15 Best Apps Like Afterpay To Buy And Pay Later

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

Isn’t it cool that you buy products and then pay later? Afterpay is one such app that believes in Buy Now, Pay Later. Afterpay is convenient and useful and the great thing you walk out of the store with the product even before you made your first payment. Just like Afterpay, there are many other best apps like Afterpay.

The best thing about Afterpay is that every payment is Interest-Free. Yes, you read it right, there are no hidden costs on the product you want. In Afterpay you pay every two weeks. The Best Apps like Afterpay are Paypal Credit, Zip, Venue, Klarna, Sezzle, and many more, which offer to Buy Now, Pay Later. 

There are so many best apps like Afterpay that will help you buy products of any price and pay them off on terms that suit your situation. If you are looking for alternative apps this article has everything researched and covered with 15 Best Apps Like Afterpay. So Choose carefully!

Best Apps Like Afterpay

1- Paypal Credit 

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

Paypal Credit is another best app like Afterpay, in which you can purchase items that cost over $99+ and you can pay it off in 6 months without any fees. There is no yearly fee or interest fee if you pay all your installments on time. 

From Paypal, you can shop at eBay, Target, BestBuy, and many others. Paypal offers fast checkout, purchase protection, and safeguards your payment security.

Also, Paypal is easy to use with a simple interface and it takes minutes to get approved in Paypal.  

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2- Zip 

Zip can be used for buying groceries, paying bills, purchasing products, and buying gas too. Zip is used in almost every store and has an exclusive section there. In Zip exclusives, you can find smaller and local stores to get incredible products and discounts. 

Zip is available in both browser and mobile app too. Unlike Afterpay you don’t need an active credit card in Zip a saving account is enough. In Zip, you have to pay an initial payment and the rest in installments. 

3- Venue 

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

Venue is another best app like Afterpay and is growing rapidly. The venue is perfect for those who want their hands on big brands like Samsung, Apple, Prada, Chanel, Sony, HP, and much more top fashion, electronic, and home brands. 

Venue offers flexible payment plans at the most affordable prices. Venue is working to establish itself with helpful customer support, unbeatable prices, and fast delivery. 

4- Klarna

Klarna is one of the best apps like Afterpay. Klarna is the most used shopping pay later app after the Afterpay. Klarna gives you four installments to pay later and it is available in almost every store. 

If the store doesn’t support Klarna you can also pay through a Visa card, as Klarna supports Visa. The best advantage of Klarna is you can use it in-store too. 

Klarna does a soft credit check and offers two financing options and also has a lower late fee than Afterpay. 

5- Sezzle

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

Sezzle is just like Afterpay, Sezzle allows you to purchase items online and let you pay in four installments over six weeks. The best part is there is zero interest if you pay installments on time and you’ll get instant approval as soon as you apply.

Sezzle also has a program that educates users about finances and teaches you to improve your credit score. Sezzle gives users two weeks to repay every installment and six weeks to pay off purchases. 

Sezzle is supported on web browsers and has a mobile app too. Within their app, you get exclusive deals and discounts.

6- Sunbit

Another great alternative to Afterpay is Sunbit, which is also the best app like Afterpay. Sunbit’s application process is very straightforward and it enables merchants to provide access to easy credit across all types of buyers. 

Sunbit approves most of the applicants and has high acceptance rates. Sunbit provides access to various offers and promotions and every day new merchants are added.w 

7- Atokes

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

Atokes is another best app like Afterpay but it lets people purchase higher-priced items. In Atokes the account creation can take up to 24 hours and it sets limits differently for every individual. It means users will get a credit limit that will fit your situation according to the user’s financial situation. 

Atokes lets you shop products and chooses an installment plan that will help users to pay later within the credit line. In Atokes you can buy products out of your credit limit too if you make the difference at the point of purchase. 

8- Affirm

Affirm is another best app like Afterpay. The best thing about Affirm is it lets you pay for things in a much longer time. In Affirm you can pay over three, six, and twelve months. Affirm also provides another option to pay off your purchase in four installments that happen every two weeks plus with no fees and zero interest rates.

Affirm doesn’t require you to pay the first installment at the time of purchase and there is no late fee. A virtual card is also provided to the users which can be used to shop online. 

All you need is confit you are eligible to get Affirm card. Amazon, Expedia hotels, Walmart, Target, and Peloton are some of the stores where Affirm can be used easily. 

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9- Via Bill

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

Via Bill is another best app like Afterpay, it lets you purchase any item, split the price, and pay in four installments without paying interest. The registration is very simple in Via Bill, if you are eligible you get approved within minutes. All you have to do is shop and when you checkout chooses Via Bill.

You have to pay the first installment while shopping through Via Bill and left three pay later with no interest. However, there is no interest but you will get a late fee if you are not in time with the installments. You can easily check when your installment is due in the Via Bill app. 

10- AppToPay

AppToPay is one of the best apps like Afterpay. It is the most flexible and adaptable app and creates a custom financing limit and plans for every individual while helping to buy needed items and pay later. 

In AppToPay users get to spread the total cost of shopping for up to 12 months and choose from two to five installments without paying any interest or fee.

AppToPay provides a line of credit up to $2000 to everyone eligible. Within minutes your application will get approved, all you have to do is download the AppToPay app and create an account by filling out the application. 

11- Splitit

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

In the Splitit app, users can control their spending and can budget their monthly cash flow. Splitit has no fees, applications, and credit checks. Splitit allows you to choose several installments which users can handle with zero interest. 

Splitit users also get rewards that can be earned while shopping. The app of Splitit app is super easy to use, also with no credit check you dont have to worry about your credit score.  

12- Payl8r

Just like the name the Payl8ris another best app like Afterpay. Payl8r offers three ways of buying and paying. You get to choose between Speedy, Split, and Bread. In the Speedy option, there is a 0% interest if you pay off your purchase within 30 days. 

In split, you spilt your payment for three to twelve months where interest applies. In the spread, there is an option of spreading costs in installments without paying interest. There is another plan called the Freeze plan made for emergencies when you are facing financial trouble.

Payl8r is one of the fastest processing apps which takes up to 60 seconds and check out is also fast compared to other apps. 

13- LayBuy

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

LayBuy is one of the best apps like Afterpay and a little similar to it. In LayBuy you can buy anything online and pay it off in five installments over five weeks. You also dont have to pay any interest or fees as long as you are paying your installments on time. 

LayBuy also has the feature of a digital wallet just like Apple Wallet, each LayBuy user will get a credit limit but with the LayBuy boost option, you can purchase any expensive items if you meet the difference up-front.

LayBuy mobile app helps you to keep an eye on balance, latest news, store introduction, and upcoming payments. 

14- PayBright

PayBright is the best app like Afterpay which lets you shop in the most popular stores. In PayBright users can choose to pay in four installments which happens bi-weekly and comes with no interest. You can also pay monthly between 6 to 60 months which is the ideal deal for big purchases. 

In PayBright the payments are set up easily and are automated so you dont have to worry about missing any payment. The monthly payment comes with no interest and the large payment doesn’t affect your credit score too.

 Paybright is available in Apple, Samsung, Shein, Steve Madden, and many other big stores. 

15- Four 

15 Best Apps Like Afterpay

Four is another best app like Afterpay which enables shoppers to divide their purchase into four equal installments with no interest. Four is one of the best apps after Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm. 

The application process of Four is super easy and their app is easy to use. the application is approved fast and a large number of payments are mostly interest-free.  

To Sum Up

These were the 15 Best Apps Like Afterpay. With these apps, nothing will stop you from shopping without even breaking the bank. However, the apps offer almost the same features but you should do a proper check before choosing the one for you. Do tell us in the comments which App are you Using and Why?

Happy Shopping! 

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Q. What app is better than Afterpay?

There are plenty of apps just like Afterpay with different features. Like Affirm offers better offers than Afterpay. Sezzle is famous for flexible payment plans and Splitit is famous for no credit check. Afterpay is mostly used by students. 

Q. What apps offer to buy now, pay later?

Paypal Credit, Zip, Venue, Klarna, Sezzle, Sunbit, Atokes, Affirm, Via Bill, AppToPay, Splitit, Payl8r, LayBuy, PayBright, and  Four are some of the best apps like Afterpay, which offers Buy Now, Pay Later. 

Q. Which is better Sezzle or Afterpay?

Afterpay is the most used and famous App in Buy Now, Pay Later. Sezzle is just like Afterpay, Sezzle allows you to purchase items online and let you pay in four installments over six weeks. The best part is there is 0% interest if you pay installments on time. However, Sezzle has not got any lead over Afterpay.

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