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Best Coloring Apps for iOS 2021

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You don’t have to be so creative that you forget to do all your other works. Especially if you live in this era of technology where you can see everything on your device, why worry? If you want to be more creative than you were before, than I am here with the best coloring apps for iOS 2021

You need not to worry about anything if you’re tired or anything like that, and if you want to release your everyday stress, then these best coloring apps for iOS are just the best thing for you. Even if you are a beginner, it’s okay because these apps are straightforward to use, and you can have real fun with these apps.

After a lot of research and experience, i found the best coloring apps for iOS in 2021. The list of the best coloring apps for iOS :

1.Pigment- Adult Coloring Book
3.Joy Doodle
4.Coloring book for fun.

I will tell you why these apps are the best coloring apps for iOS and why these are on the list. I am here with the detailed description of these apps. Along with the features, ratings, size, and downloading options of these apps.

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Best Coloring Apps for iOS in 2021

These best coloring apps for iOS have the best and the unique features than the rest of the apps. To know those unique features and the reason behind putting them on the list of best coloring apps, read further and choose the best coloring apps for iOS for yourself.

Joy Doodle

Best Coloring Apps for iOS 2021
source- APKPure.com

This Joy Doodle app is one of the best coloring apps for iOS for kids. They can easily paint on photos and canvas. There are many brushes and a long list of colors and effects. The different brushes are sketches, crayons, rainbow, neon, or glow. There is also an option of sharing the drawings of your kids on your social media like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

There is something extraordinary in this app, and that is you can also see your kid’s artwork as a small clip with a movie mode. There is also an offline single-player game, and that can be styled as per your choice.

Features of Joy Doodle

  • There are 24 different brushes and many neon colors. These brushes can be a spark, crayon, glow, star, etc.
  • There is also an inbuilt gallery to store doodles and animations.
  • There is an option to undo and redo.
  • You can also view your artwork in a movie mode show.

Size– 29MB

Ratings -It has a rating of 4.4

Price– It is a free app to use.


Best Coloring Apps for iOS 2021
source- Wildlife Studios

It is one of the best coloring apps for iOS in 2021. There is a relaxing paint and coloring book for adults. It makes your drawing like a live drawing. It comes under the best coloring apps for iOS because of its ability to develop concentration, accuracy, coloring skills, and perfection in your artwork. You can also choose your pictures according to your needs from the library.

There are a lot of objects and paintings in the app. You can also paint and color on the blank pages that it offers. You can create a perfect picture and bring out the creative kid in you.

Features of Colorfy

  • There are more than 200 paint figures to paint.
  • You can use it offline and online.
  • It has a blank canvas.
  • There are also many cartoons and animations.

Size: 56MB

Ratings It has a rating of 4.7

Price– It is free to use app but has in Built app purchases and costs you $0.68 to $22 per item.

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Coloring Book for Fun

best coloring apps for iOS in 2021
source- Bored Panda

It is one of the best coloring apps for iOS and one of the unique coloring apps. There are different pages to paint. There are various mandalas, flowers, people, animals, and much more stuff. These pages are updated regularly to boost your creativity.

Features of Coloring Book For Fun

  • It is very easy to use app.
  • There are a lot of unique pages that you can explore.
  • You can choose from mandalas, people and different designs.

Size: 128MB

Ratings– it has a rating of 4.9

Price– You can use it for free, but it has in app purchases for premium services.

Pigment- Adult Coloring book

best coloring apps for iOS in 2021
source- Pinterest

You can indeed create your art hobby with this pigment- adult coloring book. This is one of the best coloring apps for adults. It helps you to transform your artwork into reality. It is one of the realistic coloring apps. You can quickly learn here and create something great. You can use your creativity to sketch, draw, design, and color with many pigments. It also provides you with many markers, pencils, and brushes.

Features of Pigment- Adult Coloring Book

  • It has more than 6000 color pages.
  • There is also a tap to fill.
  • There are more than 29 brushes.
  • You can also import your artwork into your gallery.
  • You can also adjust the direction, pressure, and size of the stroke.
  • It gives you a realistic experience.

Size: 155MB

Ratings– It has 4.5 Ratings.

Price- It is free to use the app. And the in built app purchases can cost you $1.09 to $11 for the premium version.

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These were the best coloring apps for iOS in 2021. These were the most loved apps by many of the users, and these helped them in releasing their everyday stress. These apps come with easy functioning and are very easy to use. And if you are looking for a professional app for yourself, then the best app is a Coloring book for fun.

As there are many best drawing apps for android as well so give it a try at all these apps and find the best coloring apps for iOS that meets all your requirements.

Featured Image Credits- Phenomenal Coloring Pages Online Printable

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