How To Screenshot On ASUS Laptop? Learn All The Shortcuts!!

How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop

Ahh!! Don’t we all love shortcuts? Be it covering the shortest route to reach our destination, the shortcut methods to solve a math problem, and even the shortcut keys to command in a laptop, we always go with a shortcut! Well, why not love the shortcut keys when just a single click can do a hell lot of work for you? If you too are a time saver, then this post is made especially for you as we bring to you the everyday laptop shortcuts like “How To  Screenshot On ASUS Laptop?”

What can be more important than screenshots in today’s digital era? Your Ex texted you last night, send your friends a screenshot!! Your account just got credited with a bonus, send your family a screenshot! Or to explain how you fixed your Instagram notifications not working, send your colleague a screenshot! Huh!! Aren’t these screenshots the mandatory anthem in our day-to-day lives? 

Well, if you understand the importance of sharing and passing on information then do learn how to screenshot on ASUS laptop and make your lives much easier!

Yeah, some of you might already be aware of how to do the task but I am sure you didn’t know all the alternative methods to take screenshots on ASUS other than “Alt + PrtSc.

How To Screenshot On ASUS Laptop – 4 Methods To Get The Work Done!

How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop
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While you anticipatedly wait with your work tab open to take a screenshot, let’s not make you wait further and jump straight to the tips and tricks!!

There are so many times when we wish to save the desktop snap for a later view like suppose you are scrolling through Pinterest and find an amazing table decor or maybe a hat that you have wanted for a long time. 

In order not to lose the picture, you can simply take a screenshot and save it for viewing later. Now that you feel pretty convinced with the thought of taking a screenshot, let’s get started with the ways on how to screenshot on an ASUS laptop!

The simplest way to take a screenshot on an ASUS is commonly known to everyone. Just press two keys together and it’s done!! 

Have a look at how to screenshot on ASUS :

  1. Make sure the page that you wish to take a screenshot of is open in your window tab. 
  2. Spot the “PrtSc” key on your keyboard and press it. This will capture the screenshot. 
  3. Now open any image editing program like Gimp or some other. 
  4. You can paste that screenshot on another tab or page by using Ctrl + V commands from your keyboard. 
  5. Save the file! 

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Alternative Ways To Take A Screenshot On ASUS :

Alternative Ways To Take A Screenshot On Asus
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There are alternatives to every problem! The same goes for the shortcuts to take a screenshot on ASUS as well!! 

Try these two alternative ways to capture screenshots on your laptop!

Method 1: Take The Screenshot By Using The Keyboard Shortcut On Windows

The first alternative on how to screenshot on ASUS is this!! You probably know what shortcut key combination I am talking about! For those who don’t worry, here is the explained procedure to do so! 

  1. If pressing the PrtSc button alone on the keyboard doesn’t do the work for you then you might consider pressing the Ctrl button and PrtSc button together on the keyboard for a few seconds. 
  2. To paste the screenshot, open any document and press Ctrl+V. Now you can view your screenshot easily on that document tab. 

Method 2: Use The Snipping Tool To Take The Screenshot

For ASUS users, a snipping tool is easily available in the toolbox. The best part is that this tool is available in every version of Windows OS. 

You can easily take a screenshot with the help of this snipping tool. Not just that you can crop, and edit your captured screenshot via the Snipping tool. 

To use the impressive features of this tiny snipping tool, you need to press the required keys on your ASUS Keyboard. Follow these steps to know how it’s done:

  1. Open your search box and type Snipping Tool. 
  2. From the available options click on the Snipping Tool. 
  3. Then you’ll be given a number of screenshot options on the screen like Free-form, full-screen, rectangular, etc. 
  4. Take the screenshot in the desired form and edit if you need to.

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Other Useful Shortcut Keys On ASUS

Other Useful Shortcut Keys On Asus
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It’s not just the screenshot shortcut you can utilize to simplify your life. There are other shortcuts to be aware of if using the ASUS laptop.

1. F12 + F12 = MyASUS. It can be the best and most effective shortcut key available on your ASUS laptop. Here, you can assign any of the keyboard keys that you like, and give F5 and F6 along with another key a simple method to start the command. This is, therefore, the most crucial shortcut key that you can find on the ASUS laptop.

2. Fn + 2 = Airplane Mode There’s a reason why Macbooks don’t come with the shortcut key to enter Airplane mode. However, with ASUS laptops and a lot of Windows laptops you can go in Airplane mode by hitting Fn+F2.

3. Fn and F8 Are The Display Mode. If you are using various displays on your device, this shortcut key will prove useful. This lets you toggle between different screens. It is among the most used keys to use on your ASUS laptop.

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Wrapping Up:

So these were the effective and commonly used ways to try! Hope you have learned how to screenshot on ASUS laptop window! If you found these methods helpful, do share the post with your friends and family too!!

Also, share your experience while trying these methods mentioned above. Which one worked for you the best? Also, if you have any other ways in mind to do the capturing work, do share it in the comments section below! 

Any feedback is welcomed! Until next time have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Do You Take Screenshot On Windows 10?

There are so many ways to do so:
1. Use Shift-Windows Key-S and Snip & Sketch.
2. Use Print Screen Key With OneDrive.
3. Use the Windows Game Bar. 
4. Use Snagit.
5. Use the Print Screen Key With Clipboard.
6. Use the Windows Key-Print Screen Shortcut. 
7. Use the Snipping Tool.
8. Double-Click Your Surface Pen.

Q. How To Take Screenshot On Aser Laptop?

To take a screenshot on your Acer laptop, long-press the Windows logo key and PrtSc keys together. This is the simplest and shortcut key combination to take screenshots on Acer. The screenshot will automatically be saved on your laptop.

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