8 Best Alarm Clock Apps For iOS!! Get Up You Lazy Head!!

Best Alarm Clock Apps For iOS

There are people who wake up to even the slightest sounds, and then there are people who would need some high-pitched drum sounds to wake up!! Are you one among these dead sleepers? Well, we don’t want your heavy sleeping habits to come in the way of your punctuality. That’s why we bought you the best alarm clock apps for iOS users so that you sleep peacefully and wake up fresh!!

We all have the habit of turning off the alarm snoozing to enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep every morning. But don’t you feel like cheating with your scheduled day plans by doing so!! I know many of you will say it’s not your fault, it’s the alarm that failed to wake you up. While you are finding excuses why you were late for your class this morning, don’t you feel like searching for an app that understands your sleeping behavior?

Well, for all the people who wish to enjoy the amazing sleep tracking feature and wake up to advanced alarm features, here are the best alarm clock apps for iOS users to try right away!! But make sure you are ready to enforce these strict alarm clock apps on you, as there’s no chance to escape them!! 

Feeling curious to know which are these best alarm clock apps for iOS? Well, let’s take you straight to the list of these amazing alarms!! Sleep well, cause it’s time to wake up now!!!

Cool Alarm Clock Apps For iOS To Wake You Up On Time

So, dear heavy sleepers, it’s time to wake up to these no-mercy alarm clock apps!!! Set the timer, set the alarm tones, or wake up missions and go to bed.

Rest your alarm clocks will do their job!! Have a look…

1. Alarmy – The Overall Best Alarm Clock App For iOS

Image Credits: Google Play

Think for yourself, do you want to adjust with a regular alarm clock with the same snoozing feature for the rest of your life, or do you wish for an advanced one?

Well, for those agreeing to the latter one, here is the overall best choice for you!! Alarmy comes with the regular alarm clock features as well as some advanced ones too, like settings missions for you!! 

Ahh!! What are these missions? 

So the missions are the selective tasks where you decide to set a target for yourself to turn off the alarm. Suppose the alarm will not shut until you get up from the bed or anything like that. 

Isn’t it fun? 

You can either use the alarm app for free or you can choose to use the premium version by paying a minimal amount of $4.99 per month. 

But the best part is whether you’re using the free or the paid version of the app, Alarmy makes sure to wake even the deepest sleepers with its loud snoozing!! 

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2. Bedtime – Pre Installed Alarm Clock App For iOS

Image Credits: Apple Support

Ahh!! Didn’t you know about this amazing Bedtime alarm clock app pre-installed on your iOS device? Well, you don’t need any other app when you have such an amazing tool present on your phone already!! 

Bedtime comes with a sleep tracking feature via your Apple Watch or your iPhone. This helps you know for how long you slept peacefully and at what time you woke up. 

Also, you can set wake-up and sleep alarms with this app to maintain a healthy balance for your body. 

You don’t need to pay any additional charges to use this app. All you have to do is set the timer and go to bed peacefully. The alarm will do its job!! 

3. Alarm Clock For Me – Best Free Alarm Clock App For iOS

Alarm Clock For Me
Image Credits: Google Play

Who said standard alarms are boring? They can be simply amazing like this one!! 

Alarm Clock For me is the best standard alarm clock for iOS when it comes to performing the simplest alarm functions in the finest manner. 

You can set the alarm timer on the app, add notes if you like to, add the weather to the alarm, and much more. 

The best part is this all is completely free!! You can try this efficient alarm clock app to wake you up with the standard alarm music each day!! 

These reasons are enough to give it a try!! 

4. Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracking Alarm Clock App For iOS

Sleep Cycle
Image Credits:

Sleep Cycle is by far the best wake-up alarm for iOS when it comes to sleep tracking. 

You can sleep wearing an Apple Watch to get better tracking results! 

If you want more accurate results then it’s better to use the premium version of this app, as you get to use so many amazing features with its premium version. 

You can set an alarm range of, suppose 30-40 minutes. So, what will happen is that the app will monitor your sleep, and well when you are not in deep sleep, the alarm will trigger your sleep. 

Isn’t this feature amazing? 

Instead of going for harsh and loud alarm tones, you can opt for a soothing tone to wake you up to start afresh pleasant morning!! 

The premium version of the app costs you around $29.99 per year, which is not a bad investment if you seriously care about your sleep tracking!! 

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5. Loud Alarm Clock – Most Irritating Alarm Clock App For iOS

Loud Alarm Clock
Image Credits: Android Authority

For all the dead sleepers, here’s the masterstroke to wake you up!! 

Loud Alarm Clock as the name itself suggests is a purposely irritating alarm clock app that comes with some volume boosted noises, an annoying alarm sounds like squishing your nails on the wall. That’s Harsh!!

Heavy sleepers can choose to set a heavy snoozing limit. You can also randomize the alarm tones to hear a different wake-up music noise every morning!!

If you don’t want any interruption with the ads playing in between the alarm music, then switch to the premium version of the app that starts at just $3.99 per month.

6. AlarmMon – Best Alternative To Standard Alarm Clock

Image Credits: YouTube

You’ll get the best version of an alarm clock in AlarmMon, as it comes with the standard alarm features as well as some advanced features too. 

This alarm is pretty fun to use. You wake up playing some cool animated games rather than harsh alarm tones!!!

You can choose any game of your choice to which you want to wake up. Once the alarm beeps, you need to play the game to turn it off. This way you’ll wake up fresh and won’t lie down on your pillow again.

If you want to enjoy the interrupted version of this alarm, you can switch to the premium version anytime. It will cost you $0.99 per month only!!

7. Spin Alarm Clock – Best Modern Technology Alarm Clock App For iOS

Spin Alarm Clock: Bedtime: Best Alarm Clock Apps for iOS
Image Credits:

Now here’s a fun wake-up alarm to try out!! Unlike the regular alarm clock apps that wake you up to some noisy alarm tones, or maybe some math problems to solve and turn it off, this one comes with a twist!! 

You need to spin it off to turn it off. Nice, no?

You’ll surely want to turn it off and enjoy some extra sleep time. But isn’t it a unique way to replace the world of standard alarms? 

You can use this alarm for free or enjoy a better, no-ad experience with the premium version available at $3.99 per month.

8. Wake N Shake – Best Free iPhone Alarm

Wake N Shake
Image Credits:

Okay, so here’s a super fun practice to wake you up from deep sleep as the alarm clock buzzes. You need to shake off your iPhone as crazily as you can to turn it off. 

It doesn’t have a snooze button, no option to lower the alarm volume, in short, no mercy!!!

Harsh, right??? But the results are wonderful, you won’t deny that!!

It’s the best app for heavy sleepers as you have no choice but to get up and shake off your phone. 

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Wrapping Up:

Well, these are all our top picks for the best alarm clock apps for iOS. Some of these are free, some require paid access. You can choose the alarm according to your need.

Enjoy the various features offered by these iPhone alarms other than snoozing and beeping!!!

Tell us which app you liked the most in the comments section below!! Stay tuned for more amazing apps and tools!! Don’t forget to share the post!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Alarm Apps For iOS:

Q. Can I Use My iPhone As A Clock Radio?

Yes, there are so many clock apps that let you wake up to your favorite radio station like “bedr alarm clock radio”.  You can wake up listening to your favorite radio station with this app.

Q. Can Siri Wake Me Up  With Her Voice?

Yes, you can wake up to Siri’s voice. You just have to activate Siri. Long press the home button on your screen and activate Siri. Say something to  Siri like “Hey, Siri, wake me up after an hour or wake me up every day by 8:00 in the morning. 

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