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Internet privacy has now become a hot topic as now that users are realizing how much of their information is getting collected for advertising purposes. So we do know that google has been monitoring its users. But there are other search engines that you can use like and DuckDuckGo. Confused about which one to use? This post on vs DuckDuckGo will help you.

Nowadays search engine giant has become a go-to source of the information and tbh google search is a very important tool for businesses that want to connect with new as well as existing customers. To build their brands, and achieve success both in person and online.

If you are looking for alternatives to Google then don’t worry there are options, to switch. There is a search engine called DuckDuckGo that has lately started to get a lot of attention whereas another search engine called is also powerful and is rapidly growing. But, to know the differences between the two, here is the post on vs DuckDuckGo.

We have discussed vs DuckDuckGo in detail in the below section. So you can just scroll down and read about them. Vs DuckDuckGo

Here we will discuss the difference between the two search engines, and DuckDuckGo. You will get to know all about them. So why waste time, let’s quickly get started.

1. Vs DuckDuckGo – Privacy

The first difference between vs DuckDuckGo is privacy. Well, will give you the option to select between the customized search experience through the personal mode or entirely a private mode through the private mode of In private mode, will never store your preferences, queries, or location. But this also means that localized queries like best restaurants near me will not work. 

However, DuckDuckGo is a search engine alternative for those who have tired of the privileges being invaded. They have created a privacy policy that is clear and can be understood easily. So you actually don’t lose anything in translation. DuckDuckGo will not track your search history and also will not store your IP address or user information.

2. Vs DuckDuckGo – Search Results

Search Results

At times when you search in google there are times when you don’t find the result on the first page so you move to the next page. You may find yourself deep looking scrolling twenty pages for a decent game review or a dessert recipe. But works in such a way that it can prevent this issue in Google searches. Even search results will pull up many rows, that will be filled with tiles. Within these, it will summarize the linked pages. When you scroll through the tabs it will let you compare many results before you click on one.

DuckDuckGo has labeled this practice called search leakage and is not engaged in it. It will protect your search history and any kind of possible control of results from both the websites you visit as well as the search engine itself.

The suggested autocomplete results that you notice on DuckDuckGo appear more skewed. On google you will see that there are many top search results that are powered by services that they own, this Is not just a coincidence. It comes down to search neutrality which is a characteristic that more and more people are concerned that Google is losing.

3. Vs DuckDuckGo – Search Queries Vs DuckDuckGo

Now, let’s talk about vs DuckDuckGo search results. At times we search for out-of-the-box topics. If you take a look at the recent search history you will find a collection of random topics like news, weather forecasts, etc. Moreover, you might have submitted many searches for things such as locations, places, companies, names, etc. Well, DuckDuckGo is more than capable of providing all of the information that you search for.

Whereas do not trade privacy you can choose between the customized search experience where you can select your sources or an entirely private one with a single click. will summarize the web for you which will exclude the need to open many different tabs. In the personal mode, you can select your preferred sources and they will prioritize the results from those sources which in turn will save you time.

Wrapping Up:

So now, after reading this post you do know about vs DuckDuckGo. You can now decide for yourself which one will be the best search engine for you. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are The Disadvantages Of DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo protects your privacy when you search, but it doesn’t do much to protect you from additional online dangers like social network trackers and government surveillance. As DuckDuckGo doesn’t encrypt all of your traffic, anyone looking in on your activities and IP address can still see it.

Q2. Do People Still Use DuckDuckGo?

Over six million users are using the Chrome extension of DuckDuckGo. In the global search engine market, DuckDuckGo has a market share of 0.68%. DuckDuckGo, however, commands a market share of 2.51% in the United States for search engines.

Q3. Which Is Safer Google Or DuckDuckGo?

You can choose or prioritize Google due to its extensive search features. But DuckDuckGo is the greatest choice if you want to protect your data and privacy. You have access to every security phrase on the internet even though you can’t customize it to the same extent as Google.

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