OMG! Lydia Adds Stock & Crypto Trading To Its Payment App

OMG! Lydia Adds Stock & Crypto Trading To Its Payment App

When it comes to comfort, technology is undoubtedly the winner. Well, why not? It has made everything so much easier. From buying stuff online to transferring money, it has become a matter of a few seconds with ever-changing apps. Not only conventional apps like Gpay, but even the region-specific apps also are coming up with unmatchable features. In such a scenario, how could Lydia stay back? That is why in its latest update, Lydia adds stock and crypto trading to its payment app. 

Lydia is a French startup app that deals with money transferring but not in a traditionally conventional manner. It started with the idea of sending and receiving money instantly like any other app. But, with time, it has improved a lot. With the addition of debit cards, IBANs, money pools, cashback, donations, personal loans, etc, it has got its position in the leading mobile banking apps. 

Once again, Lydia is on its way to proving its dominance in the internet world. You must be wondering how? If you do, then you must know that it has changed the concept of trading by becoming a super app. What does this mean? This means that it will provide its users the chance to do payments for the personal and the commercial level. 

Not only this, its users can now own, buy or sell their US/ European stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, as well as in precious metals. Well, it’s not the end here. There is so much more for active users. Want to know about it? If you are calling for a yes, then below is the piece of exclusive information for you. 

Lydia: The Super-App With Stock And Crypto Trading Feature

This world is all about trading and we all are aware of this fact! Be it crypto or Bitcoin, millions of people are trying their luck with this precious money for the future. No matter you are a pro or not, you can learn to trade easily with a lot of investing youtube channels available out there

But Wait! 

Obviously, you cannot invest your money in just any other app. No! Not at all! You will need a trusted name. And, Lydia stands out on that trust for sure. If you think it doesn’t, then you must know that the app has 5.5 million users. Isn’t this a huge number?

It started as a local app to help its users to send and receive money without any inconvenience from their friends. Later after a few months, It launched the Savings account option, too with an interest rate of 0.6% only. This new feature was powered by Cashbee. 

Now think! What has to be the next step? 

Obviously trading! Right? 

So now, the app doesn’t want to hold on to this feature and has launched the trading option as well. 

How To Create A Trading Account With Lydia?

Ahh! We all know that trading has a lot of market risks and not everyone can trade. You will need a verified trading account. So, how to create one for yourself?

Well, no need to put yourself under the sword of tension. Instead, it is quite simple. Just a few taps and you are ready to be the next king of the trading world with Lydia. Also, once done, it doesn’t demand authentication or password verification, again and again, all the time. 

Once done, you are set to buy your stock. 

Wait! Do you know what is the best thing about it? Lemmi tells you that you can buy the stock for just € 1. Yes, You read it right, for just € 1.

And, You can trade-in? 

Take the liberty and trade in all the essential metals, crypto assets. This means you can sell or buy stocks, palladium, silver, gold, platinum, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and all the leading crypto brands. Also, have track of your invested money with Lydia.

Wrapping up:

The digital world has been improving a lot with Lydia. You can enjoy its anonymous features like paying or sending money using the QR code, request for bill splits, and a lot more. People are drooling over the ease it offers to its users. 

Moreover, with the introduction of easy trading, Lydia is on the verge of getting its global recognition. IT will prove to be a great move along with the Bitpanda. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is The Lydia App Safe?

Lydia is undoubtedly one of the safest banking apps for banking and trading. Don’t worry about your personal data or banking details with Lydia. By far, there are 5.5 million users on Lydia. It follows a strict privacy policy and has high IT Security. 

Q. Is The Lydia App Free?

Yes, you can have access to this app directly from the Play Store. However, for the payments, this app works almost like Venmo. 

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