How To Make A Poll On YouTube Channel? Get To Know Your Audiences!!

How To Make A Poll On YouTube

There are many reasons why you would like to create a YouTube poll. It helps you get to know your users well, helps to monitor their behavior, helps to stay connected to the audience, and gives you a clearer picture of the areas you are performing well and the areas that need improvement!! Wait! Don’t know how to do that? Want to know How To Make A Poll On YouTube Channel?

Well, there are so many ways to do so!! YouTube is one of the best streaming platforms!! YouTube streaming is so much fun when you know the right ways to entertain and get entertained viewing the responses. You can be as creative as you wish to while making your YouTube polls. 

So, How To Make a Poll on YouTube Streaming to get better engagement? Well, before you get headed towards any of the below-mentioned steps to add a poll to your YouTube post, do read the article till the end and find out the various post types that you can choose from. 

Ready to explore the fun side of YouTube polling? Well, this is the time to do so!!! Also, you can tag your friends and other users in your posts so that they get notified directly that you have posted something!!

How To Make A Poll On YouTube?

Polling makes it so much fun to stay connected to a larger audience and know what areas you need to improve!!

Ready to begin the polling game? Well, let’s get started then!!

How To Add Questions, Quizzes, And Polls On YouTube

How To Add Questions, Quizzes, And Polls On YouTube
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1. Open your YouTube Channel and from the top right corner click on your profile icon.

2. Then click on “YouTube Studio”. 

3. From the drop-down menu box, click on “Videos” to find the video that you want to add a poll to.

4. All your videos will be available there. Click on the desired video that you wish to add a poll. Scroll down to the bottom and the right side you’ll find a “Card” option.  Click on it.

5. This will open your video in a new tab. From the bottom take the scroller and mark it to that portion of the video where you would like to add a poll.

6. Now at the top right corner click on the “Add Card” option. Then select the “Poll” option from the drop-down menu.

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7. Click on “Create”. Next, you need to add the question that you want to create a poll for. 

8. Below that you need to add your options. Remember that you can add up to 5 options for your poll.

9. Once you are done writing your question and the options below, click on “Create Card” at the bottom. And your card is done.

10. At the top right corner of the video you can see your teaser text at the duration where you added the poll. When you click on that teaser text you’ll get to how many people voted for which option.

How To Make A Poll On YouTube Channel On Mobile?

How To Make A Poll On YouTube Channel On Mobile
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If you feel like you can edit your YouTube videos then you are wrong. Try these steps to make a poll on YouTube Channel using mobile (android or iPhone).

1. Open your YouTube App on your phone. Make sure your internet connection is good.

2. At the top right corner of your homepage, click on the “profile” icon.

3. Tap on “Your Channel” from the options that pop up on the screen.

4. At the top of your screen, you’ll find so many options like Videos, PlaylistsEdit Channel, Community, and Membership. Click on the “Community” option.

5. Next you need to tap on the text box below the community tab to make a post. Write the question you wish to ask the audience. 

6. Above your keypad at the left bottom corner you’ll find a “poll” icon. Click on that.

7. Here you can add your poll answer options. Click on “Add Another Option” to add more than one polling answer option.

8. From the top right corner you can select whether you want to make your poll public or private to the subscribed members only.

9. Just next to the public option you’ll find a “scheduling” option to schedule your poll for later.

10 To Post your poll immediately, Click on the “Post” option at the top right corner of the screen. And it’s done!!!

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Understand Types Of Posts

Understand Types Of Posts

Before you choose to make a poll make sure you are well aware of the various post types on YouTube. This will help you post the correct poll incorrect category and will attract more users to your post!!

1. Text Posts

Text posts are where you add a text poll asking any random question in multiple answer form or simply yes or no answer question. You can create a text post by clicking on the Community tab and then adding a text poll in the enter text column below. 

You can post your text poll alone or you can add it to a video, an image, or even a GIF as well. 

2. Playlist Posts

You can share a playlist post of your favorite playlist from the community tab. You can do this by going to the playlist that you have created and wish to share. Copy the URL of that playlist and then paste that URL in the “type the text” option below the community option. In this way, your Playlist post will get shared.

3. Image And GIF Posts

GIF posts are the most intriguing and get the most user attention. You can upload up to 5 images and GIFs at a time in your post. In the “type the text” area you’ll find an “image” icon. Click on it to add images and GIFs from your desktop.

Guidelines For Adding Images or Animated Texts:

  • Size should not exceed 16 MB.
  • The file should be in JPG, WEBP, PNG, or GIF format.
  • You need to maintain a 1:1 ratio for your post. Your image will be shown on full screen once the user will click on the image to expand it.

4. Video Posts

This is the most common post type that we all are pretty familiar with. That’s what most of us actually use YouTube for, right? To watch videos on anything and everything. 

You can also add a video post with a poll within the video. To post a video to your YouTube channel you need to:

  1. Open YouTube channel. Go to my profile section.
  2. Search for any video that you wish to post on your channel. Copy the URL of that video.
  3. Now paste the URL of the “add text” section below the community tab.
  4. When you post someone else’s video in your post feed, the real creator of the video may get notified that you reposted his/her video on your channel. This helps the creators to know all the sharing activities.

5. Polls

This one is the most popular type of YouTube post trending these days. You can make a poll for your audience and increase your reach via polling. Also, polling helps you understand the user behavior, as you get to know their answers through the options you put for them to choose.

You can add a poll post by:

1. Enter any question that you wish to ask your audience in the “add text” column under the community tab. 

2. Then enter the question’s answers by clicking on the “add option” fields.

3. Remember that your poll can’t be more than 65 characters.

Manage Your YouTube Activity

Manage Your YouTube Activity
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Although you can make your YouTube activity using the computer only, here’s how you can manage and keep a check on your history of activity performed in the community posts section.

  1. Open on your desktop.
  2. From the top left corner click on the “history” option.
  3. After you click on history go to the “community” option. You’ll see all your community post history there.
  4. To delete or edit your activity click “more”.
  5. Then click “edit” or “delete” o[ptions.

Note: Your posts’ history is stored only for 30 days.

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Wrapping Up:

So what questions are you going to post on your YouTube poll? Is it a simple yes or no or is it multiple choice? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to know what you are using polls for.

Until we come up with yet another fun YouTube tutorial guide, stay tuned!! 

Frequently Asked Question Regarding YouTube Polling:

Q. Can Anyone Make A Poll On YouTube?

Yes, if your YouTube channel is eligible for community posting, anyone can easily post, pictures, videos, polls, and GIFs on their channel.

Q. Where Is The Poll Section In YouTube?

You’ll find the poll section by going to the Video manager> click edit> Click cards >Add cards >Next to poll option-click create poll >Enter your question.

Q. How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Make A Post On YouTube?

You need a minimum of 1K subscribers on your YouTube channel to make a community post and to have the access to the community option.

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