How To Download Adobe Firefly AI?

How To Download Adobe Firefly AI

Let’s create a blazing flamingo just by typing ‘blazing flamingo flying’! Or an Iguana man with a great fashion sense – all by typing simple words and not mastering Photoshop or Illustrator! All you need to do is – download Adobe Firefly AI. This is the new game in the corner, believe it, every designer and content creator is competing for it. 

What is competitive about Adobe Firefly, if you know how to download Adobe Firefly AI? Well, it is because of the limited or selective access to this amazing AI tool. The Adobe team is not just letting anyone download Adobe AI for Free! Early access is granted to some selective creators only.

To download Adobe Firefly AI, you have to fill up a form on and request early access. Your application will be reviewed and if selected, eventually you will get a mail from Adobe and get access to test the beta version.

With the launch of Midjourney and Dall-E 2, it was predicted that AI is going to replace the designers sooner or later. The introduction of Adobe Firefly is just another nail in the coffin. We are expecting more AI tools like Bing Image Generator and Canva in the competition. For now, let’s gear up to download Adobe Firefly AI.

Where Can You Download Adobe Firefly AI?

If your goal is to download Adobe Firefly AI, let us warn you that there is no easy way. The only thing you can do is fill up a Request Access form and wait till team Adobe accepts your request and sends you access to Firefly AI. 

Most people are searching on the internet to download Adobe AI for Free! Well, You can not download Adobe Firefly AI on your desktop, not now! So far, tools introduced by Adobe like Photoshop and Illustrator are both supported on Mac and Windows. We can only assume that the same will be available for Firefly too when the software will be launched publicly. Most of the Adobe tools required a minimum of 1GB RAM and an updated OS to support the tools. So, if you are a Windows user or Mac user, keep your RAM available and OS updated so that you can download Adobe Firefly AI anytime it is launched. 

How To Download Adobe Firefly AI?

Adobe Firefly AI download could be an easy job if the adobe creative cloud has a direct download link available for the users. However, things are getting more complicated when it comes to sharing access to the AI tools (rather powerful AI tools) with the users! Adobe like many other tech giants has restricted its beta AI tools. You can only send a Request Application by filling up a form. For now, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open and Click on the Request Access button.

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Step 2: You will be directed to a form – Adobe Firefly Invite Request. Fill up the form to the best of your knowledge. 

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Step 3: Click on Next and wait for the answer mail from team Adobe.

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Adobe Firefly AI Pricing

The access to Adobe Firefly is ‘Free’, and only selected people are granted access to test the tool and show responsibility to improve the tool. However, designers and content creators look forward to downloading Adobe Firefly AI and don’t mind swapping their credit cards for any payment asked by Adobe.

We can only assume that the initial rollout price for Adobe Firefly would be a one-time license price. You may have to renew the license once a year. As Adobe AI is encouraging the creators to train different Adobe Firefly models, to create masterpieces in various aspects of graphics, art, and videos; we can also assume that Adobe AI may set a different price tag for every Adobe Firefly model. However, before that, every Adobe Firefly model needs to be perfect and more intelligent. 


The days of stroking brushes were over for many of us when we were introduced to Photoshop and Illustrator by Adobe. The introduction of Adobe Firefly is probably the end of another generation. The constant threat of replacing the graphics designer is becoming more real day by day; but who knows? Let’s just focus on getting early access and download Adobe Firefly AI for good and of course, stay ahead of the competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Get Access To Adobe Firefly?

To get access to Adobe Firefly, you have to go to and fill up the Request Access form. If your request is accepted by the Adobe AI team, you will get early access to test the software. 

Q2. Is Adobe Firefly Free To Use?

For now, Yes. But, it’s all about the testing of the beta version of Adobe Firefly and which is granted (free access) to only some of the selected graphics designers and content creators.

Q3. Is Adobe Firefly On Creative Cloud?

No, it is unlikely, but Adobe Firefly is not available on CreativeCloud for now. However, with time when the AI software will be ready to be launched publicly, the Adobe team might add Firefly into the Creative Cloud. 

Q4. Does Adobe Have An AI Generator?

Adobe Firefly is the new AI art generator for Adobe. You can request early access to this AI software and test the beta version. 

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