YouTube TV Vs Spectrum | Which One To Choose?

YouTube TV Vs Spectrum

YouTube is a very popular platform. YouTube has many different packages. While on the other hand Spectrum too is very popular. Both YouTube TV and Spectrum have their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a comparison post on YouTube TV Vs Spectrum to see which one’s better?

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YouTube TV and Spectrum are different from each other. YouTube TV has many interesting features to offer. It gets updated with new features every day to provide you with the best user experience. But lately YouTube TV has increased its price and those users who were using YouTube TV are now planning to go back to cable.

Are you one of them? Do you also want to go back to using the cable option? Though the introductory offers can be really tempting after a certain point of time they may increase their price which may not be suitable for the users. So, let’s discuss which one among YouTube TV Vs Spectrum makes the better option.

Here we will discuss the features, pricing and comparison between spectrum tv vs youtube tv, so that you can decide which one will be best suitable for you. Read the post and make the right choice.

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV Vs Spectrum

YouTube TV is a popular movie streaming service that uses YouTube’s clean and simple interface. This will be available on smart TVs, streaming boxes, mobile devices, computers. It also includes the network broadcast channels, basic cable networks along with the original web show that you get from YouTube Red. YouTube TV has added improved integration with the help of Android TV. This helps you to see the same content as present on the app. 

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What Is Spectrum?


Spectrum TV offers different kinds of packages and some of these can be bundled with the phone as well as with internet services. If you want just a TV option then Spectrum will provide you with three different plans which you can consider. These packages range from 125+ to 200+ channels including the premium options. Spectrum is perhaps the fittest for all the TV lovers out there. Below we are with a comparison between spectrum tv vs youtube tv. Keep reading the blog post if you are interested to know more about spectrum vs youtube tv.

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Spectrum vs Youtube TV: Pricing

YouTube TV Vs Spectrum Pricing

Let’s discuss about YouTube TV Vs Spectrum in terms of pricing.

The new YouTube TV has increased its price to $64.99 per month. Before you start your monthly subscription, you can try the 5-day free trial. You will get 80+ channels and it also has unlimited DVR. You can stream this on up to 3 devices at a time and can share across 6 separate accounts. You will be charged extra fees for the premium channels that you add to YouTube TV. You can even sign-up for the 4K Plus packages which will allow you to stream in 4K.

The spectrum select prices start at $49.99 per month which is applicable for the first 12 months only. You will get 91 channels. This really sounds good, isn’t it? But you need to look for the hidden fees and the taxes that come with your cable subscription.

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Spectrum TV vs Youtube TV 2022: Features

YouTube TV Vs Spectrum Features

YouTube TV allows you to add many premium channels to your account with extra monthly fees. This will be alongside a Sports Add-on which will have many dedicated sports channels. If you don’t like live TV then YouTube TV also provides you with many on-demand shows and the movies that you can binge watch. You can even record any live TV show and then watch it whenever you want to.

One of the best features of Spectrum that makes it different from the other cable providers is that Spectrum will not lock you into any kind of annual contract. Just like YouTube TV, if you want, then you can easily cancel your subscription at any time. The process required for Spectrum will need some more time where you have to call and talk to cancel your subscription with a representative. Spectrum even has DVR options that come with HD boxes but you will need to add it to your monthly bill.

Spectrum streaming vs youtube tv both have their own apps. Just relax and watch your favorite shows/movies on TV at home from your phone or tablet. Both these apps also offer live TV and on-demand content to provide the best overall user experience.

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Which Is Better- YouTube TV Or Spectrum

Which Is Better? YouTube TV Or Spectrum

Spectrum has received an average out of five stars from more than 1,600 customer ratings. Many users have even given negative reviews regarding the incorrect bills, random increase in prices, etc due to which customers are not satisfied with its service. 

Moreover, even YouTube TV has increased its price which has led the users to return back to the cable option after they have been using YouTube TV. A sudden rise in prices has a negative impact on both platforms. We’ll let you decide which one you would like to follow. In the comparison between youtube tv vs spectrum channels, youtube tv has received much positives.

If you are looking for a low budget stream, then go for Spectrum TV but be ready to bear the glitches that come along. Or spend some extra and enjoy uninterrupted streaming service on YouTube TV.

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Wrapping Up:

So in this topic YouTube TV Vs Spectrum we have made some clear explanations about the features, price, and how these two are different from each other. With this post, you can decide which one you should buy. We hope we were able to draw out the exact comparison between spectrum tv app vs youtube tv. Furthermore, if you have any related query or you want to know more about spectrum tv vs youtube tv, then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Pros Of Using Spectrum?

There are some pros which you will find using Spectrum that we have listed below:

  1. When you switch to Spectrum then the company will buy your contract for up to $500.
  2. The basic package of Spectrum will include popular channels like TBS, ESPN, TNT.
  3. It will also provide HD as well as 3D movies which is a part of the on-demand entertainment in almost all the packages that you buy.

Q. How Can You Watch Spectrum TV?

You can watch the channels at home or on your mobile devices as well. If you are traveling then the Spectrum TV app will allow you to get access to all your shows wherever you go.

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