6 Best Free Beat-Making Apps For Android in 2023!

Free Beat-Making Apps

Looking for Free Beat-Making Apps for android? There are so many options available online, how can I choose the right one? An app that provides mixing, filtering options, sound recording, and great tracks is hard to find for free. But not anymore, as I got you covered with the best music apps to create your favorite soundtracks all with ease and that too for free!!

I have been looking for free beat-making apps a few months back. I know it’s easy to get apps that can be run on a desktop, on a PC but what about beat-making apps for android. After days of research and coming across user reviews, here I successfully present the best free music apps to give your music production new wings.

In this post, I have mentioned the top 6 free Beat Making Apps for Android that are user-friendly and quite efficient. The list goes like this:

  1. Groovepad – Music and Beat Maker
  2. Add Music To voice
  3. SongMemo
  4. Bandlab
  5. Roland Zenbeats
  6. Hip-Hop producer Pads

Let’s have a closer look at these free beat-making apps. If you are fresher to start with this process, you can watch online channels to learn music production and then try your hands on these free beat-making apps.

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6 Best Free Beat-Making Apps For Android

Music is the healing therapy we all need on a daily basis. One right song can change our whole mood. Produce the best of your music playlist using these 6 best free beat-making apps and amaze your friends with your production.

Groovepad – Music and Beat Maker

Beat-Making Apps; Groovepad - Music and Beat Maker
Source: Easybrain

Are you a beginner who wants to learn beat making? Groovepad is a perfect option for you. For an easy and basic introduction to beat making, Groovepad is the best music and beat maker for intermediate and new makers.

Its user-friendly interface and good music quality make it one of the most addictive apps for beat making. This app gives you access to a variety of soundtracks using which you can create any music genre ranging from hip hop to EDM. Also, Groovepad is available on Google Play Store for free.

Add Music To Voice

Beat-Making Apps; Add Music To Voice
Source: Google Play

You are an amazing singer but lack the background music tracks? Add Music To Voice is a perfect application for all those who are looking for background tracks to add to their songs. So what if you can’t play any instrument on your own, try this app today and give your vocals a perfect musical blend.

You just have to record your song or add a pre-recorded one in the app. The app will provide you with options to set backing music for your recording. You can also use different filters for voice smoothening and vocal filters.


Beat-Making Apps; SongMemo
Source: English Tenses

Are you a songwriter? Or Singer? Or guitarist? Or anyone who creates his/her dailymusic? SongMemo has your back!! SongMemo is the easiest and quickest way to track your demos for all the music producers. Now, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your lyrics or chords, as this app keeps track of your demos.

You get to record in 4 independent tracks. For each track, you can do a basic mix of creative ideas. As soon as any song idea hits you, open SongMemo and record it. It saves you a lot of time. You can get this software free on Google play.

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Beat Making Apps; Bandlab
Source: BandLab

Looking for an on-the-go music production app? Here you go with Bandlab, you on the ego music partner. This app is great for music creators and songwriters combined with social media. You can use this app to listen to other music tracks and can share yours as well with people.

It’s easy to use with the multitrack editor and great-sounding effects. Get expert feedback, tips for betterment, and collaboration opportunities with other artists through this app. What are you waiting for, it’s for free!

Roland Zenbeats

Beat Making Apps; Roland Zenbeats
Source: Roland

From intermediate to advanced music makers, Roland Zenbeats makes the perfect fit. This app gives you a combination of classical and modern sounds. Music creation seems effortless and fun with this app. 

Modulate and pitch your soundtracks using Roland Zenbeats. Screen controllers are quite fluent and it’s free!!

Hip-Hop Producer Pads

Beat Making Apps; Hip-Hop Producer Pads
Source: APK Pure

Love remixing beats and music? This one’s for you. Hip-Hop Producer Pads is a unique drum machine. Give your hip-hop beats the right amount of creativity. Create funky playlists by mixing one shot, loops, or a set of melodies to create music. 

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The inbuilt metronome helps you keep track of time. This is super fun to try with your friends at the party! It’s available for free on Google play

I hope you found these free beat-making apps useful. After you are done with the music production, grab your headset and listen to the amazing soundtracks you have produced.

It will boost your confidence and will give you the courage to do much better in the future. Also, don’t forget to share your playlists with your friends, and do recommend these apps to anyone who needs them. Until then, happy music production!!

Featured Image Credits: Freeappsforme

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