Apple Translate Vs Google Translate: Which One’s Better?

Apple Translate vs Google Translate

Learning different languages is so much fun!! Like I learned a new French phrase recently that says “Comment Allez-Vous”, this means “How are you” in English!! I love using translating apps to learn these quick-to-go phrases. Recently, with the release of iOS 14, a new feature somewhat similar to Google Translate has been up in the market!!  No doubt why “Apple Translate vs Google Translate” is becoming the current hot topic!!

Like they say old is gold!! Google translate has been in the run for a long time now. Most importantly it’s offered by “GOOGLE!!” How can we not trust the efficiency of using it? But, since everyone seems to be pretty much drawn away to the freshly released Apple translate, let’s have a fair discussion on which one is worth a shot!

By comparing “Apple translate vs Google translate”, I am not being biased towards any one of them. It’s just a basic pro and cons check!! Like we all know being new in the market and gaining a trusted spot requires a good lot of homework. I mean if you get it!! Also, since both the apps have been offered by renowned backgrounds like Google and Apple, it seems exciting to be putting them in a face-off!!

The comparison is purely based on features offered by both the apps, and not just the personal likings!! Also, we have added audience data about the user experience for both these amazing translator apps! Which one do you think stands clear-cut chances to win the face-off!! Well, it’s time to finally find out the differences and benefits of using “Apple translate vs Google translate!!” Ready?

Apple Translate Vs Google Translate: Which One’s A Better Choice?

Ahh!!! So much hype!!
Can’t wait to disclose the amazing features that both these apps offer their users!!

Not just English and French, there are many more languages that people can get a translation for using both these tremendous translator apps!!

With the trust of Google and the fame of Apple’s best technology, let’s have a look at what all these apps have to offer!! 

Also, this guide is not for awarding a winner between the two. It’s just for the basic understanding of the different features both possess!!

So, ready to explore the worldwide languages? Let’s dive in!!!!

1. Apple Translate Vs Google Translate Accuracy

Apple Translate vs Google Translate Accuracy
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No doubt has done pretty well within no time of the release of this new Apple translate app!! And Google on the other hand requires no introduction when it comes to meeting the needs of its users!!

If we talk about Apple translate vs Google translate accuracy, then both are good in their own ways!! You can enjoy a good time conversing with your friends in different languages by using these translators.

Be it simple How are you or a complex phrase, these apps show you accurate results for your searched information.

So, for accuracy, the first round goes like 1:1 for both the apps!! Let’s see what happens at the next level!!

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2. How Many Languages Do Google Translate And Apple Translate Support?

How Many Languages Do Google Translate And Apple Translate Support
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The very first thing that comes to our mind while using any translator app is the language support!! 

Since Google translate has been in the field for log and has come a long way with added features and language support, the app clearly takes the top spot when it comes to offering different language support!!

Where Google translate offers more than 100 languages to translate from (103 in total), Apple translate supports 11 main languages only! 

Although you can use all 11 of Apple translate language for both bilingual conversations and text conversion. Whereas, for Google Translate you get the support of 43 languages for bilingual conversations from the 103 total offered languages. All 103 languages however work when it comes to text conversion for  Google translate.

With this huge gap between the language support numbers, Google Translate surely wins the round. Nevertheless, Apple translate has just started and will have to cover a long way to come close to beating this feature!

So, the score for Apple vs Google after this comparison round is 1:2. Hmm, Google is leading!! Let’s move to the next one!!!

3. User Interface!!

User Interface
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Another most important factor to decide the likeability of any app is how effective is the user interface? 

Where both Google and Apple translate come with an easy-to-use approach, it’s hard to tell which one is better. 

You can type, or speak whatever you want to translate and then get quick results using both the apps. You can even copy the translated text in Google translate, a feature that’s missing in Apple translate.

Whereas Apple’s language is amazing, the UI is cleaner and has an easy-to-use experience. Both the apps seem equally effective in this category, which once again draws the score for both!!

4. Online And Offline Support!!

 Online And Offline Support
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Ahh!! The best part!! You don’t have to worry about a bad or buffering internet connection to use both the apps, as they support both online and offline mode!!

This means you get to enjoy the same translating experience offline as you are offered online. 

Where Apple allows you to translate the text in all the 11 languages it offers even in offline mode, Google translate allows only 59 languages support in the offline mode from the 103 offered languages.

To activate the offline translating feature in both apps you need to download the language pack by clicking on the download arrow in front of each language.

The offline translating feature is very handy for both apps!! So, for this feature both the apps deserve equal recognition!!

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5. Translating Features!!

Translating Features!
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No doubt Apple translate has made quite an impression on the users with its amazing performance, but google translate is way more captivating than this one!!

Of course, we’ll come across new and better features of Apple translate that we find missing in its initial stage like the image text translating feature that is offered by Google translate.

Where in  Apple translate you can translate the text either by typing or speaking, Google translate allows you to translate the text inside images as well!!

Not just that, you can translate the handwritten text in Google translate, a feature that lacks in Apple translate at the moment! 

6. Availability Of Cross-Platform Usage!!

Availability Of Cross-Platform Usage
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Apple translate as we know is only available for iOS users, whereas Google translate comes with a cross-platform feature. You can use any device to run the Google translate app, unlike Apple translate. Not just that you can even use it on a desktop!!

Not all the translations are made via phone, sometimes we might need to use a desktop translating app. Well, in that case, Google is the clear-cut winner!!

Google translate offers the desktop version as well which is missing in  Apple translate right now!!

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Wrapping Up:

So, if you taking the comparison way too seriously then Google definitely has more and better features. Although Apple also provides an amazing experience!!

Hope you are feeling convinced between Apple translate vs Google translate which one is best for you!! If you found the comparison guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!!

Stay tuned for more app updates!! Until then Happy Translating!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is There A Better App Than Google Translate?

As of now, Google translate seems to be the top translating app in the market. However, Apple translate is quite likely to match the level of Google translate in the coming years!!

Q. Which Is The Best Voice Translator App?

There are so many voice translator apps available online like Google translate, Apple translate, iTranslate, and many others. You can try any of these for the best voice translating experience.

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