Google Duo vs Hangouts – Which One is a Better Choice in 2021?

Google Duo vs Hangouts

Quality over quantity that’s what we always prefer. And Google is such a trusted service globally now. Not just the android users but other users too rely on Google from everything to scratch. Oh!! And how can you forget that having a google account is a direct gateway for numerous services? Well, Google has a fanbase for a reason. Comparing its two different services that perform nearly the same functions like Google Duo vs Hangouts (now Google Meet)  seems pretty much interesting!

Which one is better for you? Google Duo or Google Hangouts (Now Google Meet)? This comparison takes in many factors like which one is better for day-to-day use, which one is better for businesses, which one is better for academics, and much more. Since things might seem a bit puzzling, let’s get some clarity. To begin with, Google Hangouts is no longer called Hangouts Meet, it’s Google Meet now.

In 2013 Hangouts became a standalone product. Then how did it go from Hangouts to Meet? The hangout was a multi-platform messaging app. To give it a more professional angle Google began transitioning users from the classic Hangout version to Google Meet. Now that the basic query regarding Hangouts and meet is clear, let’s get back to the main discussion: Is Google Duo vs hangouts comparable? I mean both have the same features. No!! That’s why we take these apps wrong.

Video chatting, and messaging are the everyday needs of social media users. When there already exist so many social platforms why would anyone be choosing Google Duo or Google Meet or both of them? Here is when the authenticity of Google comes into play. The trust people have in google automatically transfers to Google services too. 

How are Google Duo and Hangouts Similar?

How are Google Duo and Hangouts Similar
Source: What is Google Duo?

You’ll say both are Google services! Yes, right but apart from that what makes them alike? It’s the features of the curse that both of these apps offer to their users.

1.  Firstly both have the video calling option. 

2. Both have familiar user-friendly interfaces just different colors to differentiate between the two.

3. Both offer a group calling feature for their users making it apt for the present generation.

4. Both are easily available across the world on all platforms.

Google Duo vs Hangouts (Now Google Meet) : How are they Different?

Google Duo vs Hangouts
Source: The Indian Wire

Can you compare two twins Exactly the same looks, same qualities? Google offers two twin-like services, One is Google Duo and the other one is Google Meet. Thankfully the color difference in the logos reminds us of the difference between the two apps.

Duo has always stood out when it comes to mobile video calls for free. And now with Meet going free Duo has new competition in the market. First things first Duo was designed exclusively for Video calling and Met was designed for hosting large-scale meetings in mind. 

Originally restricted just to the G Suite business customers, Google Meet is now rolling out service to everyone. To understand the basic difference between the two Google Duo vs Meet, and to understand which provides the better google video chat option, here’s a difference guide between Google meet and Google Duo to help you pick the right one for your needs.

Google Meet is Perfect For Business Meetings

Google Meet is perfect For Business Meetings
Source: Android Central
  1. From setting a meeting with 20 people to setting a large-scale meeting with 250 people at one time, Google Meet gives you a perfect alternative for all your business needs.
  2. Just like a standard video conferencing platform, Google Meet has become the ultimate conferencing solution.
  3. Not only you get to interact with clients over video calls, but also you can share your screens with them, send emails, call-in from a phone and offer many other collaboration tools.
  4. Single Meet is no longer limited to G Suite customers, it makes it quite easy to invite anyone for a scheduled meeting. And when I say easy, it’s as easy as making a text message.
  5. With easy call-in options to join either through audio or video options, Google Meets are for free. And just like Zoom, You’ll see a new feature of grid layout in Google Meet.
  6. With the layout option you can easily interact with everyone in the meeting without having to scroll the screen from left top right to find someone.
  7. Plus, an easy recording feature is also available on Google Meet. Your authorization is taken care of by Google Meet as it’s completely secure. No stranger can crash your meeting until and unless you provide him access to the meeting.
  8. The best part that makes Google Meet stand out in the crowd is it’s availability for every browser which was missing in Hangouts. We all use different operating systems, especially when having a team from across the globe. Like Windows, Chrome, Mac OS , etc. Since Meet can  be run with any browser, it’s easy to connect irrespective of operating system you use.
  9. If looking for a Zoom Alternative, Google Meet should be the top priority without any second thought as it is perfect for both business and family gatherings online.

Google Duo is the Best Mobile Video Calling Service Around

Google Duo is the best Mobile Video Calling Service Around
Source: Google
  1. For one-on-one communications, trust nothing else but Google Duo. Having  network issues? No worries, Google Duo works great even on a 2G network. This video fidelity feature is quite attractive about this app.
  2. Unlike Google Meet, Google Duo is not so great for work meetings but is great to stay in touch with your friends and family.
  3. You cannot have a group video call with more than 12 people on Google Duo, but the video quality is unmatched. 
  4. The rock-solid connectivity feature makes this the most loved casual video calling apps. Even when your wi-fi drops , the call gets shifted to your cellular data automatically without disrupting the ongoing call.
  5. Privacy measures and security is fully protected. The end-to-end encryption makes the user carefree about his / her personal calls and audios getting recorded.
  6. You can send recorded video and audio messages to your friends using Duo.
  7. The best thing is that you can write and note and share it with your friends on Duo. Also, you get so many creative options to edit your note, like different color texts, to draw options, to add an image option and many more.

From here you can figure out the basic differences between the two Google products. Since it’s Google, its services are authentic. Which according to you wins the comparison Google Duo vs hangouts ( Now Google Meet) and why? Do share your views on this with us in the comments section below.

Google Duo vs Hangouts/ Meet!! One is for casual hangouts with your friends and one is given a more professional angle. Depends on your needs and requirements. Although there are so many platforms to make video calls like Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime, Google gives you the best exclusive experience, no doubt!

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