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oceantee qr caps

There is no doubt that technology has taken over every sector in the world. What started with the industrial revolution is now entering the digital revolution. This digital revolution is largely impacted by Blockchain technology. If you think that Blockchain is only used for cryptos, you must have not heard of the Oceantee QR Caps. Well, what is the specialty of these caps and how are they connected to blockchain technology? Let’s find out in the post below.

You have often heard the term blockchain with cryptos. Nowadays, this technology is used to mint the NFTs and provide a decentralized environment to the investors. But, blockchain technology is not as new as NFTs and cryptos. Initially, it was used for Smart contracts and storing important documents. Another use is to track the story of a product. Yeah, we aren’t joking, it is possible.

Various companies have started using blockchain technology to upload the history of their product and Oceantee QR Caps is one among them. You can scan the QR code available on the cap and there you are, provided with the history of the product. 

The question is what makes the history of the Oceantee QR Caps so interesting that they are being minted on the Blockchain. So, here is the post that will explain everything.

Oceantee QR Caps And Waste 2 Wear – The History

The Oceantee QR Caps are made of the fabric that is manufactured by Waste 2 Wear. The company, Waste2Wear has got an interesting history. It was started with the motive to make the Pacific ocean plastic-free.

14 million tons of plastic are thrown into the oceans every year. Waste 2 Wear work with various volunteers all across the globe that collect plastic from the pacific ocean. This plastic is then converted to fabric and the fabric is used to make fancy clothes for the customers.

Oceantee QR Caps

The Oceantee QR Caps are also made up of the fabric made up of the plastic recovered by Waste2Wear from the Pacific ocean. These caps are then made available on the Oceantee website and customers can purchase them easily.

What Is In the QR Code On The Oceantee Caps

Let us tell you the QR code on the Oceantee QR Caps is not only for display purposes, it is scannable. You can scan the QR code available on the code and it will redirect you to the history of the fabric used to make the cap.

It will display the whole journey of the plastic. Starting from the plastic recovery from the ocean till the time you bought it.

The QR Code will also display your role and the change you made by purchasing the Oceantee QR Caps.

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Blockchain Technology In Oceantee QR Caps  

The company has found a great use for the blockchain. The QR code on the Oceantee QR Caps will take you to the blockchain that carries the story of the cap. At Least three plastic bottles are converted to fabric, to make yarn for one Oceantee QR Cap.

Blockchain technology will allow you to track the recycling journey of the cap and the documents for each and every step in the journey are minted on the blockchain.

How Are Oceantee QR Caps Processed

The process of creating the QR caps starts from the collection of plastic bottles from the ocean. Given below is the whole process involved.

  1. The bottles are collected from the ocean and then shipped to the recycling plant.
  2. In the plant, the bottles are washed and the labels are removed.
  3. Then these bottles are shredded and are molded into pellets.
  4. The pellets are then converted to the fabrics and then finally to the cap.
  5. Then comes the role of the blockchain technology that is explained above.
  6. The QR code on the cap lets you track the history and the journey from the plastic bottle lost in the ocean to the cap on your head.

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Wrapping Up

That was all about the Oceantee QR caps. I personally believe that launching a cap with the QR code is a nice move by the company. As you are telling every buyer about the difference they are making by purchasing the product. It would call it the perfect combination of technology and the textile industry.

If you have any doubts left in your head, do ask us in the comments section below. We will reply back to you as soon as possible.

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