10 Top ranking Instagram profiles to take marketing ideas

Instagram is an excellent place for marketers to be aware of trends and business ideas. In marketing campaigns, motivational inspiration is the ultimate boost up to grow the business. We have listed the top ten Instagram profiles for marketing ideas, inspiration, the latest development in the industry, and new ideas.

Searching for the best accounts for getting the latest modes of marketing should follow certain aspects. Why is there a need for top Instagram accounts for marketing? Because different brands follow the techniques and tricks for promoting their business. Some new companies buy real active Instagram followers, but they need some tips to get actual business.

Julia McCoy

Are you in the lust of finding Instagram accounts for content marketing ideas? Don’t forget to get the latest information from Julia McCoy, an influencer, content marketer, author, and social media expert. Julia has her content marketing agency which is serving the clients.

She shares her experiences, ideas, marketing strategies that are helping new writers, content agencies, and business owners.

Red Antler 

Do you want to get a startup in marketing? Well, Red Antler is a marketing company and helps new startups to start their marketing campaigns. Various famous agencies used Antler for their startups like Air birds, Prose, Burrow, etc.

Dain Walker 

If you own a business and want to improve your designing skills to go viral in your industry, you must follow Dain Walker to get inspiration. On their Instagram account, he frequently shares tips and ideas related to brand designs to attract the audience. It’s an excellent choice for you to get marketing ideas.

Miriam Isaac 

UX design is a very vital part of online marketing with success. If you are running a marketing business on UX design, you must follow this account to learn and learn about professional UX designs and increase online marketing.

Neil Patel 

Neil Paten is one of the most sensational influencers in digital marketing and SEO strategies. If you want to increase your digital marketing experience, you must follow his Instagram account. The New York Times had listed him among the top 100 entrepreneurs in their edition. 


Creative industries people must follow AdWeel on Instagram profile. AdWeek is a famous agency in brand advertising and marketing. The account covers the latest news about the ads, updates from many sources and helps the creative industries to enhance their sales.

Gary Vee

The list of top Instagram profiles is not complete without Gary Vee. He is a content creator who has made his own identity and brand. He has started an agency, VaynerMedia, which helps brands with their stories on different social media platforms like Instagram while have the maximum amount of IG likes. His agency has become a reputed brand, and it’s an excellent account to follow on Instagram.


Google is not behind in this marketing competition. It has made the profile active and a source of fun for marketers and influencers. The Google shares latest updates, stories, top searches, and graphs to inform the audience about the newest development in the business market.


When you look for the marketing of products, you must follow Vans. The brand shares pictures of people wearing products of Vans like shoes and clothes.  You can follow their newsfeed to get the latest fashion trends.

Later media

Later, Media shares the memes, tweets, stats, and much more fun on the Instagram profile. By following their profile, you can also be aware of the market trends and topics going on social media and divert your business.

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