Amazon Project Kuiper | Launch Date, Rockets Used, Specs & Tests

Amazon Project Kuiper

We know that the world is evolving and the Internet is the major source of power behind this development. To own and control the Internet, many tech giants started various ventures. Recently Amazon has announced the Amazon Project Kuiper, which will be able to provide the internet to the whole world with the use of satellites.

Does this news ring any bells inside your head? Yeah, you got that correct, Amazon Project Kuiper is launched as an alternative to Elon Musk’s Starlink. However, Starlink is the satellite internet constellation that provides internet power across 29 countries. On the other hand, Amazon has said that their satellite internet will be accessible all across the globe.

We know there must be several questions running in your head right now. Here we are with the post that will tell you every news related to the Amazon Project Kuiper. We are sure that it will clear all your queries. So, without any further ado let us begin with the news.

Amazon Project Kuiper

The Tech Giant Amazon has announced that it will be starting Project Kuiper. In this project, the company has made a contract with the three other space companies to help Amazon launch the satellites.

Amazon Project Kuiper is expected to launch 83 rockets to the earth’s lower orbit. 3236 satellites will be launched in the earth’s lower orbit. These satellites will cover almost the whole globe and the internet can be accessed with ease in any remote corner of the world.

Companies Associated With Amazon Project Kuiper

Amazon has signed contracts with the three other companies that will launch the satellites into the sky on behalf of Amazon. These companies are 

  1. United Launch Alliance (ULA)
  2. Arianespace
  3. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin

These three companies will be working with Amazon on Kuiper and launching the interment constellation in the sky.

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How Many Rockets Are Going To Be Launched In Amazon Project Kuiper?

As we said, there will be a total of 83 Rockets that will be launched in the earth’s lower orbit. Well, the number of rockets by each company has also been specified. 

  • United Launch Airlines will be launching 38
  • Arianespace will be launching 18 
  • Jeff Bezos’ blue air will be launching 12
  • 15 will be launched by the Jeff Bezos private venture 

When Will Amazon Kuiper Satellite Launch?

The prototype of the Amazon Kuiper Satellite is expected to launch by the end of 2022. However, no official statement has been given by the company about the commencement of the mission.

According to the FCC rules, Amazon is expected to launch almost half of its satellites within six years. So, you can expect 1,600 satellites in the earth’s orbit by 2026.

Which Rockets Will Carry The Amazon Kuiper Satellites?

  1. The ULA (United Launch Alliance) will be using the Vulcan Rockets and each Vulcan has the capacity to carry 45 Kuiper satellites in it.
  2. Arianespace will be using the Airame rockets that are also going to make their debut this year. Each Ariane rocket has the capacity to carry 35 to 40 Kuiper satellites. 
  3. The Blue Origin will be using the New Glen rockets in the mission and each Glen is capable of caring for 61 Kuiper satellites.

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Wrapping Up

The total budget of the Amazon Project Kuiper has not been released yet. However, it is going to be worth billions of dollars. Well, only the announcement and contracts with the agencies have been signed yet. The official date of launching is yet to come.

That was all about the Amazon internet satellite Kuiper. If you have any doubts or queries in your head, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We will reply back to you as soon as possible.

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