How To Change Bio On Cameo App?

change bio on Cameo app

Today, the Cameo app is used to interact with popular celebrities for shoutouts. You might be looking to change your bio before connecting to anyone. But how to change bio on Cameo app?

Bio is the most important information for the Cameo app, which describes your personality. Whenever someone connects with you, they always check your bio. While creating an account on the Cameo app, you might have entered your bio. You can change your bio on the app.

To change bio on Cameo app, you first have to open the Cameo app, then enter Cameo login details to log in to your account. Secondly, you have to open your profile, then press edit. Lastly, write your bio and tap save to update the changes.

Are you using the Cameo app but don’t know how to change bio on Cameo app? Here, we have the solution for you. Continue reading the article to know the full process of changing the bio on the Cameo app.

How To Change Bio On Cameo App?

The steps to change bio on Cameo app are Open Cameo app > Login > Profile > Edit > Enter your bio > Save.

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It is always advised to keep your bio updated when you connect with celebrities. But we all pay little attention to writing impressive bios while creating the Cameo account. So, it becomes necessary to change the bio afterward.

Are you having a problem finding the way to change bio on Cameo app? Then you are at the right place. We will assist you in changing your bio on the Cameo app. Here are the steps for the same:

Step 01: First, open the Cameo app and enter your Cameo login credentials to login into your account.

Step 02: To open your Cameo profile, tap the Profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

change bio on Cameo app

Step 03: Now tap the Edit button just below your user name.

change bio on Cameo app

Step 04: You will now see the text box for the bio. Enter your Bio carefully.

change bio on Cameo app

Step 05: At last, tap the Save button to save the changes you made in your bio.

You have now successfully updated the bio on your Cameo account and updated yourself with the process for how to change bio on Cameo app. In the worst case, you can contact Cameo for troubleshooting if you are stuck in between. Cameo support email is also available on the official website to connect with the support team.

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Wrapping Up

The trend of shoutouts has built great competition among Cameo users. One of the ways to impress the famous personality you are trying to reach is through your Cameo bio, as they will first visit your profile to check your bio. But most of you always like to change or update your bio.

If you are still determining what impact your bio will leave on others and want to change it, then you can go through our article. Changing bio is a less time-consuming process. We have covered step by step guide for how to update bio on Cameo app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Edit Your Cameo Request?

Yes, you can edit your Cameo request in simple steps.

To edit your Cameo request, go to Cameo App > Profile > Your Orders > Modify.

Q. How Many Times Can You Share A Cameo?

There is no limitation in sharing Cameo. You can send as many Cameo as you want.

Q. What Percentage Do I Earn From Each Completed Cameo Video?

When you book any order on Cameo, Apple holds 30% of that order, and the rest 70% goes to Cameo. From the Cameo amount, you will receive 75%.

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