AirPods Pro Tips And Tricks | Bet You Were Not Aware Of Them!!

AirPods Pro Tips And Tricks

Owning the New AirPods Pro is a luxury. If you are the one among those then you will find this article quite useful. In this post, we have mentioned the AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks that every AirPods Pro user must be aware of.

The new AirPods Pro comes with numerous features that were missing from the earlier versions of the AirPods. You get the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology in the Apple AirPods Pro. This technology reduces the outside noise and you get the pure sound directly into your ears. But, do you know that there are various tricks that will make the experience of using these new AirPods fun.

Yes, we know that you must be aware of the tap gestures. But, we have got more for you. We have mentioned the tricks that will let you use the AirPods as a mic, pair two AirPods Pro sets, and many more.

So, without keeping you waiting for long let us start the article.

AirPods Pro Tips And Tricks

Are you ready to learn the coolest AirPods Pro tips and tricks? If yes, then let us dive into the post and take out the tricks to make AirPods Pro usage fun.

The Stem Touch Gestures 

AirPods Pro Tips And Tricks
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If you are a regular AirPods user then, you must be aware of the fact that you cannot touch the stem of your AirPods Pro while they are working. Well, if you don’t know why then here we are with the reason why?

The Apple Airpods Pro have enabled the finger touch sensor on the stem of the Apple AirPods Pro. You can simply tap on the AirPods Pro to change, pause and perform various other options. Given below are the AirPods Pro tips that you must know.

  • Single-press: The single tap on the Stem of the AirPod Pro will Pause or Play the song.
  • Double-press: If you want to skip the ongoing song forward then double-tap on the stem.
  • Triple-press:  If you want to play the previous song then triple-tap on the stem.
  • Long-press: This gesture can be used to Switch between transparency mode and noise cancellation.

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Struggling To Take Out The AirPod Pro Buds

Have you ever struggled while taking the Apple AirPods Pro bud out of the charging case? Well, to be honest many of us have. The simple answer to this is that we all have got the wrong way to take them out.

Yeah, you can take out the buds in a single go. Now, you don’t have to use your fingers as the tweezers, this AirPods Pro Tips will tell you the correct way.

The correct way is simply to push the AirPod by applying a little pressure at the back of the buds. They will automatically come out. 

Yes, it was that simple!!

For Better Sound Experience

AirPods Pro Tips And Tricks
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AirPods Pro by Apple was the first in earbuds that adjust their shape according to the shape of the ears they are in. Well, this technology is quite useful for people who can only listen to high volumes. If that person is on a call he can activate the noise cancellation and the noise from the surroundings will be minimal. So, the person will hear clearly and loudly.

Well, normal people can also use these AirPods Pro Tips to listen to their favorite song in high quality.

You can activate the Noise cancellation by tapping and pressing the finger for long on the AirPod Pro’s stem. You can also use your iPhone to activate it.

  1. On your iPhone, open the control center.
  2. You will find the control center volume bar there, press and hold it.
  3. Now, you can adjust the Noise Cancellation and transparency of the buds from here.

AirPods Pro Will Act As Mic

AirPods Pro Tips And Tricks
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Yes, you can set your AirPod buds as the Mic. You can then use this mic even if your Apple AirPods Pro is lying in another room. This AirPods Pro tips will make your AirPods work as a mic follow the steps given below.

  1. On your iPhone device, open the settings.
  2. Now, go to the “Control Center” and tap on it.
  3. After that navigate to the “Customize Controls” and click on it.
  4. From the list of options that appear in front, go to “Hearing” and click on the “+” sign against it.
  5. Now, open the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen.
  6. Then, tap on the “Hearing” icon.
  7. Next, tap on the option “Live Listen”.
  8. And you are done. Place your Airpods near the person you want to listen to.

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Share Audio Between Two AirPod Pairs Equally

The next trick will let you run the same song with the same speed on the two different Airpods pairs. To do so follow the steps given below.

  1. Start playing the music on your AirPods pro. 
  2. Now, open the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the triangle icon present on the top of the “audio playbacks control”.
  4. Now, bring the other pair of AirPods Pro in the case close to your device and open the lid of the case.
  5. You will see the option to pair another set of AirPods. 

If Your AirPods Pro Are Misplaced

AirPods Pro Tips And Tricks
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Yes, the new Apple AirPods Pro provides you the option to find your lost device. All you have to do is go to the Find My app and track the location.

  1. Start by opening the Find My application on your iPhone. You can also go to the iCloud website for this purpose.
  2. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on “My Device”.
  3. Next, tap on “AirPods Pro” in the list
  4. You can tap on Play Sound if you believe that you can hear the sound from the buds. You can also find the direction of the place where your AirPods Pro was last connected to your device.

Check AirPods Battery Life

Well, this is the simplest trick that you need to follow to check the battery life of each of your AirPods. All you have to do is ask Siri “How is my AirPods’ battery?”. Then, Siri will display the battery life of each bud on the screen.

AirPods Pro Will Announce The Name Of The Caller

We know it’s irritating listening to the ringing tone while listening to your favorite song. So, this trick will help lead your Apple AirPods Pro to announce the name of the caller rather than the ringing sound.

  1. On your iPhone, open the settings application
  2. Now, from the list of options tap on “Phone‘.
  3. Next, click on the “Call Headings”, you will find it under the option “Announce Calls”.
  4. Now, tap on “Headphones Only” to make it work for the AirPods.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that this guide on Apple AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks proves to be useful to you. So, next time whenever you use your AirPods Pro next time. Do try these tricks. We are sure that if you are wearing your AirPods right now, you must have tried these all. Well, whatever may be the scenario, if you find this article useful then do share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Get The Best Out Of My AirPods Pro?

Follow the following practice to get the best out of your Apple AirPods Pro

  1. Customize the Presses
  2. Change the Name of Your AirPods Pro
  3. Share With Other AirPods Users
  4. Ear Tip Fit Test
  5. Control Music With a Press
  6. Noise Cancellation
  7. Improve Sound Quality
  8. Turn on Spatial Audio

Q. Do You Tap or Squeeze AirPods Pro?

Well, if you are using the tap gestures on your AirPods then you just need to Tap on it. No need to squeeze.

Q. What Does The Button On The Back Of The AirPods Pro Case Do?

The Button on the back of the AirPods Pro case is used to reset the AirPods and you will be able to pair your product with the Windows Computer.

Q. Can You Control The Volume On AirPods?

Yes, you can control the volume on AirPods through Siri.

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