How Is Metaverse Going To Change Disney World?

Disney Metaverse Concept

Honestly, Disney was the place where we all wanted to be in our childhood. Well, there were Disney lands, to give us a sense of Disney World. But, the originality was still missing. What if I tell you that you can visit Disney World, interact with the characters, and be a part of their story? Yes, it is happening and the Disney Metaverse Concept has made it all possible. In this post, we will find out what it is and how it will work?

Disney is not just an entertainment unit, it is a name in the entertainment world that has got a huge fanbase. The company owns 12 Theme Parks, 53 Hotels, and 4 cruise ships that are soon going to seven in the world. It is soon going to release the Galactic Starcruiser, a ship that will take you to the outer world using VR technology and you can explore the universe while being a part of the story.

We know that it is not possible for everyone to visit the Disney Theme Parks. So, Disney has decided to enter the Metaverse and develop an environment for its users where they can interact with the Disney characters and be a part of their story. Now, the users can directly affect the storyline. Let’s not waste much of your time and begin with the Disney Metaverse Concept.

Disney Metaverse Concept – The Metaverse According To Disney

Disney Metaverse Concept
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In one of the recent GDC held by Nvidia, a Disney Imagineer told the media about the way how Disney looks at “Metaverse” and this vision gave us the hint of what the Disney Metaverse Concept would look like.

The Imagineer Bei Young started the interview by saying, “calling the Metaverse as embodied Internet would not do justice to the concept because it is a lot more than that.” Bei Young then started explaining the evolution of the Internet over time and how the Metaverse is going to impact people’s personal and social life. 

He started with the Internet 1.0, well if you are unaware of the term, then let us tell you that it was the time period when the internet had just launched and people could only access it over the computer. The Imagineer said, during this period people used to turn on their computers, access the internet, and then shut it down. So, the time period of Internet usage was less.

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Then, we have the present era when the Internet is accessible through mobile phones, Internet 2.0. Now, people can easily access the internet anytime anywhere, they are just a click away. For example, waiting for the bus or the train at the station. What do most of us do to pass the time? The answer is “scroll the social media”. Now, the users turn on the internet, use it for 20-25 minutes, turn it off for 5-7 minutes, and then again turn it on.

Then we have the most recent concept in Internet evolution, the “Metaverse” concept. How do you think it will change the world? (Tell us in the comments section) well, according to Disney. The Metaverse will reduce the time slices that we take off the internet usage. In short, our personal life is going to get mixed with digital life. 

So, According to Bei Young (Disney Imagineer) Metaverse is not something that is created by Augmented reality or virtual reality. Metaverse is just the extension of the Internet and it is something that will make digital life your personal life. 

Disney Metaverse Concept Will Allow People To Be A Part Of The Story

Have you ever heard of or visited the “Galactic Starcruiser”, we know you think it is a hotel. But, here is something that you don’t know. It is not a hotel. Yeah, we know that Wikipedia says it’s a hotel but Disney’s Imagineer denies the statement. You do sleep in it but it is not a hotel. 

It is a VR concept in which you get into the cruiser and can feel outer space. But, that is not all. You are a part of the story and your every action will affect the story that is running. You can be anything in the Starwars world, you can be a first-order or the rebel or if you want to be on both sides, the choice is yours.

Talking specifically about the Galactic Starcruiser, you can take the shuttle from the ship and travel to Batu, the edge of the universe, and experience a different universe there.

In a nutshell, if we sum up the Disney Metaverse Concept about being the Part of the Story then we can say that you will be playing RPGs (Role Playing Games), where your every action will have an impact. But, the only difference is that you will be physically involved in the games.

Sounds fun, right?

AI To Be A Game Changer In The Disney Metaverse Concept 

The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been in the technical world for a long time now. The introduction of the Metaverse is the perfect time for the advancement in technology. One thing is for sure that the whole Disney Metaverse Concept will revolve around Artificial Intelligence.

What will be AI used for in the Disney Metaverse?

Natural Language Processing: The first and the foremost work of Artificial Intelligence would be the NLP (Natural Language Processing). If you are unaware of the term then let us tell you that is the concept using which computers easily detect human languages and process them accordingly.

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Speech Synthesis: The next concept for which Disney is going to use the AI is Speech Synthesis. It is a technique by which the written text is converted to speech. The Disney metaverse concept will be using the Speech Synthesis for making their Metaverse interactive.

Conversational Speech: The Disney Metaverse will also be using AI to develop Conversational speech. Using this concept Disney will be able to develop an environment in its Metaverse that will allow the user to have conversations with the Disney characters.

Disney Theme Park Metaverse

Disney Metaverse Concept

Disney is soon going to release its first Theme park Metaverse. What will This Disney Metaverse look like? Well, the Disney Theme Park Metaverse will be a combination of the Digital, Data, and Physical experience.

Digital + Data + Physical = Disney Theme Park Metaverse

If we talk about Disney’s story right from the very beginning then, it started as the Classic linear storytelling company then with the advancement in technology, the company shifted to Interactive Storytelling. At the present time, Disney has evolved itself as an Immersive Storytelling company and is on its way to becoming the Personalized and Social storytelling, in which the users can physically interact with others in the Disney world.

Classic Linear Storytelling Interactive Story Telling Immersive Storytelling Personalized And Social Storytelling (Disney Metaverse Concept)

Disney Converged Experience

The Disney metaverse Concept is based on the Disney Converged Experience. We know the term may be new to you. But, fret not, we are here to explain to you in detail. 

The converged experience is the sum of all the technologies that Disney is going to use to develop the Disney Metaverse concept. Here is the list of the technologies that are known to be used in the Disney Metaverse Concept.

  • Computer Vision
  • Natural language Understanding
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT (Internet of Things)

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Wrapping Up

With this, we have reached the end of the article on “Disney Metaverse Concept”. You can soon expect Disney to release its Theme Park metaverse for the people, who cannot make it to the actual theme parks. The experience on the Theme Park Metaverse will be the same as the ones in the real world and the plus point is that you would be able to interact with the other characters you come across. 

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