7 Best Antivirus Apps for PC in 2023

best antivirus apps for PC 2021;

If you are searching for PC antivirus apps, then you are at the right place. Here, I have mentioned the 7 best antivirus apps for PCs that you can install in 2023 on your laptop or personal computer.

Microsoft has inbuilt antivirus software but sometimes, it doesn’t scan the viruses properly. But the list of apps I have mentioned in this article will thoroughly scan your PC and remove all the malware and viruses. You can download these best antivirus apps from the Microsoft Store.

The best antivirus apps for PC in 2023 are

  1. Norton Security Free
  2. McAfee Personal
  3. 360 Total Security Free
  4. Fast PC Cleaner
  5. Nano Antivirus Sky Scan
  6. AVG Online Security
  7. Avira Cleaner 

All these antivirus apps can easily work on any computer. However, there are some unique features of each antivirus app that you will gradually know by reading the complete article.

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7 Best Antivirus Apps for PC in 2023

Each of the below-listed antivirus apps has thousands of downloads with a good rating on the internet as well. Install these apps to your PC now to make your PC virus-free.

Norton Security Free

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; Norton Security Free
Credit: Microsoft Store

Norton Security Free is one of the best antivirus apps for PC especially if you are looking for a powerful cybersecurity solution for your desktop or laptop. You can get a 7-day trial to Norton 360 Deluxe in order to access multiple layers of protection for your devices. It helps in keeping your information safer as you bank, shop, and post online.

Additional info about Norton Security Free

Published by: NortonLifeLock Inc.

Release date: 7/19/2018

Approximate size: 62.33 MB

Age rating: For all ages

McAfee Personal

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; McAfee Personal Security
Credit: Microsoft Store

McAfee, Personal Security is the one-stop antivirus app for the identity, security, and privacy protections that you should need for your evolving digital life. You have to use your email address and password in order to sign into this app and access all your features. You can also reset your account if you forget your login credentials.

Additional info about McAfee Personal 

Published by: McAfee LLC.

Copyright: © 2019 McAfee, LLC

Release date: 4/27/2017

Approximate size: 23.73 MB

360 Total Security Free

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; 360 total security
Credit: Microsoft Store

This application displays your computer protection status, disk usage, and startup time. It also provides quick access to key features including the full checks of the overall condition of your computer’s health and frees your disk space by removing unnecessary junk files and plugins that can decrease system performance.

Additional info about 360 Total Security Free

Published by: Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited

Copyright: @2005-2015 360 Security Center

Developed by: Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited

Release date: 9/23/2015

Approximate size: 16.4 MB

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Fast PC Cleaner

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; fast pc cleaner
Credit: Microsoft Store

Fast PC Cleaner is one of the best antivirus apps for PCs that contains two cool features. The first feature of this app is that it includes a simple PC cleaner and secondly, it has an advanced file hider that allows you to store your private videos, pictures, and documents. You can choose your own password in order to login into your secret vault.

Additional info about Fast PC Cleaner

Published by: XWinMart

Developed by: XWinMart

Release date: 2/8/2019

Approximate size: 30.16 MB 

Nano Antivirus Sky Scan

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; nano antivirus sky scan
Credit: Microsoft Store

This antivirus app scans your files with the Nano Antivirus cloud scan service. If the desktop version of NANO Antivirus is installed on your device, you can use it as the functional tool, which has been specially designed for Windows 8 and makes the control of your antiviral protection extremely easy.

Additional info of Nano Antivirus Sky Scan

Published by: NANO Security

Copyright: © NANO Security Ltd, 2014

Developed by: NANO Security

Release date: 7/3/2014

Approximate size: 369.99 KB

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AVG Online Security

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; AVG Online Security
Credit: Microsoft Store

You can now browse anything on your PC without fear or worry about viruses. AVG Online Security is one of the best antivirus apps for PCs that will check every site you visit, from Facebook to your bank, and ensures nothing puts your data at risk. It stops phishing attacks, shows user reviews, and warns you if a site seems insecure.

Additional info about AVG Online Security

Published by: AVAST Software

Release date: 6/19/2019

Approximate size: 2.27 MB

Age rating: For all ages

Avira Cleaner

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; Avira Cleaner Express
Credit: Microsoft Store

Avira Cleaner is one of the best antivirus apps for PC that helps in removing unnecessary files from your device and optimizing storage performance. It is free-to-use antivirus software that you can easily find on Microsoft Store. In addition, Avira Cleaner can work on almost every PC as it doesn’t require much space.

Additional info about Avira Cleaner

Published by: Avira

Copyright: © 2018 Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG. All rights reserved.

Release date: 2/12/2018

Approximate size: 12.73 MB

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All these are the best antivirus apps for PC that you can install on your personal computer in 2023. In addition, each app is easily available on the Microsoft Store to download.

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