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“I carry my guardian angel in my pocket. So, no night is darker enough to scare me. No human is a monster enough to terrify me. I’m well protected with my women’s safety app.”

Women can now walk outside the vicinity of their home with peace of mind with safety apps as their guardian angel. In an emergency, just a tap or a shake will trigger these women’s safety apps into motion notifying the emergency contacts that something dire has befallen and that they should hurry up. If you don’t have them installed, then INSTALL them! Now! If you don’t know which one’s the best, then here’s a list of best apps for women safety that you can trust with your eyes closed.

Women are increasingly turning to technology for help and safety as crime rates are on the record high. With women harassment becoming so common, we have to find alternatives that can protect them when none’s watching. Thus, keeping the dire needs of women’s safety in mind, women safety apps have been designed.

There are many apps that women can install for protection in case of emergencies. Apps for women safety are available on both Android and iOS devices and some of them are absolutely free of cost.

So, without any further ado. Let’s jump into the list of best apps that women can install for safety. 

12 Best Apps For Women Safety

Monsters are lurking everywhere and that’s why we have to stay on the lookout for anything dubious. How good it would be if someone can watch us over from the malicious intent of those whose intentions we can’t figure out? How good it be if there was peace all around? Well, accepting that it’s a dog-eat-dog world, we can’t be foolish enough to believe that nothing dire will ever befall us.

So keeping the worst-case scenario in mind, we should always be prepared for uncertain situations. Keeping your safety needs in mind, here’s a list of the ten best apps for women safety that will ensure you’re safe once you step out of your home.

1. bSafe

bsafe app for omen safety
Image Credits: Apple-App Store

Available: Android, iOS

bSafe will truly keep you safe once you leave the vicinity of your home. It is an amazing app that is available on both Android and iOS and ensures the safety of women that are close to you. If you have found yourself in a sticky situation, touch or voice activate the SOS alarm of the app to notify your emergency contacts that you’re in a dire situation. 

Once the SOS alarm is activated, your close ones will get real-time information about your situation through the live streaming feature. There are many amazing features of the bSafe app and the most appreciated one is the “Fake Call” feature whereby you’re fake called to get out of unnecessary situations.  


  • SOS alarm can be activated with voice or touch without pressing the SOS button. 
  • Live streaming lets your dear one get your location and hear what’s happening around you in real-time. 
  • Automatic audio and video recording will be enabled once the SOS alarm is switched on and will be sent to your guardian. 
  • The fake call feature lets you get out of sticky situations. 
  • The “Follow me” feature keeps your guardian updated on your GPS location and a message is dropped once you reach your destination. 
  • You can unlock premium features with in-app purchases with advanced settings. 

2. Women Safety

women safety app
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android

Women Safety app truly lives up to its name when it comes to the safety of women while traveling outside. All it takes is a tap to notify your dear ones that you are in an emergency and urgently require their assistance. Once you tap on the app, the app will immediately capture two pics and record an audio or a video to send to your emergency contacts with your location.

There are three kinds of buttons on this app with different functions. When you tap on the Green button, it notifies your family that you have reached safely or you are in a peaceful environment. The orange button signifies that you are cautious and you aren’t sure what might happen next. On the other hand, Red button signifies danger. Once you tap on this button, it reflects that you are in danger and need help ASAP!


  • You can send location with just a tap to your close ones in emergencies. 
  • 2 pics with a back and front camera are captured with a video or audio and the same is sent to your closed ones (people whose emails you have added) in a dire situation.
  • You have to tap on three buttons to notify about the seriousness of a situation, – Green- normal, Orange- Cautious, Red- Danger. 

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3. My SafetiPin

my safetipin app for women safety
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android, iOS

My SafetiPin is another great app when it comes to women safety by notifying your close ones about your itinerary and showing you the safest possible route to your destination. You can tell your family or close ones to keep an eye on you by letting them track you via a GPS locator. If an emergency befalls, you can always contact your nearby police station through this app.

Moreover, you can look for safe areas through this app. Once in a low safety zone, the My SafetiPin app will notify your family about your location so that they stay on the lookout for you and can reach you in case of an emergency.


  • You can ask people to track you if in danger. 
  • You can find the safest route to your destination. 
  • You can contact police stations or other safety areas during emergencies. 
  • You can look for safe areas or areas to avoid in your city through this app. 
  • Your close ones will be notified if you’re in an area with low safety. 

4. Life360

lfe360 app
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android, iOS

Life360 is one of the best women safety app as it helps them get out of all kinds of emergencies. Moreover, this app isn’t limited to women’s safety only. You can ensure the safety of all your family members through this app.

All you have to do is create a small circle of friends on the app to stay updated about their location. Once a circle is formed, the app will provide real-time alerts when a circle member arrives or leaves a certain destination. You stay updated about the most important people in your life through this app.


  • You can create a circle of close friends and family members. 
  • You can have real-time access to the location of all circle members. 
  • You can gain access to the lost device’s location. 
  • Receive real-time alerts of the location of circle members (when a person arrives and leaves a certain destination) 
  • Has a driver support feature in case of emergencies. 

5. Shake2Safety

shake2safety app
Image Credits: Amazon

Available: Android 

Shake2Safety is another Real-time safety app for women that gets them out of sticky situations by notifying their close contacts. The most amazing thing that I find in this app is that can work without an internet connection and even with a locked screen too. All you have to do is shake the phone or press the power button 4 times to activate the app.

Once the app gets activated, it sends an emergency text, audio clips, location, and even a pic of the emergency location to close contacts. However, at this moment, one major drawback of this app is that isn’t available for iOS users.


  • The app can work without an internet connection. 
  • It can work with a locked screen. 
  • Shake the phone or press the power button 4 times to send an emergency text to your closed ones. 
  • The app can send a picture of the emergency place to your emergency contacts. 
  • It records a 4 second audio for safety purposes. 
  • The app lets you send multiple messages to your emergency contacts. 

6. Rescuer

rescuer app for women safety
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android

The Rescuer app for women safety is your real-time guardian while you’re outside the vicinity of your home. In an emergency, the app gets activated with a tap or your voice and sends your location to 5 of your trusted friends or family members. It is an amazing app as it knows that just texting locations doesn’t always help.

Thus, the app also triggers calls to two of your contacts to inform them about your situation and that they should hurry up to help you out. Isn’t it good to know that no matter where you are, you are always safe with just an app? But there’s sad news for iOS users here. This app is only available to Android users only.


  • The app gets activated by voice or a tap and sends your location to 5 people in your contact list and to your Facebook friends.
  • The app trigger calls two of the most important people from your contact list in case of emergencies.
  • You can send unlimited messages to people within the Rescuer app (only those people who have installed it).

7. LetsTrack

letstrack app
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android, iOS

LetsTrack app for women and child safety is a real-time GPS locator app that notifies you about your closed ones and if they reached a safe location or not. You can always be on the lookout for your family members and not only that, you can even trach your automobiles with this app.

You can look at your family’s itinerary and track them to see if they are in any dire situation or not. Moreover, features like “Radar View” let you know about a fellow LetsTrack user with who you might want to catch up to seek safety. Additionally, this app has all the features of other texting apps like “Watsapp” where you can freely catch up with your closed ones.


  • A real-time GPS locator app where you can track your closed ones as well as your automobiles.
  • You can freely chat with your close ones via this app (just like Watsapp).
  • The app lets you track your kids and you can even view their tracking history to take note of their route.
  • “Zone Alert” feature notifies you when your closed ones reach their rightful destination.
  • “Radar View” feature notifies you about other LetsTrack users around you.
  • You can send a picture of your location to your close ones.
  • You can freely deactivate the tracking feature anytime to ensure privacy too.

8. Noonlight

Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android, iOS

Noonlight is one of the best women safety apps as it not only helps you get out of sticky situations, it also provides you a backup during your Tinder dates. If you’re just catching up with a guy you met online, share the person’s details to Noonlight or add “Protected by Noonlight” on your Tinder profile. You’ll have a guardian angel watching over you while you’re meeting some random stranger on the streets.

Moreover, the sweet and caring messages like “I’m glad you reached home safely” are extremely beautiful. You know that someone cares and they have your back! Additionally, the premium features of Noonlight are just over the top. Say “Alexa, tell Safetrek to send help” and you will have help on your door!


  • The app provides backup on your Tinder dates to get out of sticky situations.
  • In case of emergencies, open the app and press the button. Only release the button once you have reached a safe place by entering a 4-digit code.
  • Once you feel unsafe, release the button without entering the 4-digit code and your local police will be notified of your exact location for help.
  • More advanced features are available through Noonlight premium like the automatic crash response, Aleka Skill, etc. 

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9. One Scream

one scream app
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android, iOS

One Scream is one of the best women safety apps due to its panic recognition feature. This app can immediately take note of your panic scream and within 20 seconds, starts notifying your chosen contacts. If the app is open in the background, it will text message and even notify your location through an automated call. 

A panic scream will automatically trigger the app and after a loud siren, the timer of 20 seconds will start. You can cancel the timer within the 20 second time, however, once the time is up, the message for help will be sent to your chosen contact.


  • You can add up to 3 people for help in case of emergencies.
  • App activates through your panic scream without using the app (if the app is open in the background).
  • Automated message and call with your location is sent to the three contacts of your choice.
  • On Android devices, a call is generated to your contacts where they can hear real-time what’s happening.

10. Safe & The City

safe & the city app
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android, iOS

Safe & The City is another popular women safety app in London and UK that is available for both iOS and Android devices. This is a fundamental app for women safety that ensures you reach home safely by giving you the safest route possible. Stories of harassment shared by other Safe & The City users help you get a closer look at your surroundings and what’s happening in your surroundings.

This is an amazing app that creates awareness so you and your loved ones can stay updated about the possible harassment or other horrendous happenings in your area. 


  • Know the safest route for your destination through this app.
  • Shared incidents by other app users let you know about the stories of other victims.
  • The app lets you pin the safest destination based on other users’ harassment stories and the place they experienced it at.
  • You can contact emergency contacts quickly in dire situations.
  • Currently only available in London and Berlin.

11. Red Panic Button

red panic button app
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android, iOS

Red panic button women safety app lives up to its name when it comes to sending panic alerts to close contacts. You can send panic alerts via email, SMS, or even tweets to your close contacts in case of emergencies. These panic alerts get activated through widgets alone and once they are activated, your location and address are sent to your emergency contact. The free version of this app provides limited features, unlike the paid version.

To unlock paid features like unlimited panic alerts, photo/video panic alerts, no ads, etc, you have to chip in some money. 


  • The app lets you send panic signals in the form of SMS, email, tweet, etc.
  • Activate panic alert through widgets.
  • You can send the address via panic messages.
  • Advanced features include photo, video, audio through panic alerts.
  • You can send unlimited panic messages to close contacts with premium account.
  • No annoying ads in the paid account.
  • Retina Display ready.

12. SOS Alert

sos alert app
Image Credits: Google Play

Available: Android

SOS Alert is a decent app with minimum features, unlike other women safety apps. All you have to do is add an emergency contact in the SOS app with an SOS message to get help in case of emergencies. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation,  press the SOS button to activate the SOS alert. After the SOS alert is activated, your GPS location with your SOS message will be sent to your emergency contacts via SMS.

Although the app doesn’t offer, it’s a decent app nevertheless which you can make use of in sticky situations. SOS Alert can work in case of emergencies like accidents or other medical emergencies.


  • You can send SOS signals for help through a single tap on the SOS widget.
  • Your location is sent to your emergency contacts once the SOS app is activated.
  • Your pre-saved SOS message is sent to your emergency contacts with your location.

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Wrapping Up

It’s sad that we have to turn towards technology for the problems created by humans. Still, it’s good that they don’t disappoint us, unlike our counterparts from whom we are seeking protection. 

Even if there are numerous women’s safety apps, I would hope that you never get into a situation where you have to activate them for help. Let’s lead a happy life without troubles (at least on the streets) and just as a backup, install these apps to have peace of mind.

If you want the author’s recommendation about the best women’s safety app, then bSafe and Safetrek apps are the best. In bSafe, features like “fake call” or “follow me” are the most beneficial to ensure women’s safety as these allow them to avoid trouble before it even befalls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which App Is Best For Girls’ Safety?

bSafe app is the best for girls’ safety. It has a feature by which you can track a person in real-time and even hear what’s happening in the background through live-stream. Locations, calls, pictures, videos, audio, etc are sent to the emergency contact during any emergency situation once the app activates.

Q. How Does The Women’s Safety App Work?

Most of the women’s safety apps send location, texts, or even call emergency contacts once they activate in case of emergencies. Closed contacts are informed about the emergency situation almost immediately so that help can reach as quickly as possible. Some women’s safety apps also offer calls to local police stations during emergencies.

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