?

WTF1 is being acquired by Car Throttle, a social motorsports community. Here’s why we made the decision to explore the action-packed world of motorsport: It’s incredible what can be constructed from a thirty square foot bedroom on a typical college campus.

Q5. When was WTF1 created?

Tom Bellingham, a fan of motorsports, founded WTF1 in 2010. His goal was to reach out to a new generation of social media-only active motorsport enthusiasts.

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