A World Without Electronic Devices

A World Without Electronic Devices

Electricity is an invention which has done wonders for human kind. Had it not been there at first place, there would have been no procession of some of the greatest inventions, which shaped the world we are habitant of.

Electronic Devices are subsequent inventions which followed electricity. But they were not always available. Humans, centuries ago, were living simply and without any Electronic Devices and lamps with wood as fuel were enough to light up life, but things changed and we ended up filling this great planet with electronic devices everywhere. 

Be it gadgets or home appliances, almost everything is powered by electricity. Every new day, a  new update is introduced and we are bound to adhere to that. Eventually after many updates the device becomes obsolete, this cause is bedrock to the e-waste problem around the globe.

The following are some reasons why living in a no-Electronic Devices society can be beneficial for everyone involved. 

Cleaner Environment

Having no Electronic Devices means no disruptions or disturbances in the environment. You will live in an eco-friendly environment that does not contribute to land exploitation and global warming. Access to Electronic Devices over the previous century has raised serious questions regarding its implication on the environment. Even renewable resources are not always as environmentally friendly as they appear to be.

For the time being, clean energy remains to be a concept. Some would say it is still a myth to create a type of energy that does not carry any harmful effects and instead contributes to the well-being of our plant.

No Phones or Technology

Having no Electronic Devices would mean no source to charge the technology. There will be no phones, televisions, or video games. No smart technologies would constantly be asking for attention. The new generation can finally experience the true joy of playing board games with the family, and you will finally have time to read or meditate.

Fewer distractions would mean discovering ways to provide organic entertainment that is not technologically based. It will not be related to Electronic Devices. You relax in a quieter and serene environment none of us have experienced in a very long time.

Regular Circadian Rhythm

LED light and fluorescent light tubes are not so friendly to circadian rhythm. They have disrupted our sleep cycle, wake-up time and made us agitated too. This is because we extend the daytime far later than the natural lighting. Our waking hours are off, and we are simply not sleeping enough.

We have been using false lighting to create a perception of a false day. We are not consistently sleeping because of using our mobile phones late into the night. The use of technology and Electronic Devices has put us in a jet lag that messes with our internal alert and cycle system.


Transmission lines built by the utility bidder emit EMFs. These electromagnetic fields are life-threatening and very harmful to human health. Just think the world is full of these fields. We are walking around without knowing the necessary information to protect ourselves and prevent further damage.

No Bills

No Electronic Devices would mean no Electronic Devices bill. You can save hundreds of dollars and spend it on things you’ve been dreaming of purchasing. However, the list would be limited since no Electronic Devices will mean no technology. 

Nonetheless, in the alternative universe, vast choices must be available to spend money on. You can install solar panels to provide the necessary Electronic Devices required to complete the most basic tasks.  

Can We Survive Without Electronic Devices?

You might think it is impossible to live without Electronic Devices. And you may be right! Its use has been far embedded into our minds, and we may find it more difficult than ever to release ourselves from its claws.


It’s hard to even imagine the aforesaid, to implement this we don’t only need courage, we actually need a part of our lives to get separated from us. It won’t happen in a day or two, it will take ages again, but it’s possible, as said by someone, “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.” It’s still not late, we can make a comeback.

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