15 Technologies You Need to Study Biology

Biology is a complex scientific field. The more discoveries it achieves, the more complex its learning becomes. It may not be enough to buy essay on PaperWriter to close all the academic challenges that biology presents today. 

In the following list, we present you with many useful pieces of technology that will help you study biology more efficiently. These include websites, applications, online resources, and many more.


The website is a multimedia platform. It shows practical applications of recent biological research. It has the videos section, blog, and news from the world of biology. 

You may find a lot of research materials and academic articles related to the biology field. The website may not be excessive, but it is a good starting point for your research project or course paper.

Frog Dissection

It is an Appstore application that will help you perform a frog dissection virtually. The benefits of the application can hardly be overestimated. It has a detailed explanation for each step of the dissection. 

The app also provides detailed information about each of the frog’s organs. And, most importantly, no animal is hurt due to this application. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is a multipurpose App Store application. It has learning videos, quizzes, and materials in different scientific fields, including biology. The application would not substitute for a teacher. However, it will help to warm up before an important test or search for a quick answer to a difficult question. 

iCell App 

iCell App is a multi-platform tool that can be accessed via iOs, Android, and a Pc browser. iCell gives a full-fledged 3D model of a cell with a detailed description of each of its parts. 

The application has a variable library of cells, including different types of cells and different origins of a cell, like an animal or plant one. 


The resource was launched in 2003 with the mission of becoming the biggest encyclopedia of the Earth’s life. The website fulfills its mission successfully. Here you will find rich galleries dedicated to all life forms on Earth. 

The galleries contain all the major facts about our planet’s living creatures. The galleries have intuitive navigation and a friendly interface. It is a great place for discovering something new and starting a research project. 


This resource can be both entertaining and educational. Prepmagic allows you to create different sorts of simulations in your browser. Prepmagic includes a lot of formulas and equation possibilities that allow simulating almost anything. 

You can run the platform to create data for your research project. The platform allows exploring different impacts on living tissues, cells, and other biology-related experiments. 


Scitable is a resource for biology teachers. However, high school students can benefit from it too. The resource has a vast library dedicated to different biology fields. There are articles, books, and blog entries that may help you to enhance your theoretical background. 

National Geographic Kids 

Don’t let the title misguide you. National Geographic Kids is a great gallery full of various wildlife images. The website includes even indigenous people photographs. This resource will be perfect if you are looking for visual references or free images to use in your papers. 

Zygote Body 

This web application simulates a full-fledged human body. You can research every piece of it, internally and externally. The application has a detailed explanation of the structure and function of a human’s body. 

This application is irreplaceable if you are preparing a human body research project. 

A.D.A.M Interactive Anatomy 

This powerful tool is a great way to study the human body academically. It has various images of the human anatomy and up-to-date academic explanations and terminology related to it. 

This tool can be used for educating and learning purposes equally well. 


This online solution works not only for biology but for other scientific fields as well. It helps to jumpstart your brain to work in the right direction or give you a warm-up before an important test. 

Brainscape is available for multiple platforms and for multiple purposes. Therefore, you may use its techniques in your personal research. You may even compare results with the academic proven facts about brain work. 

Science Practical Simulator 

This application allows you to run various biology tests in a safe environment. It is accessible on iOS, Android, and web platforms, which makes it a perfect choice for any preferences. 

Science Practical Simulator allows you to run tests on: 

  • Microbiology
  • Food tests
  • Osmosis
  • Photosynthesis 

And many more. 

3D Brain 

This is a well-made application for iOs and Android that shows a full-fledged model of a brain. The app contains 29 different maps of the human brain with detailed explanations of each segment. 

This app will be useful for researchers, medical and biology students. 

Cell World 

This application allows you to explore the structure of a eukaryotic cell. Cell world has intuitive and easy navigation. Each piece of the cell has a detailed academic explanation. 

Cell world is an interactive and engaging way to learn more about the cell’s structure.

NHM Evolution 

It is a unique application in a certain way. NHM Evolution is an interactive museum of fossil research. The National History Museum of London has developed the app. NHM Evolution includes approximately 1000 fossil entries for over 600 million years of evolution. 

Final Words 

Learning biology is equally challenging and exciting. The more advanced technologies become, the more discoveries are made in the field. These achievements exist not only in academic journals and forums. You can reach an excessive body of knowledge with a few taps on your smartphone. 

The provided list of applications is a quick glimpse of the possible tools that are available for biology students. There are applications for different levels of biology knowledge, sub-fields, and aims. 

If you don’t see the app you need in the list, you may search for it in app stores or the web. Modern technology is ready to offer almost numerous possibilities in biology studying.

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