7 Best Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone

Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone

For those who think vlogging requires a jumbo setup and professional equipment, let me clear, your iPhone is no less than any equipment to start vlogging. Ahaan!! This sounds interesting. You don’t need to spend plenty on pricey camera gear to set up a whole studio. Just your iPhone along with a few accessories is great to start vlogging with high-quality videos and minimal startup costs.

Is it easy to vlog using an iPhone? Starting your own vlog is fairly easy using your iPhone. In this post, you’ll come across the best equipment for vlogging on iPhone to enhance the content quality.

The most prominent and primary equipment for vlogging on iPhone is a flexible tripod stand, A microphone, ring light, smartphone lenses, gimbal stabilizer, and portable charger.

Before we get into equipment and its uses, let’s understand vlogging. 

What is Vlogging?

Blogs in the form of video content are termed vlogs. It can be related to anything ranging from basic lifestyle videos, to travel videos or vlogs that provide any sort of information that draws the attention of the viewers. 

The best part about vlogging is even if you don’t have a topic to shoot on, you can simply document your daily life and it becomes a matter of enjoyment for the audience.

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7 Best Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone

Here is the list of 7 best equipment for vlogging on iPhone that fits perfectly to your phone and gives you a much smoother video recording or vlogging experience.


Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone; iPhone
Source: Bar and Bench

The first piece of equipment you’ll need is your iPhone itself. You’re vlogging with your iPhone, make sure you know how to hold it right. Holding your phone horizontally or in landscape mode makes a huge difference.

Whether you are holding the phone yourself or making someone else do it for you, screen rotation should be kept in mind.

We all make the common mistake while recording a front-facing video is looking at ourselves on the screen. Do not look at yourself while recording instead look at the lens of whichever phone you’re recording with for a much better video shot.


Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone; Tripod
Source: Tom’s Guide

Adding a tripod to your phone makes it so much easier for you to hold your phone. A tripod clamps your iPhone very tightly, and you can also rotate it. So you can shoot in horizontal or vertical angles depending upon what shot you’re trying to get.

You can use any small tripod. This is great for time lapses or hyper lapses or just straight-up vlogging. You can use this for live streams on YouTube or Instagram. 


Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone; Microphone
Source: LaptrinhX

Although you’re having an inbuilt mic in your iPhone, that mic is highly sensitive to the sounds going from back and forth. This can be problematic when you’re vlogging outdoors. What can be done? How to ensure a perfect voice quality for your vlogs?

Try vlogging with a microphone and feel the difference. A microphone can be used with any phone(android or iOS). It comes with a USB cable. The best part is the microphone settings. You can change the degrees for your microphone(up to 135). It caches better sound for the video without interruption. 

Ring Light

Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone; Ring Light
Source: Spectrum

Doesn’t it feel dark when you’re shooting inside? Even if you switch on all the lights, the video still lacks the perfect brightness.

You need a ring light for your vlogging setup. This handy equipment clamps onto your phone and emits a neutral white light. Also, you can use the ring light on either side of your phone, depending upon the camera mode you’re using like rear mode or front mode. The final video that’ll come out after using this ring light will be of much better and brighter quality. 

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Optic 3-in-1 Smartphone Lenses

Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone; Optic 3-in-1 Smartphone Lenses
Source: Pinterest

Smartphone lenses are helpful for vlogging at different focal lengths. Even if you’re having a single lens, it’s good enough but having 3-in-1 lenses is great. It comes with a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens. 

You can easily clamp these lenses with any smartphone and not just the iPhones that have their cameras at the outer edges. The focal length of the lenses is adjustable. It can be used for either mode (rear view or front view). 

Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones

Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone; Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones
Source: Alibaba

It’s one of my favorite smartphone accessories. A Gimbal stabilizer is a perfect tool for vlogging. Even if you’re running, walking, or climbing a mountain, the video that you’re shooting remains stable and doesn’t get affected by your motion.

Isn’t it amazing? I mean you get to capture the most natural pictures and videos without worrying about your position or motion. You can keep moving and let the gimbal stabilizer do its job.

Portable Charger/Powerbank

Equipment For Vlogging on iPhone; Portable Charger/Powerbank
Source: Charge Tech

Vlogging requires a lot more power. If you’ve planned for a day-long vlogging schedule, a portable charger is a must-have tool. You need a good portable charger that has a long battery performance say 20,000 mAh. This can charge your smartphones fully over 5 times!!

It’s great to have one while traveling or some outings where you’ll not be having your personal charger plugs(like the one you have besides your bed). Get yourself a power bank for sure.

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These were the 7 most useful and best equipment for vlogging on the iPhone. You can use these equipment with any other smartphones too, which makes them worth buying. Also, to get the best and a smoother vlogging experience you should begin with these basic accessories for your iPhone.

Now that the battery isn’t running out, the sound quality is good, the picture quality is pretty much better, what’s holding you back? Start vlogging today!!

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