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Bard Discord

AI enthusiasts from across the world have been eagerly awaiting for Google Bard. The wait is finally over with Google launching the natural language processing AI chatbot on 21 March 2023. And Bard Discord was created soon after, as a fun and friendly place to understand Bard. Excited users have been sharing their personal experiences while using Google Bard across different social media platforms, including Discord.

Innovations in AI technology that is based on language-processing chatbots, showcase a major shift in the search engine market, that has been dominated by Google for decades. With high competition from Microsoft and OpenAI, launching conversational AI chatbots, Google has finally entered the race for AI technology with Google Bard. To help users utilize it to its full potential, Bard Discord hosts a supportive community to understand Google Bard.

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To join Bard Discord server, tap on the official Bard Discord server link and accept the invitation. Click to check the I am a Human box and verify the captcha to enter the server.

Google Bard is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable achievements in the AI technologies of today. With Bard Discord you can approach your close community of friends and have your doubts and reservations cleared about Google Bard.

What Is Bard Discord Server?

What Is Bard Discord Server?

The Bard Discord server is a space on Discord that is utilized by people interested in Google Bard AI. It is not an official Google server that is directly associated with Google in any way. And all information that is available on the Bard Discord server is not approved or endorsed by Google. It is a friendly place created for you to ask questions and to get help from all the other users on the platform for any doubts you may have about Google Bard.

Is There Bard Discord Server?

Yes, there is a Bard Discord server. However, it is not an official server that is directly associated with Google. Initially launched by a Reddit user, with the group name r/Bard, it currently hosts over 500 members. Bard Discord has its own set of rules for all users to follow and make new announcements on a regular basis, regarding the recent updates and news on Google Bard AI.

Bard Discord Server Link

You will be able to access the Bard Discord server via Reddit, which has a subreddit dedicated to discussions on Google Bard AI.

Users can join the Bard Discord server by tapping on the invitation link. 

How To Join Bard Discord Server Link?

To join Bard Discord server link open the web browser and signin to your Discord > Paste Bard Discord server link > Accept invite > Verify the captcha.

You can join Bard Discord server by following the instructions given below,

Step 1 – Open your web browser and sign in to your Discord.

Step 2 – Paste the Bard Discord server link in your browser.

Step 3 – Accept the invite.

Step 4 – Verify the captcha.

Just follow the on-screen instructions to join Bard Discord server.

Bard Discord Features

Currently, Bard Discord does not have any unique features of its own. It is considered a new server, and you can expect it to update its features, any time soon.

Bard Discord Sever Rules

Bard Discord Sever Rules

Bard Discord server follows a set of rules and regulations, to maintain the decorum of the server like,

1. Be wholesome and respect one another. 

Harassment, hate speech and impersonations of users will not be encouraged nor tolerated. All users are expected to treat each other with respect, kindness and understanding, even when their opinions vary.

2. Communicate in English only

For all users to feel included, and to participate in the conversation, Bard Discord encourages users to communicate in English and requests you to refrain from using any other languages.

3. Do not Spam channels

Bard Discord requests all users to refrain from flooding the chat with messages and sending too many emojis or posting repetitive messages.

4. Make use of the right channel

Check if your conversations are relevant to the intent on which the server was formerly created. Use Bard Discord server for Google Bard related conversations only.

5. No Illegal, NSFW or indecent posts

Content of extreme violence, animal cruelty, overtly sexual or racist content, profile images that are deemed to be inappropriate and all other posts made on text or voice channels, including offensive Discord usernames, status, nicknames, etc. 

6. Do not self-promote or advertise

Users should refrain from sending invite links to self-promote their personal servers in the Bard Discord server.

7. Do not impersonate

Users in the Bard Discord server are not to impersonate celebrities or other members of the Discord community – including the creators of Bard Discord, Google Employees or official brands, etc.

8. No trading

Bard Discord is not a marketplace where users can buy and sell or indulge in trading of any kind.


AI technology is no longer a part of Hollywood sci-fi movies only. With new technological advancements like Google Bard, users can now participate in conversations with the AI chatbot. However, these new technologies take time and effort to understand. With the help of support communities like Bard Discord, you will be able to understand Google Bard a lot better and utilize it to the best of its potential.

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