Top 20 Accounts With The Most Followers On Instagram [Updated November 2023]

Accounts With The Most Followers On Instagram

Remember when last time you completed 1K followers on Instagram, how happy you were? I was literally screaming with joy when I just touched 500. Think of the celebs who have millions. Do you want to know accounts with the most followers on Instagram? Well, that is what this post is all about.

Gaining popularity is not that easy. It takes years to built trust and name in this competitive world. The now-renowned artists were once the common people like you and me who dared to dream. I know talent plays a great role in anyone’s success but another main thing is the platform. An artist is made famous by a platform like Instagram. And today while you read about accounts with the most followers on Instagram, many new people joined this platform.

Some of the best accounts with the most followers on Instagram as per the recent survey are Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and more. These were just a few names to mention. There are many more on the list.

We are a generation who is so careful when it comes to choices. We follow someone on Instagram only when we feel that the person has something to look up to. So, you and I have played our roles in making these accounts with the most followers on Instagram reach new heights.

Top 20 Accounts With The Most Followers On Instagram

Accounts With The Most Followers On Instagram; Top 20 Accounts With The Most Followers On Instagram

Not only one, not only five, but we have a list of top 20 accounts with the most followers on Instagram lined up according to their follower ranking.

RankAccountFollowers (in millions)
#2Cristiano Ronaldo612
#3Leo Messi493
#4Selena Gomez430
#5Kylie Jenner398
#6Dwayne Johnson392
#7Ariana Grande380
#8Kim Kardashian364
#10Khloe Kardashian311
#12Kendall Jenner294
#13Justin Bieber292
#14National Geographic283
#15Taylor Swift 277
#16Virat Kohli264
#17Jennifer Lopez253
#18Nicki Minaj228
#19Kourtney Kardashian Barker224
#20Miley Cyrus215

Let’s know in detail about some of these top accounts with the most followers on Instagram:

1. Instagram(@instagram)

Followers: 663 million

Instagram is the most popular and used social media app worldwide. Instagram allows the user to post photos and videos along with a recently added feature of sharing reels. People post on Instagram for the sake of sharing information, for fun, and for business purposes too. Making it the top spot Instagram becomes this most followed official account on its own platform with 663 million follower.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo(@cristiano)

Followers: 612 million

Cristiano Ronaldo, a renowned football player from Portuguese stands 2nd in the list of accounts with the most followers on Instagram. Right now he has 612 million subscribers, which is huge. Ronaldo is the most loved player of all time. In fact, he is the greatest player of all time as per the recent survey. He is the most followed sportsperson till now on Instagram.

3. Lionel Messi (@leomessi)

Followers: 492 million

Just after conquering the FIFA World Cup 2022, Messi has also gained a massive fan following on Instagram and now holds the position as the third most-followed person on the platform, trailing only behind Ronaldo, with an impressive 492 million followers.

4. Selena Gomez(@selenagomez)

Followers: 430 million

My favorite Selena Gomez takes the 4th spot in the list of most followed Instagrammers with a total of 430 million followers to her account. This pop sensation is a well-known actress and producer too. Her musical journey has been so inspiring for so many people out there. She has given some of the best hits to the music industry like We Don’t Talk Anymore, The Heart Wants What It Wants, Good for You and so many more.

5. Kylie Jenner(@kyliejenner)

Followers: 398 Million

Kylie Kristen Jenner is a popular socialite, model, and businesswoman too. She is quite active on Instagram posting daily content. Her account is the fifth most-followed account on Instagram. She is a popular fashion influencer having her own beauty brand called the Kylie Lip Kits.

6. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” (@therock)

Followers: 392 million

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, popularly known as “The Rock” is an American actor, a football player, a producer, and a retired wrestler. He is the 6th most followed Instagrammer with a total of 232 million followers as of now. His charming and muscular personality is admired worldwide. Also, he is the most paid actor in Hollywood. Some of the popular hit movies from this actor are “The Game Plan”, “Fast and Furious”, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and many others.

7. Ariana Grande(@arianagrande)

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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)

Followers: 380 million

Ariana Grande-Butera is a popular American singer and a vibrant actress. She stands fourth in the list of most-followed Instagram accounts with a total of 232 million followers on Instagram. Her singing and acting career are tremendously good making her win so many awards like Grammy Awards, Brit Award, and 22 Guinness World Records. She is the most loved pop singer.

8. Kim Kardashian(@kimkardashian)

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A post shared by Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Followers: 364 million

With a total of 364 Million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian becomes one of the most followed Instagrammers as of now. She is an American socialite, a social media personality, an actress, a businesswoman, and a model too. She gained popularity for her sex tape that came out in 2002. After that, she remained in the notice. She has done many series and promotion videos for brands.

9. Beyoncé Knowles (@beyonce)

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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce)

Followers: 318 million

Beyoncé, known as Queen Bey for her extraordinary skills in pushing boundaries in artistry, vocals, and performance, has revolutionized the way artists release music, forever changing the landscape with “Lemonade.” She currently holds the title as the ninth most-followed person on Instagram, boasting an impressive 318 million followers.

10. Khloe Kardashian (@khloekardashian)

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A post shared by Khloé Kardashian (@khloekardashian)

Followers: 311 million

Khloe Kardashian, an American media personality, gained fame through “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” her family’s E! reality show. She currently boasts 311 million followers on Instagram, securing her position as the tenth most-followed person on the platform.

11. Nike (@nike)

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A post shared by Nike (@nike)

Followers: 306 million

Nike holds the second position as the most-followed corporate account on Instagram, following the official Instagram account itself. Nike has excelled on the platform with its unique brand strategy for promotion, often collaborating with popular global stars. The Nike Instagram account garners an impressive 306 million followers, ranking as the eleventh most-followed account on the instagram..

12. Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)

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A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner)

Followers: 294 million

Kendall Jenner, an American model and media personality, gained fame through the reality television show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Jenner currently holds 294 million followers on Instagram, securing her position as the 12th most-followed personality on the instagram..

13. Justin Bieber (@justinbieber)

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A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber)

Followers: 292 million

Justin Bieber, a well-known singer, entered the music scene in 2009 and hasn’t stopped since. He has won Grammy Awards and numerous other accolades. Bieber is highly popular on various social media platforms and has 292 million followers on Instagram, ranking as the 13th most-followed personality on the platform.

14. National Geographic (@natgeo)

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A post shared by National Geographic (@natgeo)

Followers: 283 million

National Geographic, a TV channel renowned for its coverage of wildlife, commands a robust fan following on Instagram. The channel predominantly shares wildlife photographs and videos, showcasing rare and mesmerizing sights of wildlife. National Geographic has amassed 283 million followers on Instagram, securing the 14th spot as the most-followed page on the platform.

15. Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

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A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

Followers: 277 million

Taylor Swift, an international pop star known for breaking records, holds 277 million followers on Instagram, ranking as the 15th most-followed account on the instagram. Swift predominantly shares adorable cat photos, along with selfies in sweaters, carrying an artistic vibe with a collection of vintage photos.

16. Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli)

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A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli)

Followers: 264 million

Virat Kohli is the first Indian to achieve the milestone of 262 million followers on Instagram. He has become the third sports personality on the list of the most followed individuals on Instagram, following Ronaldo and Messi.

17. Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

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A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Followers: 253 million

Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as J Lo, serves as a role model to millions, and her 252 million followers on Instagram speak volumes about her influence. She engages her followers with unique Instagram posts, mostly focusing on her singing performances and health routines.

18. Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj)

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A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj)

Followers: 228 million

Nicki Minaj, a hip-hop icon and acclaimed Queen of Rap, is celebrated for her extraordinary musical versatility. She holds a quality that has propelled her to the status of the Queen of Instagram. She has an impressive 228 million followers, her Instagram reign undeniably reinforces her claim to the throne as the Queen of Rap.

19. Kourtney Kardashian Barker (@kourtneykardarsh)

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A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian Barker (@kourtneykardash)

Followers: 224 million

The Kardashian family exerts significant influence on social media, commanding a massive following that reaches into the billions on Instagram. Kourtney Kardashian, propelled to fame through the reality television show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” solidifies her presence as one of the top 20 most-followed individuals on Instagram.

20. Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

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A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

Followers: 215 million

Miley Cyrus, an ever-evolving artist, has earned the title of the Queen of Reinvention. She has captured the hearts of millions of fans not only with her singing talent but also through her trending fashion style. Her Instagram feed is filled with posts that serve as motivation for others, and the impressive number of her Instagram followers, totaling 215 million, strongly supports this claim.


Hope your search for accounts with the most followers on Instagram ends here. This top 20 list was made keeping the recent stats in mind. All these accounts are celebrity accounts. Nothing can be better than watching your favorite person grow so well. Keep showering love as it gives motivation to the artists to do even well. We’ll keep updating this list as per the shuffling in top positions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Most Followed Instagram Accounts:

Which Bachelor contestant has the most Instagram Followers 2020?

Hannah Brown makes it to the top with the most Instagram followers from team Bachelor.

Who was the most followed Instagrammer in 2020?

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was the most popular Instagram account as of 2020 year-end. Back then he had 244 million followers which are now 281 million.

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